Installation Guide
Main Material of Manufacture - Steel
Attention The connection of this rail to a central heating system
should be carried out by a suitably competent person who is familiar with
current regulations.
Read this guide before starting installation and
retain for future reference
Handling Advice
Please consider manual handling guidelines when handling this product to
ensure the risk of injury to yourself / others or any damage is minimised.
Water Treatment
These products are for use on closed heating systems only; they are NOT
suitable for installation on secondary HWS circuits.
On completion of the installation the entire system MUST be thoroughly cleaned
and flushed to remove debris/flux residues etc. If a chemical cleanser is used, it
must be thoroughly flushed from the system. Following this, the system MUST
be dosed with a good quality water treatment to prevent corrosion. System
design, flushing and dosing must be in accordance with BS 5449: 1990, BS EN
12828: 2003 and BS 7593: 1992
IMPORTANT: Failure to observe these requirements will render the guarantee on
the product void.
Corrosion inhibitor must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s
instructions and recommendations and should take into account the particular
metals within the system.
Cleaning & Aftercare
For chrome or white finishes, clean using a damp cloth (dipped in water),
DO NOT use solvents or detergents.
Operating Pressure
Max.Operating Pressure 5 bar (test 6.5bar)
Always check for hidden pipes, wiring and any other hazards before drilling!
Further Information
This rail has been designed, manufactured and tested to ensure a long-lasting
use. Should you require any further information, help or advice, or have any
difficulties with these products or their installation and use, please contact
our office on:
Tel: 01268 546700 Fax: 01268 888260
Write to: 3 Juniper West, Fenton Way, Southfields Business Park, Basildon, Essex SS15 6SJ
Installation Instructions
Remove the rail from its packaging and
check for quality, once satisfied:
Once all the brackets are
mounted offer the rail into
position, check and adjust
levels as required.
Accurately mark out
a bracket position on
the wall.
The brackets locate
between the
horizontal tubes at
the rear of the rail.
Taking the first marked
point on the wall as a
reference point, measure
and mark out the other
fixing points with a spirit
level. Drill holes and
insert the wall plugs.
Note: Check for concealed pipes & wiring etc.
Always wear eye protection when drilling.
If there are any minor
levelling issues the
brackets are flexible in
two dimensions.
Screw the brackets to
the wall as shown and
with the slot aligned
Minor adjustment is
possible in the vertical
Insert the telescopic
bracket into the wall
bracket. Screw the pieces
together as shown.
Now fit the front retainer
and tighten (do not
overtighten as this could
distort or break the
Press the caps into place
Fit the air vent and plug
and connect the radiator
to your system via a pair
of valves.
Tip: It may be more
conveinient to fit the valve
tails before mounting
the rail.
This publication is issued subject to alteration or withdrawal without notice
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