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C20SX & C20UX
C20SX & C20UX
Model name: EPSON Stylus C20SX
EPSON Stylus C20UX
• 12Kb
Paper Handling
• A4 Black and Colour Inkjet Printer
• Technology: EPSON Micro Piezo™
• Print Head configuration: 48 nozzles Black,
45 nozzles Colour (15 per Cyan, Magenta &
Yellow colours)
• Print Head frequency 30.5kHz (maximum)
• Print direction: Bi-directional with logic
• Noise level: 45dbA per ISO 7779
• Power supply: 220-240V model
• Power consumption: approx. 16 Watts (during
printing ISO/IEC 10561 Letter pattern)
• Energy star compliant
• Maximum resolution: 720 x 720dpi with
EPSON Variable-Sized droplet Technology
in Black and colour
• Maximum resolution - Media dependant
- Plain Paper: up to 720dpi
- Photo Quality Inkjet Paper: up to 720dpi
- Photo Paper: up to 720dpi
- Inkjet Transparencies: up to 360dpi
• Maximum resolution depends on driver
settings, operating system and media type
CE Compatibility
• Directive 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC
Print Speed
• Approximately 6.5ppm in black A4 text
memo*1 pattern (Economy mode)
• Approximately 3.5ppm in colour A4 text
memo*2 pattern (Economy mode)
• Approximately 0.9ppm in colour A4 text
and graphics*3 pattern (Normal mode)
• Approximately 179 seconds per photo*4
4 x 6” (Fine mode)
• Approximately 567 seconds per photo*4
8 x 10” (Fine mode)
• Print speeds will vary depending upon
configuration, print settings, application,
coverage and complexity of the printed page
(*1234 please see thumbnails for sample illustrations)
• Windows 95*/98/Me/2000
PC Users:
Minimum: Pentium processor for Windows
95/98; 133MHz Pentium processor for
Windows 2000, 150MHz Pentium processor for
Windows Me; 16Mb of RAM for Windows 95/98;
64Mb of RAM for Windows 2000, 32Mb for
Windows Me; 20Mb or more of free hard disk
space for Windows 95/98, 40Mb or more for
Windows 2000, 20Mb or more for Windows Me.
Recommended: Pentium processor for Windows
95/98 or higher; 133MHz Pentium processor
or higher for Windows 2000, 150MHz Pentium
processor or higher for Windows Me; 64Mb
RAM or more for Windows 95/98/2000/Me;
50Mb or more of free hard disk space for
Windows 95/98/Me, 100Mb or more for
Windows 2000.
*Only compatible with C20SX
Colour Matching
• Colour management system included in
Windows drivers:
- Windows 98/Me/2000 ICM
- SRGB (Win 98/Me/2000)
• 1 interface as standard on Stylus C20SX
- Bi-directional Parallel I/F (IEEE-1284)
1 interface as standard on Stylus C20UX
- USB*
Input Buffer
*EPSON Stylus C20UX supports the USB
interface in the following environment:
- PC with Windows 98/Me/2000 pre-installed
- PC Manufacturer guarantee USB operation
- Up to one hub
100 A4 sheets (65gr/m2 cut sheet feeder)
65 sheets of Inkjet Paper
20 sheets of Photo or Glossy Paper
30 sheets of Transparency
10 envelopes
Paper Support
• Paper size: A4, A5, A6, 5x8”, 8x10” Letter,
B5, Legal, Panoramic (210 x 594mm)
• Paper weight: 64 to 90gr.m2
• Envelope : C6 (114 x162mm), No.10 (241 x
104mm) & DL (220 x 110mm)
• Envelope weight: 45 to 75gr.m2
• Maximum printable area: (A4 paper)
204 x 291mm*
• Print margin: (A4 paper) 3mm top, left,
right and bottom*
*Via custom setting in printer driver.
Otherwise bottom margin is 14mm.
• Storage: (wxdxh): 424mm x 227mm x 168mm
• Weight: 2.48Kg
A4 Black
A4 Colour
Text memo*1 Text memo*2
A4 Colour
A4 Photo*4
Text & Graphics (Bike sample)
*4 Illustration of ‘Bike’ image used for photo speeds.
Print Speeds Note:
The print times shown in this brochure are the
average time for multiple prints of the same page
over one minute. Times are measured from the
'Print' command to delivery of the page in the tray.
The speeds were achieved using the following
system: 1Ghz Pentium III, 128Mb RAM, Windows Me,
USB Interface. Print times will vary depending on
computer configuration, settings, application,
coverage and page complexity.
Ink Cartridges
• T013 Black ink cartridge will print
approximately 300 A4 text pages (ECMA)
• T013 Black Double Pack ink cartridges
(T013402) will print approximately 600 A4
text pages (3.5%)
• T014 Colour ink cartridge will print
approximately 150 A4 text pages at 15%
(5% for each colour)
• Example for printing the ‘Bike’ image (720 x
720dpi), (T014) Colour ink cartridge can print
approximately 169 photos (4” x 6”) & 43
photos (8” x 10”)
Optional Media
• Photo Paper:
Photo Paper 4” x 6” (20 sheets)
Photo Paper A4 (20 sheets)
Panoramic Photo Paper
210 x 594mm (10 sheets)
Photo Paper 100 x 150mm
Photo Paper 200 x 300mm
• Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper:
Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper A4
(20 sheets)
360dpi Ink Jet Paper A4
(100 sheets)
• Photo Quality Ink Jet Card:
Photo Quality Ink Jet Card A6
(50 sheets)
Photo Quality Ink Jet Note Card
5” x 8” (30 sheets)
Photo Quality Ink Jet Note Card
8” x 10” (30 sheets)
Photo Quality Ink Jet Note Cards
A6 (20 cards with 20 C6 envelopes)
Photo Quality Ink Jet Note Cards
with envelopes 5 x 8”
(10 cards with 10 envelopes)
Photo Quality Ink Jet Greeting
Cards with envelopes 8 x 10”
(10 cards with 10 envelopes)
• Others
Bright White Ink Jet Paper
Premium Ink Jet Plain Paper
(250 sheets)
Photo Sticker A6 x 4 (5 sheets)
Photo Sticker A6 x 16 (5 sheets)
Transparencies A4 (30 sheets)
Cool Peel ‘Iron-on’ Transfer Paper
A4 (10 sheets)
Photo Quality Self-Adhesive Sheets
A4 (10 sheets)
A4 Matte Paper - Heavyweight
Three year optional on-site
To ensure you continue to enjoy complete
confidence in your EPSON Stylus printer, it
is supported by a 12 month warranty. For
additional peace of mind, optional EPSON
CoverPlus extended warranties can be
purchased – see the Warranty section of the
product specifications on this page for
details. EPSON CoverPlus extended warranties
are only valid if purchased and registered
within 90 days for the product it is to cover.
Campus 100, Maylands Avenue,
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP2 7TJ.
Telephone: +44 (0) 1442 261144
Fax: +44 (0) 1442 227227
Home Page:
High quality A4 colour printer for first-time users
• Easy to use - just plug in and print
Specifications subject to change.
All manufacturers trademarks acknowledged.
• 720 dpi resolution for superb text and colour document printing
• EPSON Variable-Sized Droplet Technology, for incredible smoothness and detail
• Print speeds up to 6.5 pages per minute black and 3.5 pages per minute colour
• USB A-B cable
• Available with Parallel or USB interfaces for flexible PC connectivity
• 1 year return or replacement
• Optional upgrade to 3 years On-site
• Stylish design with retractable paper tray
Stylus C20 4pp.5/6/01
4:00 pm
Page 3
C20SX & C20UX
In addition to a new
Introducing first time home users to superior
colour printing
sleek, aesthetic design,
the EPSON Stylus C20 is
amazingly compact and
includes a retractable
paper tray that neatly
The EPSON Stylus C20 has been designed to offer PC users the perfect
combination of top quality printing, outstanding value and ease of
use. Using the same award-winning technologies found throughout the
EPSON Stylus range, this printer produces crisp text and colour
documents at an advanced 720dpi resolution. What’s more, the
EPSON Stylus C20 is simplicity itself to operate and setup quickly
with the minimum of fuss.
Market-leading technology for
unbeatable results
Key Features
• The perfect introduction to
colour printing
• High quality 720dpi resolution for
sharp text and vibrant images
• Versatile paper handling from A6 up
to A4 size
• Award-winning EPSON Micro Piezo™
• EPSON PerfectPicture Imaging
• EPSON Ultra Micro Dot™ 6pl with
EPSON Variable-Sized Droplet
• EPSON QuickDry™ Inks
• Available with Parallel (Stylus C20SX)
or USB (Stylus C20UX) interfaces
• EPSON PhotoEnhance4 image
• Smooth design with
retractable paper tray
• Power and cancel buttons for
simple operation
Unlike some inkjet printheads, the EPSON
Micro Piezo™ printhead lasts for the lifetime of your printer, and is so advanced
that it maximises quality, is superefficient with ink, but still works at high
speed. Ink droplets are perfectly formed,
with extra smoothness and clarity and
produced in several different sizes,
including the almost invisible EPSON 6pl
Ultra Micro Dot™.
Two models available
to suit your PC
The EPSON Stylus C20
can be integrated
quickly and easily into
your home PC set-up. It
is available in two
configurations: the C20SX,
with a parallel interface for
PCs (Windows 95/98/Me/
2000), and the C20UX with a
USB interface for high speed plug-andplay PC (Window 98/Me/2000) connection.
EPSON Stylus C20UX
Comes with a standard high-speed
USB plug-and-play interface.
EPSON Stylus C20SX
Comes with a standard parallel
Simple to set up and use
slides back under the
There’s no quicker way to great results
than with an EPSON Stylus C20.
Simply plug it into the power, connect
it to your computer via the parallel
or USB interface and turn it on.
Then you control everything from your
computer screen, using the clear
step-by-step instructions.
Also, EPSON’s comprehensive Status
Monitor is available at all times
to keep you informed about
everything from ink levels
to resolution and
layouts, and has
plenty of troubleshooting tips.
printer when not in use.
Keeping you in control,
helping you to create
Family printing can involve just about
anything - homework, stickers,
invitations, greetings cards, T-shirts and
transparencies. Whatever you print,
EPSON’s advanced printer drivers are on
hand to make sure you get the very best
out of your printer. Features include
PhotoEnhance 4, which automatically
enhances image quality and even provides simple tools for adding filters and
special effects to your photos.
Advanced printer driver
providing full guidance
through all user operations.
The EPSON Stylus C20 is able to
achieve amazing results because it
features EPSON’s latest, marketleading technologies.
At the heart of every EPSON Stylus
inkjet is the permanent EPSON Micro
Piezo™ print head, which lasts for the life
of the printer. It has such control of ink
droplet production and placement that
through EPSON Variable-Sized Droplet
Technology, several different dot sizes
can be produced, including the virtually
invisible EPSON 6pl Ultra Micro Dot™.
These developments enhance both quality
and speed with improved smoothness and
clarity, and super-efficient use of ink. When
combined with the smoother texture and
colour created by EPSON AcuPhoto
Halftoning™ and EPSON Super MicroWeave™,
ultra-vivid EPSON QuickDry™ Inks and
EPSON genuine consumables, the results
speak for themselves.
An EPSON paper media for every job
EPSON Stylus printers will perform
superbly on just about any media,
including plain paper, but if you really
want to get the best results you can’t
beat EPSON’s comprehensive,
ever-expanding range of special media.
Whether you are printing on matte or
glossy papers, transparencies, stickers,
labels or cards, only EPSON media is
specially formulated to complement
EPSON’s exclusive technologies and work
in perfect harmony with your new
EPSON Stylus C20 inkjet printer.
EPSON Genuine Consumables
EPSON QuickDry™ Ink Cartridges
T013 & T014 - prints are dry to
touch as soon as they leave the
There’s a simple way to ensure that your new EPSON Stylus Inkjet provides the ultimate combination of
performance, reliability and a long, trouble-free working life – use only genuine EPSON consumables. Choose
from EPSON’s extensive range of media formats and finishes designed for a wide range of applications that
bring you the ultimate in print quality.
A4 Photo Quality
Ink Jet Paper
Order Code:
4” x 6”
Photo Paper
Order Code:
A4 Premium Ink Jet
Plain Paper
Order Code:
A4 Matte Paper Heavyweight
Order Code:
A6 Photo Quality
Ink Jet Note Card
Order Code:
A4 ‘Cool Peel’ Iron-on
T-Shirt Transfer Media
Order Code:
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