 Card is on the frequency board before you turn on transmitter.
 All hinges are secure.
Pull on control surfaces.
 Check clevis for keepers (pieces of fuel tubing work fine).
 Landing gear is secure and wheels turn freely.
 Engine is mounted securely and there are no loose engine parts.
 Check condition of propeller.
 All servo screws are in place and tight.
 Servo connections are secure.
 Receiver and transmitter battery packs are fully charged.
 Receiver and battery are w rapped in foam and secured.
 Check receiver antenna for proper routing and transmitter antenna is fully
extended and tight.
 Check trim on transmitter and aircraft.
 All control surfaces have proper control throw.
 Steering gear is OK.
 Control surfaces and throttle move in correlation with sticks on transmitter.
Aileron stick moves right - right aileron moves up
Rudder stick moves right - rudder moves right
Elevator stick moves down - elevator moves up
Throttle stick moves up - carburetor opens
 Range check radio with engine running and off (acceptable range for check
is 25 ft with transmitter antenna completely collapsed).
 Check engine for reliable idle and high end adjustment.
 Check throttle with plane at a 45 deg angle.
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