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Lindy BNX-60
RRP £89.99
LINDY Electronics, one of Europe’s leading producers
of computer and audio-visual products, released the
BNX-60 wireless noise cancelling headphones, adding to
their range of headphones and in-ear monitors. Featuring
Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity with aptX® technology, noise
cancelling functionality and smartphone compatibility,
the BNX-60 headphones are the ideal solution for music
lovers on the go.
Designed for listening to music out and about, the BNX-60 headphones use advanced
aptX® technology to wirelessly deliver high quality Hi-Fi sound whilst also removing
unwanted background noise. The active noise cancelling technology, coupled with high
quality isolating leather ear pads, reduces the listener’s exposure to external low frequency
noise by up to 85%.
A smooth bass and clear treble is achieved via 40mm high output drivers with neodymium
magnets, ensuring that not only are the BNX-60 headphones incredibly versatile, but deliver
the quality listening experience associated with other LINDY products.
Adding to the Bluetooth compatibility and noise cancelling technology, the BNX-60s also
feature an integrated microphone and on-ear music controls, enabling users to make
hands-free calls and adjust the volume or playback all from the headset itself.
The BNX-60 headphones not only come with a hard carry case for portability, but also
feature a mesh pouch containing a MicroUSB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable for
wired connections, a ¼” stereo plug adaptor and dual-plug flight adaptor for in-flight
entertainment compatibility. This array of accessories ensure that the BNX-60 headphones
are perfect for any situation, whether commuting to work, enjoying records at home or
travelling in comfort on a noisy flight.
After having a play around with them, Jaya said: “I did not expect the noise cancelation
to make much of a difference, but it really did; you can get lost in your own little world with
“I originally thought that, even though the sound quality is impressive, the volume is not
as loud as other devices I have tested. However, with the noise cancelation removing all
background noise, the sound is just as good and a lot kinder to the ears!
“The device is very comfortable and an ideal pair to wear during sports and running; the
battery lasts for a good while, but the option to connect it with a wire is a perfect back-up
The LINDY BNX-60 headphones are available in the UK now priced at £89.99 and can be
purchased from www.lindy.co.uk or from www.lindy.ie for customers in Eire.
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