TB3S TETRA base station with broadband inside

THR9+ TETRA radio
World’s best gloves-on access to TETRA
The THR9+ TETRA handheld is
designed to meet the strictest
requirements of field workers. The
radio has a large simplified
keypad that can be used even
while wearing gloves. The radio’s
robust construction is resistant to
water and dust (IP65).
The THR9+ addresses to users
such as firemen who work in
harsh conditions and who mostly
do not need to free-dial numbers
or write messages. With the 4way navigation keys the user has
direct access to the menu, phonebook and often used functions.
Two freely programmable function
keys, F1 and F2, can be assigned
as keys to the most often needed
functions. Text messaging is
possible with characters shown
on the display and selecting them
with the navigation keys.
The large display is used for
viewing the menu and operating
the radio, and also provides
valuable information for users on
changing field situations. For
example, a red signal warns the
user if the radio battery is running
empty or the TETRA network
coverage is diminishing. In
addition, the selected talk group,
profile and the last sent status
message are visible. The THR9+
has a specific night vision display
colour scheme to provide
enhanced visibility and user
safety when working in the dark.
Equipped with a solid belt clip or
carrying case, the compact
THR9+ is easy to carry on a lapel
or belt.
The advanced Lifeguard solution,
also known as man down alarm,
is for better user safety. If the
radio stops moving or remains
horizontal for too long, it triggers
a local alert. If the user does not
respond, the radio automatically
activates an alarm and sends its
coordinates to a predefined
With an easy and reliable battery
connection mechanism and two
battery options – one with an
extended capacity – the radio can
keep even the heaviest radio
users in contact throughout their
THR9+ For the harshest in the field
Frequency band
• 380 – 430 MHz
Power class
• EN300392-2 compliant, power class 4
• Receiver class A
• RF power control, 4 steps of 5 dB
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• Weight: 270 g
• Dimensions: 133 x 58 x 31 mm
• Water, dust, and shock resistant
according to IP65 classification
• Full-color QVGA display
• Up to 262144 colors, 240 x 320 pixels
• Display backlight off by single key press
• Display reverse (180 degrees by single
key press)
• Display texts in more than 25 languages
• Support for Latin, Arabic, Bulgarian,
Chinese, Cyrillic, Korean, Macedonian
and Serbian characters
• Night vision mode
Keypad / controls
• 4 navigation keys, 3 selection keys
• Function keys F1 and F2
• HI/LO key for loudspeaker control
• Power-on key, volume keys, red function
key, duty key, fast menu key, group
selector, back key
GPS receiver
• Inbuilt A-GPS with internal memory
• Power save mode
• GPS activity indicator
• Sensitivity -162 dBm
• Simultaneous satellites up to 12
• Cold start accuracy (open sky)*
- 2,5 meters CEP
• Cold start TTFF, time to first fix
(open sky)*
- < 30 seconds
* measured at -130 dBm
• Automatic position saving
• Position information sending on request
or on triggers (time, distance, status
• Position sending during red key calls
and public emergency calls
• Waypoints, waypoint guidance
• Showing caller’s distance and direction
during a call (Where are you?)
• Saving own or caller's waypoint with one
key press for Waypoint guidance
• Network-based terminal assisted
• Support for ETSI location information
protocol for TETRA (LIP)
Call types
• Phone calls in TETRA & public networks
• Express and group calls in TETRA network
• TETRA emergency calls
• Public emergency calls (e.g. to 112)
TETRA SIM support (option)
• TSIM card with subscriber identification
information (ITSI and authentication key K)
• Easy to move subscriber information with
TSIM card from one radio to another
Group communication
• Up to 3 000 talk groups
• Up to 200 talk group folders
• Up to 400 groups per folder
• Dynamic Group Number Assignment
(DGNA), up to 200 DGNA groups
• Up to 10 background groups
• Priority scanning
• Scanning list up to 59 groups
• Voice override in group calls (pre-emption)
• Late entry
Wireless data
• IP packet data
• WAP 2.0 over TETRA IP Packet Data
• xHTML color browser
• AT-command interface for applications
• Java™ MIDP 2.0 platform
Direct mode features
• Up to 1500 DMO groups
• 500 DMO channels
• DMO gateway support
• Support for DMO repeater type 1A &1B
• Scanning
• DMO individual call
• Red key call to DMO group
• Red key call to TMO within TETRA network
• Public emergency call within TETRA
network coverage
• DMO SCK encryption, encryption classes
2A, 2B and 2C
• DMO status messages
• DMO SDS messages
• ETSI TETRA type 1A DMO repeater
operation (option)
• Status messages
• Text messages with concatenation
• Situation indicators to a predefined address
• Flash messages
• Call-out
• Predictive text input T9**
• Unit alert (Selective alert)
•**for most languages
• Lifeguard – an advanced man down alarm
• Authentication and Mutual authentication
• Air Interface Encryption (AIE) security
- Class 1: Clear
- Class 2: SCK
- Class 3: DCK/CCK
- Class 3G: GCK (requires TETRA SIM card)
• Phone and Security code
• Temporary disable/enable (Stun)
• Permanent disable (Kill)
• Transmission barring (Tx inhibit)
• Alert for out of network coverage
• Support for smart card based end-to-end
encryption (option)
• Side connector for audio accessories and
• Bottom connector for charging, carkit,
programming and data
• Internal smart card slot
• Connector for external antenna (for carkit)
Other features
• 500 phone book entries
• 8 profiles: General, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor,
Pager, Active holder, Headset and Monophone
• Voice feedback
• Configurable main menu and fast menu
• Configurable function keys
• Transmission barring (Tx inhibit)
• DTMF tone dialing
• Load Directed Roaming (LDR)
• Energy economy
• Any key answer
• Duplex call barring
• Multiple network support
• Aliasing
• Clock synchronisation with network and/or
GPS time
• Vibration alert
• Remote control through SDS or status
• Secondary Control Channel (SCCH)
• Li-Ion 1900 mAh (premium battery)
• Li-Ion 4600 mAh (heavy duty battery)
• Estimated values for 1900 mAh battery:
- Up to 16 h (5/5/90)
- Up to 12,5 h (10/30/60)
- Up to 22,5 h (standby)
• Estimated values for 4600 mAh battery:
- Up to 36 h (5/5/90)
- Up to 32,5 h (10/30/60)
- Up to 48 h (standby)
GPS usage affects the above mentioned times.
For more information please contact
Airbus Defence and Space / Hiomotie 32 / 00380 Helsinki / Finland / T: +358 10 4080 000 / e-mail: scs@cassidian.com
Airbus Defence and Space / Landshuter Str.26 / 85716 Unterschleissheim / Germany / T: +49 (0) 89.3179-0 / F: +49 (0) 3179-4640
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