imagine that…
by sheer coincidence, you ended up on an unspoiled, deserted Island. It is covered with green forests full of trees and forest fruit. This is your new home- and there is
no going back to your previous life.
There is no option but to start a new life here on the island. To do so, you can use the island’s natural resources,
such as wood and undergrowth. You can collect fruit, cut
down trees, and develop businesses; for example, you
can set up an ice cream shop or build a swimming pool.
However, cutting the trees involves a risk. Using the island’s wood increases the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which in turns contributes to climate disasters.
The comfort of your life on the island depends on the
financial resources you have gathered. We distinguish
different levels of prosperity. It is up to you to decide
if you want to follow any of the prosperity plans yourself. Some of the achievable goals involve the total well
-being of the whole community inhabiting the island, as
well as the good of the island and its ecological balance.
You decide which of the above goals are the ones you
want to pursue. And you may always come up with a new
one during the game.
Nauru Island Game – manual
Information about the name
of the player, remaining time
in the current round and phase
Information about
chat messages
Nauru Island Game – manual
Money in your
Number of action points
Number of action
points used towards
tree cutting
Number of action points
used towards tree
Number of action
points used towards
using the forest
Monitoring button
Nauru Island Game – manual
Forest cutting is
profitable but destroys
the forest
Using the forest
is less profitable
but does not destroy
the forest
Clicking the forest
icon allows you
to decide what action
to take
Nauru Island Game – manual
Planting trees in one round
is visible in the next round,
when the youngest trees
Building construction
allows you to generate
Clicking an empty field
icon allows you to decide
what action to take
Building purchase
A building you
can build
Construction of this
building exceeds your
currently available funds
Every building displays
information about
the building costs
and profits it will
A constructed building.
Black triangle denotes
your property. Grey
triangles denote other
players property
A forest field icon
that has been used
but not cut down
Planted forest that will
turn into the youngest
level of maturity in the
next round
the building icon
displays information
and available actions
Multiple clicks of the monitoring
icon allows you to monitor the
actions of larger/greater/bigger
amount of people
When all the action points
are over/used, no action
is allowed in the current
round – you need to wait
for the results phase
Map – menu
Map scaling
Layers of map
Refresh button
Map – bottom panel
Map view
conditions screen
Finance screen
Players screen
Choosing the
round you
want to display
the results for
on forest
The mechanism
of forest growth
Financial results
Choosing the
round you want to
display the results
Sources of income
divided into:
-income from
cutting the trees
-income from
using the forest
-property income
buildings value
Money transfers
-funds sent
and received
Cash available
on your account
and buildings value
Choosing the round
you want to display
the results for
Individual player
wealth levels
Button allowing
funds transfer
Post monitoring phase
Results phase allow
you to see the monitored players action
points and how they
used them
Players’ general
financial results
are always visible
Sanctions button
allows you to punish
other players
Players can transfer
funds at any point
in the game
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