maxell get set for high definition phenonomen

MAXELL meet demand for high-capacity storage media with th
range of Blu-ray Products.
London, UK, (Feb 2009)
Maxell Europe Limited, leading specialists in media technology, now offer a range of Blu-ray products which e
the storage of high density data in high definition. As the switch to high definition progresses, Maxell prepare
a vital role in meeting the inevitable demand for high-capacity storage.
High definition is a fast growing phenomenon.
It all began with HDTV, now the demand for superior
quality is beginning to spread to a whole range of
different media; video arcades, movie theatres, concert
halls; wherever there’s a need for communication or
entertainment, there’s a need for high quality.
And how is this high quality to be obtained? The focus
now turns towards Blu-ray technology as the solution for
the necessity of high-capacity storage, and Maxell have
developed a range of Blu-ray products that enable this
high definition revolution to extend to media storage.
So what’s special about Blu-ray?
Blu-ray Disc (BD) is an optical disc format specifically designed for high density storage.
What makes Blu-ray different to DVD is its use of a blue-violet laser to read and write data, as appose to the
laser currently used by DVD.
This blue laser has a considerably shorter wavelength, meaning the ‘spot size’ on which a laser can be focuse
This basically means the shorter the wavelength, the denser the storage, enabling Blu-ray discs to hold a
significantly larger amount of information; five times the amount, in fact, than that of a DVD.
Blu-ray discs are therefore ideal for the storage of high definition video, and are anticipated to be indispensab
the future of home computing, data storage, film and TV studios and countless aspects of media storage; Blu
a revolutionary piece of technology that will offer a future of high quality media.
Maxell is a leading brand in the manufacturing of storage media; their forte being computer backup tap
optical storage media products. Their storage media in the fields of audio, video and data are equally as
Maxell’s parent company, Hitachi, was the first to launch the Blu-ray camcorder, and with Maxell being t
company to launch Blu-ray camcorder discs, they hope to continue to lead the industry with their range o
generation storage media. Maxell currently offer a range of write-once and rewritable Blu-ray products in 25
50GB, and continue to make developments in their Blu-ray products in preparation for a future of high definit
Product Line-Up:
BD-R Camcorder
8D-RE Camcorder
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