Crestron QuickPack™ QP-400
Complete Classroom AV System Package
w/4 Source Inputs
Crestron QuickPacks blend essential AV
technology into a comprehensive,
simplified solution for primary and
higher education classrooms.
Crestron® QuickPack™ systems provide educators with a simplified yet
comprehensive classroom presentation solution that saves time and money.
Designed to deliver the highest level of quality and convenience without eating up
your AV/IT budget, QuickPacks™ assemble all the vital pieces needed to outfit
your classrooms for an engaging teaching experience.
QuickPacks make it easy and affordable to install a quality projection system in
every classroom, ending the days of wheeling in the AV cart, or forcing students
to squint at a tiny TV screen. Each QP-400 package includes a professional wall
mount controller, high-performance speakers and amplifier, universal projector
mount, wall plate inputs for (2) VGA computer and (2) video sources, and cabling.
Just add your choice of video projector and screen and you’ve got a complete
installed classroom presentation system. QuickPacks also integrate seamlessly
with interactive whiteboards and wireless microphones.
Installing your QuickPack is as simple as hanging the projector, mounting the
controller, speakers, and wall plates, and connecting each of the cables. The
precision projector mount accommodates virtually any projector up to 50 lbs, and
includes everything needed for installation in a typical 2x2 or 2x4 drop-tile ceiling
or on a flat, solid surface. The controller and wall plates each mount in an extradeep electrical gang box or trim ring[1]. The plenum-rated cables are each provided
with one end terminated and compression connectors furnished for the other,
making it easy to cut the cables to length and pull through ceiling spaces
and conduit.
The QuickPack solution makes for a cleaner and “greener” installation, taking
advantage of your projector’s built-in switcher to manage each input source.
There’s no need for a separate bulky switcher when your projector has one right
on board. The Crestron MPC-M5 controller enables very simple pushbutton
control of system power, input source selection, screen up/down, and audio
volume control. See SPECIFICATIONS for projector requirements.
RoomView Connected™ Projectors
For a truly seamless QuickPack setup, choose a RoomView Connected projector
from Dell, BenQ, Acer, or other manufacturer. Featuring Texas Instruments
DLP® technology and “Crestron Inside,” RoomView Connected projectors
afford faster, easier integration for control and monitoring using the MPC-M5
room controller and Crestron RoomView® remote help desk software. Even the
wiring requirement is streamlined, with all control and monitoring of the
projector handled directly over Ethernet. | 800.237.2041
The QP-400 wraps up the complete package with a pair of high-performance
speakers and amplifier. Crestron FS6 speakers are designed to achieve exceptional
sonic performance and wide coverage for a typical classroom. For larger rooms, a
second pair of speakers may be added. The compact audio amplifier installs
discreetly at the projector and delivers a hardy 30 watts of clean, efficient power
to overcome the usual noises in the classroom.
Streamlined setup of your QuickPack installation is facilitated using the Crestron
MPC Wizard, affording fast and easy configuration. And, because it’s Crestron,
your QuickPack system can be custom programmed by the installer for virtually
any desired functionality.
Adding remote control to your QuickPack system is also possible. The MPC-M5
can accommodate any RC5-compatible IR remote through its front panel IR
receiver. Or, use any Ethernet-enabled Crestron RF handheld remote, touchpanel,
or MP-B button panel for enhanced control anywhere in the room.
With its onboard e-Control Web server, the MPC-M5 enables the industry’s most
flexible and reliable IP control solution, allowing remote control from virtually any
computer or mobile device. And, every QuickPack system lives on your school’s
IP network, enabling remote monitoring of the projector and other room devices
through RoomView, the world’s most comprehensive asset management solution.
> Provides a complete, easy-to-install multimedia projection system
> Delivers a flexible, low-cost solution that’s simple to purchase
> Integrates seamlessly with RoomView™ help desk software and
RoomView Connected™ projectors
> Powered by the 2-series MPC Media Presentation Controller™
> Provides an easy-to-use, customizable pushbutton control panel
> Includes high-performance speakers, amplifier, and input wall plates
> Includes a very versatile, low-profile universal projector mount
> Includes all required cabling, connectors, and power supplies
> Affords numerous add-on remote control options
> Enables campus-wide monitoring and management via RoomView
> Provides a gateway to complete room control (lighting, occupancy
sensing, etc.) using the industry’s most powerful and secure
IP-based control platform
Crestron QuickPack™ QP-400 Complete Classroom AV System Package
(1) MPC-M5-W Media Presentation Controller™, White
(1) MP-AMP30 Media Presentation Audio Amplifier
(1) FS6-W Surface Mount Media Presentation Speakers, Pair, White
(2) MP-WP100-W Media Presentation Wall Plate, Video & Audio, White
(2) MP-WP131-W Media Presentation Wall Plate, VGA & Audio, White
(1) PMTC-50-6W Universal Projector Mount, White
(1) PW-2420RU Power Pack for MP-AMP30
(1) PWE-4803RU PoE Injector for MPC-M5
(1) CBL-KSERIAL-DB9-L-P-50 RS-232 Projector Control Cable, Plenum, 50 ft
(1) CBL-CAT5E-P-50 Ethernet LAN Cable, Plenum, 50 ft
(2) CBL-SPK-P-35 Speaker Cable, 16AWG, Plenum, 35 ft
(2) CBL-KAV-RCAM3-L-P-50 RCA Video & Stereo Audio Cable, Plenum, 50 ft
(2) CBL-KVGA-L-P-50 HD15 VGA Cable, Plenum, 50 ft
(2) CBL-KAUDIO-RCAM2-L-P-50 RCA Stereo Audio Cable, Plenum, 50 ft
(1) Projector-to-Amplifier RCA Stereo Audio Cable, 3 ft
(5) CBL-AUDIO-RCAF-0.5 RCA to 3.5mm Mini-TRS Stereo Audio Adapter
(4) FPL-G1-W-T 1-Gang Decorator Style Faceplate, White
(4) BB-G1-LV 1-Gang Low-Voltage Trim Ring
(1) BB-G2-LV 2-Gang Low-Voltage Trim Ring
MPC-M5-W Media Presentation Controller™ M5, White
Crestron 2-Series control system engine
MPC Wizard, SystemBuilder™, or SIMPL™ Windows programmable
10/100BaseT Ethernet, Class 2 PoE network powered
Crestron RoomView® and e-Control®2 Web server
Supports SNMP and SSL network protocols
Supports e-Control SDK and Crestron Mobile™ apps
(10) Custom programmable pushbuttons w/LED feedback
(1) RS-232 COM control port
(1) IR/Serial control port
(2) Low-voltage relay control ports
(2) Contact closure/logic sensing control inputs (Crestron GLS-series occupancy sensor
Customizable backlit button labeling
IR receiver, 36-38 kHz, RC5 or Crestron format (remote not included)
2-gang electrical box installable[1]
8 Ohms nominal impedance
Contoured high-impact plastic housing with painted metal grille
Adjustable surface-mount metal ‘C’ brackets included
12.57 x 8.24 x 9.45 in (320 x 209 x 241 mm) HWD
Wall Plates
MP-WP100-W Media Presentation Wall Plate, Video, White
RCA composite video input & RCA stereo audio input
1-gang mountable[1]
MP-WP131-W Media Presentation Wall Plate, VGA, White
DB15HD computer VGA input & 3.5mm Mini-TRS stereo audio input
1-gang mountable[1]
CBL-KSERIAL-DB9-L-P-50 RS-232 Projector Control Cable (22/3 Shielded), DB9F, Plenum,
50 ft (15 m);
CBL-CAT5E-P-50 Ethernet LAN Cable (CAT5e), RJ45 (8P8C), Plenum, 50 ft (15 m)
CBL-SPK-P-35 Speaker Cable (16/2 Twisted), Plenum, 35 ft (10.6 m)
CBL-KAV-RCAM3-L-P-50 Video & Audio Cable (26/3 Mini-Coax), RCA, Plenum, 50 ft
(15 m)[2];
CBL-KVGA-L-P-50 VGA Cable (26/5 Mini-Coax), HD15, Plenum, 50 ft (15 m)[2]
CBL-KAUDIO-RCAM2-L-P-50 Audio Cable (26/2 Mini-Coax), RCA, Plenum, 50 ft (15 m)
Projector-to-Amplifier Stereo Audio Patch Cable, RCA, 3 ft (0.9 m)
CBL-AUDIO-RCAF-0.5 RCA to 3.5mm Mini-TRS Stereo Audio Adapter, 0.5 ft (15 cm)
Power Supplies
PWE-4803RU PoE Injector (for MPC-M5-W)
IEEE 802.3af Class 0 PoE Power Sourcing Equipment
100-250 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz line power input
PW-2420RU 24V Power Pack (for MP-AMP30)
2 Amp @ 24 Volts DC regulated power output
100-250 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz line power input
Projector Mount
PMTC-50-6W Universal Projector Mount, White
50 lb (23 kg) maximum weight capacity
33° tilt, 15° roll, and 360° rotation adjustment
Surface or drop-tile ceiling installation
24” false ceiling adapter and suspension hardware included
6” long, 1.5” NPT Pipe included
Security hardware included
Escutcheon ring and hole cutter included
MP-AMP30 Media Presentation Audio Amplifier
15 Watts per channel output power
Stereo or dual-mono configurable
-55 to +20 dB input level adjustment
±15dB @ 100Hz bass adjustment
±15dB @ 10kHz treble adjustment
20Hz to 20kHz ±0.5dB frequency response
75dB s/n, 20Hz to 20kHz A-weighted
0.7% THD+N, 20Hz to 20kHz
Surface mount, convection-cooled aluminum housing
5.86 x 3.91 x 1.43 in (149 x 100 x 37 mm) HWD
Projector Requirements
1. Each package includes a 2-gang post-construction trim ring for the Controller, and a
1-gang post-construction trim ring and decorator style faceplate for each Wall Plate.
FS6 Surface Mount 6.5” 2-way Media Presentation Speakers, Pair, White
6.5" long-throw woofer, dual tuned bass reflex ports
1” wide-dispersion soft dome tweeter
56Hz to 20kHz (-10dB) frequency response
80 Watts maximum power handling
VGA Inputs: (2) HD15F computer VGA inputs with RCA or 3.5mm mini-TRS stereo audio
Video Inputs: (2) RCA composite video inputs with RCA or 3.5mm mini-TRS stereo audio
Audio Output: (1) RCA or 3.5mm mini-TRS stereo line-level output with controllable
Control: DB9M RS-232, without hardware handshaking, with commands for audio volume
and direct input selection
Mounting: Must be ceiling mount compatible
Maximum Weight: 50 lb (23 kg)
2. Includes uninstalled RCA and/or BNC compression connectors as required for
termination at the wall plate. Installation requires IDEAL OmniSeal™ 30-793 or equivalent
compression tool (not included).
RoomView™ Express
Remote Help Desk and Resource
Management Software, For up to 250 rooms
Surface Mount Media Presentation Speakers,
Pair, White (to add a second pair)
RCA Compression Connectors, 50-pack
RoomView™ Server Edition
BNC Compression Connectors, 50-pack
Enterprise Management and Scheduling
Software, For unlimited number of rooms
Room Occupancy Sensors
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Tel: 800.237.2041 / 201.767.3400
Rockleigh, NJ 07647
Fax: 201.767.1903
Contact your Crestron representative for additional
accessory options.
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