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Product Brief
Intel Mobile Platform
Software Development Kit (SDK)
For Windows*, Version 1.1
Build Adaptive Applications for Mobile Platforms
Quickly produce efficient, reliable, and adaptive software for notebook, SmartPhones and Personal Digital Assistant
(PDA) platforms.
Access to classes, instances,
properties, and methods
• Provides a common API to retrieve
information from the platform and
devices including batteries, network
adapters, displays, storage and processors
• Offers a high-level API for understanding
changes in the platform context and resources
regarding connectivity, display, memory, disk storage, power and bandwidth
Receive events and threshold notifications
• Allows runtime components to monitor system events and inform applications when an event occurs
• Create applications that can limit bandwidth consumption at the process and network
session levels, either as a fixed number of bytes or as a percentage of current bandwidth. For example, when there is a change in available bandwidth of a network, applications can
prioritize certain types of traffic (like voice or email) over others to achieve desired results
Provides collections and enumerations
• Discover all devices and allow enumeration of a collection of multiple instances of a
device on the system
Mobile Information Viewer
• A GUI-based tool that helps you utilize key features such as enumerating devices on a system
and viewing their properties, registering for event notification, and viewing event reports
Intel® Mobile Bandwidth Module
• A stand-alone client application that allows you to create, view and manage bandwidth
usage policies on client systems
Applications &
Services Layer
Application Proxy
Application Awareness and Management
Local Devices/
Services Layer
Interaction Management
and View Consistency
Policy, Monitoring, and
Event Management
The Intel® Mobile Platform Software Development Kit Integrates
with Different Mobile Client Layers
Hard Disk
Intel® Mobile
Platform SDK
Development Environments
With the Intel® Mobile Platform Software Development Kit
(SDK), your software can integrate mobile features that meet
users expectations for computing anytime and anywhere.
• Achieve fast time-to-market. Enables fast time-tomarket for new mobile applications with state-of-the-art
• Manage connectivity transparently. Users can
focus on their tasks instead of network connections.
• .NET Framework* 1.1
• Sun Microsystems JDK* 1.4.2 or higher
• IBM Workplace Client Technology*, Micro Edition 5.7.1
• Intel® Centrino™ and Centrino™ Duo mobile
• Mobile platforms based on Intel® Personal Internet
Client Architecture (Intel® PCA)
• Adapt applications dynamically to display
devices. ISVs can write applications to different
display devices connected to a host mobile computer.
System Requirements
• Utilize free memory effectively. Utilize available
memory and storage for local data store and
Refer to
asmo-na/eng/perflib/mobileplatform/219998.htm for details on hardware and software requirements.
• Effectively balance power and performance.
Users can get the most from available battery life.
• Work across multiple platforms. Users can access
applications on the device of their choice, taking
advantage of device capabilities.
Every purchase of an Intel® Software Development
Product includes a full year of support services, which
provides access to Intel® Premier Support and all product
updates during that time. Intel® Premier Support gives
you online access to technical notes, application notes,
documentation, and more.
About Intel® Software
Development Products
Whether you build software to run on servers or cell phones,
create your applications with development tools built with
our knowledge of hardware.
Intel® Software Development Products can help you easily
create the fastest software possible by offering a full suite of
tools that include:
• Intel® Compilers
• Intel® Performance Libraries
• Intel® VTune™ Analyzers
• Intel® Threading Tools
• Intel® Cluster Tools
The Intel® Mobile Platform SDK works with a variety of
development tools and processor platforms including multicore processor platforms:
Visit our Web site at for
details about our entire line of products.
Microsoft* Windows*
• Available for Windows XP, Windows 2000, and
Windows Mobile* for PocketPC 2003 and Windows
Mobile for Smartphone 2003.
Download a trial version today.
Wireless connectivity requires additional software, services or external hardware that may need to be purchased separately. Availability
of public wireless access points is limited. System performance, battery life and functionality will vary depending on your specific
hardware and software.
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