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Your flexible
working partner.
Ideal for delivering refrigerated food yet adaptable as a concrete mixer. Or a refuse transporter. The Volvo FE more
than lives up to its reputation as a multi-purpose vehicle which delivers excellent driveability combined with first-class
productivity. Designed with city and regional distribution in mind, it is easy to load and unload, and offers the driver
a comfortable, spacious environment in which to work. Focusing on simple manouevrability, increased safety and
generous visibility, the Volvo FE does not sacrifice any of Volvo Trucks’ legendary power and performance. Plus,
with Volvo as your working partner, you can take advantage of a wide range of flexible services, safe in the knowledge that you have chosen a transport solution of the highest class.
This is why:
Easy to own,
easy to drive.
A truck that offers you maximum flexibility
when and where you need it. With unrivalled
all-round capabilities and ease of driving,
you are free to concentrate on your daily
tasks, letting us take the strain.
entry cab.
The Low Entry Cab is designed for refuse
trucks, distribution trucks and other
vehicles used in operations that require
the driver and passenger to climb in and
out of the cab several times a day. This
cab offers a lowered entry step, wider
passenger door opening and a flat floor.
Read more on page 16.
Designed for long days in the driver’s seat.
Whatever your professional commitments,
the Volvo FE delivers optimum comfort and
ergonomics, making it a place you will want
to call home.
of mind.
We ensure that our Volvo services keep
you on the road, offering the potential to
maximise your productivity without taking
any unnecessary risks.
At Volvo we pride ourselves in focusing on
your safety. Our trucks are fitted with the
latest, most developed systems to ensure
not only your health and wellbeing, but also
to prevent accidents and to mitigate the
resulting consequences should an accident
Now you can choose an engine that can
run on fossil free fuel, so called “biodiesel”
or comressed natural gas, so called CNG.
The options are:
– HVO EN15940 (Hydrogenated
Vegetable Oils) on all engines.
– RME (Rapeseed oil Methyl Esters)
for 320 hp only.
– CNG (Comressed Natural Gas),
G9K320 engine.
All of the options reduces the emissions of
greenhouse gases dramatically. Read more
on page 9.
First-class distribution.
At any temperature.
In a competitive business like distribution, it is comforting to have a reliable vehicle fleet behind you. Particularly
when you are transporting and delivering delicate products such as frozen goods. With its powerful D8K, 6-cylinder
engine with an hp range of 250 to 320 in power output, the Volvo FE delivers top performance and is perfect for
distribution work. Lightweight front and rear axles create the possibility for even more payload. And excellent visibility
facilitates driving in urban environments. Three cab equipment packages are available: Distribution, Distribution+
and Vocational.
Part of the Volvo family.
Tail lift.
The distinctive new design, featuring the
Volvo iron mark, is a sign of quality on the
road. We believe that your business can
benefit from a positive partnership with
Volvo. Our heritage of designing trucks of
the highest calibre is respected worldwide.
Welcome to the family.
The tail lift makes the work much easier
and efficient. You can order your truck
factory prepared for the tail lift with all the
electrical wiring, a switch on the dashboard
and a new icon on the intrument cluster.
When you are out on the road making
deliveries, the Volvo FE’s powerful, adjustable headlights and fog lamps ensure
good visibility, even in poor conditions.
Furthermore, their distinctive design
ensures that everyone knows there is
a Volvo approaching.
I-Shift – take the weight off your left foot.
With superior all-round vision.
Driving with I-Shift means you can forget the clutch pedal. Volvo’s advanced automated
gearshifting uses its built-in intelligence to select the right gear for you at all times. Even
the best drivers find it impossible to match its automatic precision. Just relax. Or if you feel
more comfortable being ‘in control’, you can step in and change gear manually with I-Shift.
The choice is yours. Learn more about I-Shift on page 28.
The Volvo FE allows you to appreciate
the world around your cab. The size and
strategic placement of the mirrors deliver
the finest possible all-round visibility, while
auxiliary windows provide you with a perfect view of the area close to your vehicle.
Don’t fret,
don’t worry.
At Volvo Trucks, we believe that you should be free to focus
on what is important to you in your professional life. You need
valuable uptime from your truck – we deliver. You can increase
the productivity of your business by employing our flexible
range of services. We also work towards lowering the total
cost of ownership of your vehicle. All things considered, the
Volvo FE represents an extremely profitable enterprise for you
and your business.
Flexible contracts tailored
to your needs.
Seeing is believing.
And performing.
With a selection of Volvo Service Contracts,
you can take advantage of the ideal transport solution. Our contracts offer you the
freedom to decide on the maintenance and
repair of your vehicle’s operation, when
required. This flexibility helps keep your
productivity at a maximum. Specific superstructures can also be included in your
In a Volvo FE, you’ll always have a good
feel for your surroundings. The placement
and size of the mirrors together with the
sightline through the front windshield will
provide you with the best possible visibility. Add to that the auxiliary windows and
you’re left with the best possible conditions for managing the inner-city hustle.
Your truck – the way you want it.
At Volvo we fit our trucks to your requirements. By letting us know what you need
from your Volvo FE, we can then prepare
the truck directly from the factory, with the
necessary body attachments and electrical
connections for the bodybuilder. This process significantly shortens lead times when
building the superstructure, which means
that you receive exactly the truck you want
for your business – fast.
Your vehicle is secure.
An advanced remote-controlled alarm
system makes the Volvo FE an enemy
of the thief. Easily activated in the event
of unwelcome guests trying to open the
doors or disturb the vehicle, it offers you
peace of mind when you are elsewhere.
The complex system
that makes it easier.
Every function on the truck can be simply
activated from the driver’s seat. A modern,
comprehensive electrical system permits
easy control and regulation, while applications can be introduced on specification.
Simple manouevring
– wherever you are.
Because driving
should be a pleasure.
The Volvo FE is easy to manouevre even in
the most congested spaces. It is a vehicle
that allows for easy steering and smooth
acceleration, as well as providing an array
of instruments to help you navigate every
When constructing the instrument cluster
and dashboard of the Volvo FE, we felt it
was important to focus on common-sense
simplicity. The placing of the dashboard’s
gauges and instruments is designed to be
operated with a single glance, offering the
best possible ergonomics and allowing you
to enjoy a smooth, intuitive drive, however
busy the roads are.
Volvo Premium Lease.
If it suits you to lease your distribution
vehicle or vehicle fleet, a Volvo Premium
Lease is available for a monthly fee.
A comprehensive package is available, including everything except fuel and
driver costs. Let your business run smoothly.
Read more about Volvo services on
page 31.
Power and
on demand.
Flexibility, power, quick response – and kinder to the environment. Volvo FE engines ensure a performance which
makes the vehicle an essential professional tool for city and regional distribution. The range is now extended
with engines for alternative fuels and a extra power and torque strong 350 hp engine for demanding operations.
Incorporating the very latest in machine technology, the Volvo FE represents the perfect long-term investment when
you need to ensure maximum uptime and productivity for your business.
Also called muddy site, this helps you to maintain
constant revs in your selected gear. This option
is particularly effective when starting on slippery
road surfaces.
When the engine and exhaust after-treatment
system (EATS) are operating, soot and sulphur
accumulate in the EATS. This is controlled by
natural chemical reactions when using the truck.
Only in extreme conditions is driver intervention
required to control regeneration – normally no
action is needed.
The strict European exhaust standards for diesel
engines are set to regulate the amount of pollutants. The Euro 6 standard, applicable from
the start of 2014, demands a severe reduction
compared to its predecessor Euro 5, sometimes
by as much as 75%. Volvo Trucks’ solution to
the challenge is to refine the Selective Catalyst
Reduction (SCR) technology by adding a watercooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system
to the engine. The engines available for the Volvo
FE range have been meticulously constructed and
engineered to comply with Euro 6 without losing
power or torque, or increasing fuel consumption.
A win-win situation. For drivers as well as for the
Volvo FE owners do not have to worry about intervals of service or added maintenance requirements on their vehicles, despite the increased
demands on engines and service personnel as a
result of Euro 6. There are no changes to these
The D8K engine is fitted with a powerful engine
brake, which saves the wheel brakes and extends
the lifetime of both the brake pads and the brake
discs. The Volvo FE offers a choice of an exhaust
brake, or a compression & exhaust brake, both
providing powerful braking on demand.
Improved truck performance at low speed is
achieved through the use of a variable geometry
turbo. This allows the effective aspect ratio of the
engine’s turbo to be altered and contributes to the
flat torque output and super-fast response.
The D8K engine produces a wider,
flatter torque and a better response
at low rpm – on curves for example.
Maximum torque is now 1,400 Nm,
which lessens the need for changing
AdBlue is added from a separate
tank, lowering exhaust emissions.
AdBlue accounts for 5–6% of the
Volvo FE engine’s diesel consumption.
The D8K engine is a top performer in
any situation. Where tight manouevring is required – in heavy urban
traffic for example – you can rely on a
lightning-fast response everytime.
The high-pressure electronic injection is provided by common rail, with a
maximum pressure of 2,000 bar.
Diesel is only one of the fuel alternatives for the Volvo FE. The are many
options if you want to help the
environment, and enjoy the incentives
available in your market.
A 9-litre engine with 320 hp
1,356 Nm of torque that runs on
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).
The CO2 emissions are reduced by up
to 70%, compared to a diesel truck.
Read more on page 12.
When the engine is left on idling for
a defined period of time, the engine
switches off to save fuel and reduce
emissions. Good for your bottom line
and the environment.
The D8K engine’s emissions are
filtered using a combination of
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
and Exhaust Gas Recirculation
(EGR) systems. An extra injector
is fitted on the exhaust in order to
regulate the correct temperature of
the exhaust gas for further exhaust
The power take-offs on the Volvo
FE provide power for running an
auxiliary application or the vehicle’s
own load-handling equipment.
The Volvo D8K engine is an all-new
6-cylinder, 8-litre engine with power
outputs 250, 280, 320 and 350 hp. It
is the perfect match with Volvo FE,
with optimal adaptability and top
All power levels for D8K engines
are certified for synthetic diesel
(Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils –
HVO EN15940).
There is a variant of our D8K320
engine that will run on pure biodiesel (Rapeseed Oil Methyl Esters –
RME B100) – certified for Euro 6.
A framework
for success.
When adapting the chassis of the Volvo FE, our engineers set their imaginations to work. A flexible model was the
collective vision, one that could be fitted to almost any assignment a truck could undertake. They then developed
a sturdy, durable chassis with foldable side underrun protection which, although light, could bear heavy loads and
could be easily customised. The choice of a 9 tonnes front axle made the truck even more agile. Now you can put
the results of their endeavour to the test.
The Volvo FE chassis can be ordered
with a standard layout. But if you
really want to make it easy for the
bodybuilder you can order it with the
preparation kit or even completely
adapted to fit your specific needs.
Thanks to the Volvo Bodybuilder
Instructions (VBI system), the
lead-times for the bodybuilder are
shortened and you’ll get your perfect
truck, with the perfect superstructure,
adapted to your specific business
operations, in the shortest time
For specific applications such as
refuse transporters, tankers and
cranes, the chassis can be specially
adapted. Fuel tanks and/or AdBlue
tanks are repositioned in order to
accommodate the application in
There are two types of trailing axles
on the FE chassis. The TA-FIXED
axle is a fixed tag axle with single or
double wheels. The TA-HYDRS is a
hydraulically steered tag axle with
single wheels only.
Four different rear axles are available
in various combinations. Load capacity
varies from 13 to 23 tonnes.
There is a choice of suspension
on the Volvo FE for both front and
rear axles. These are dependent
on the axle load. Air and leaf suspension are available in a variety of
The improved chassis packaging
for Euro 6 means that the Volvo
FE remains as flexible as before,
unaffected by the stricter emission requirements.
The Electronic Control System
(ECS) can be used to control
the air suspension levelling, via
switches on the dashboard or a
control box. This results in easy,
fast loading, regardless of the
height of the loading ramp.
Maintenance-free front axles are
available on the chassis of the
Volvo FE, with maximum load capacity of 7.1 to 9.0 tonnes.
Plastic, steel or aluminium fuel tanks
with varying capacities
of between 160 and 630 litres
can be stipulated, according to truck
specifications and special requirements.
The Volvo FE comes equipped with
two separate toolboxes – a smaller
version with 55 litres in volume and a
larger 125-litre model. These are perfect for keeping load security straps
or other equipment.
The reinforced, foldable Side
Underrun Protection (SUP)
comes as a factory fitted option.
Designed by Volvo, it combines
secure protection and easy
There are two variants of frame height
(FRAME266 and FRAME300) with a
frame thickness of 7 mm and 8 mm
On three-axle vehicles there is, as
standard, an inner liner to reinforce
the area around the rear axles’
There is a choice of wheelbases
on the Volvo FE range, between
3,200 and 6,800 mm depending
on the vehicle model and axle
Powerful, productive
and clean.
Operating in an urban environment and looking for a low emissions alternative to diesel? This looks like a regular
Volvo FE from the outside, but under the hood hides a new Euro 6 engine – powered exclusively by compressed
natural gas (CNG), or preferably compressed biogas.
Power and torque.
Automatic transmission.
A reliable solution.
The G9K engine delivers a full 320 hp
and 1,356 Nm of torque, and has been
primarily developed for operations involving
short driving cycles with frequent starts
and stops.
The automatic transmission means you can
expect the same productivity and driving
characteristics as you get from the regular
Volvo FE. It’s developed for efficient urban
The 6-cylinder 9-litre Volvo engine utilises
spark ignition technology, have tanks for
compressed gas mounted on both sides
of the chassis and a three-way catalyst.
Efficient and reliable. Horizontal or vertical
muffler is available.
400 km
Low emissions.
Operating range.
Win the contracts.
The gas engine emits so low levels of particles, that no particulate filter is needed.
No AdBlue either. When running on
biogas, the CO2 emissions are reduced by
up to 70%, compared to a diesel truck.
Choose between 2×4 or 2×3 gas tanks
fitted on the chassis. This gives an operating range of up to 400 km in light distribution and up to 250 km in severe refuse
Renewable fuel is often a requirement for
winning contracts in refuse transports. The
Volvo FE CNG enables operating in urban
environments with a significantly lower
environmental impact.
The truck that
delivers a clean
When choosing the right truck for your business demands, there
is always the temptation to prioritise or compromise on certain
details. With the Volvo FE you don’t need to.
We fit the superstructure that suits your exact requirements. The FE 6×2 rigid with its low noise level, impressively
low emissions, unrivalled all-round visibility and easy manouevring make it the perfect choice for refuse transporting
operations. Frequent stops and starts are aided by a generous D8K, 6-cylinder, 8-litre engine, performing
up to 350 hp, combined with automatic transmission or I-Shift – or choose the CNG driveline with its super low
emissions. The low cab offers a convenient entry with anti-slip steps. However, with an interior this comfortable,
you might not want to get out too often.
Rear axle.
I-Shift and automatic transmission.
Carrying a heavy rear load means trusting
the suspension on your truck. The lightweight rear axle of the Volvo FE supports
weights of 13 tonnes and the air suspension
ensures the smoothest possible journey.
Driving a truck with I-Shift means that you
can simply concentrate on driving your
vehicle from one stopping point to the next
– while still optimising fuel efficiency.
With the automatic transmission, stopping
and starting your vehicle frequently when
collecting refuse is very smooth.
Ideal for frequent stops, when entering
and leaving your vehicle. Anti-slip steps
and accessible handholds make your task
easier, even in adverse weather conditions.
Optional lighting on the doors is ideal when
working on dark mornings or at dusk.
Hop in, hop out
made easy.
Welcome to an easier working day. The Volvo FE low entry cab is designed for operations that require frequent
stops. Whether its refuse collection or goods delivery, you’ll experience less strain and fatigue, and simply focus
on getting the job done.
Easy to enter.
Built for comfort.
A perfect match.
With a comfortably low entry step and a
90 degree door opening, you can step in
and out without effort. The cab cab can
even be ordered with kneeling function,
lowering the entrance an extra 90 mm.
The low entry cab offers high comfort with
its ergonomic driving position, ergonomically designed seating, low noise level and
world-class safety.
It looks good too. A stylish, spacious
interior includes red seat belts. The cab
can be fitted with two or three passenger
Combine the low entry cab with the
CNG powertrain that offers power and
torque with low emissions.
page 12.
Get the complete picture.
Safe – like every Volvo Truck.
A large front window offers superb visibility, complemented by ergonomically
designed rear-view mirrors. The cab windscreen is available in two variants, either
with tinted-only glass, or with tinted and
heat-reflecting glass.
The low entry cab can also be specified
with electric heating, with an optional parking heater also available.
The option of doors with low extra windows
greatly improve the driver’s visibility alongside the cab.
The cab is fitted as standard with FUP
(Front Underrun Protection). This prevents
smaller oncoming vehicles from becoming
wedged under the truck in the event of a
frontal collision, while energy-absorbing
materials in the cab effectively shield the
driver and passengers.
Volvo FE cab safety levels correspond
to Swedish requirements. This means that
unrivalled protection is offered in all accidents, for example in the unlikely event of
the truck rolling over.
Step into a
more comfortable
working day.
When your daily routine requires entering and exiting your vehicle frequently, a convenient, ergonomically designed
instep is a must. Once inside, a spacious interior with well-appointed features makes your truck a relaxed space that
is a real pleasure to work in. Take a look around the Volvo FE interior – adapted with your comfort in mind.
Spacious cab sizes.
Cab suspension.
There are four different spacious cab
options with the Volvo FE. The day cab
is the most compact of the three while
the comfort cab can be equipped with
or without bed. The low entry cab offers
unmatched comfortable entry. The larger
sleeper cab always comes with a bed,
offering ample space for rest and relaxation. Learn more on page 32.
A smooth drive is guaranteed by the Volvo
FE’s state-of-the-art cab suspension. There
is a mechanical cab suspension, with coiled
springs and shock absorbers at both front
and rear, while full air cab suspension features bellows at both front and rear.
Audio options.
Steering wheel.
Optional stairwell lighting is available in the
form of a lamp in the door’s lower frame.
Accessible handholds and two anti-slip
steps make regular entry and exit of your
vehicle easy.
Choose between several audio packages.
They can include RDS radio, USB connection, Bluetooth for streaming music and
connection dual phones and hands-free as
well as DAB preparation.
The steering wheel can be adjusted to
your favoured position and has a diameter
of either 460 or 500 mm.
Even more generous
storage space.
Look around the cab and you will find an
abundance of space to store your items.
Storage compartments in the dashboard.
In the doors. Above your head. Between
the seats. Plus, you have the option of adding yet more storage units if you so wish.
All-new seats.
Low interior noise.
Ergonomic thinking.
New ergonomic seats are a key feature of
the latest Volvo FE interior, with improved
anchoring, integrated head-restraint and
seat belt. New upholstery material provides
added resistance to dirt. Both the driver
and the passenger seats can be adjusted
to suit your needs.
Maximum sound isolation means that the
Volvo FE can be driven in a relaxed environment with engine and tyre noise minimised.
When planning a cab’s layout, we consider
what is most important to you, the driver.
It’s called ergonomic thinking. Placing the
instruments and gearshift strategically, so
that you can reach and control everything
without straining. The controls you use
most often are placed close to the steering
wheel, making your job a great deal easier.
DIN compartments.
Climate control options.
Above the windscreen there are two storage
units, as well as four DIN compartments.
The DIN compartments are intended for
items such as a communication radio, extra
storage and tachograph.
A climate unit keeps the cab temperature
at the right level – with or without the use
of air conditioning.
Dashboard and
centre consol layout.
The dashboard and cluster layout makes it
easy to access the vital information you will
need. Speed, rpm, fuel and oil levels are
all instantly visible, helping you plan your
journey with ease.
We took something good
and made it better.
When designing and building our range of trucks, we believe in each member of the Volvo
family having its own distinct personality. The Volvo FE stands out from the crowd in this
respect. It is a vehicle that radiates a particular confidence, and a balanced, sleek exterior
marks out its territory as the highest quality vehicle in its specific field. A recent new design
builds on this unique personality, achieving a thoroughly modern look. Trademark V-shaped
LED lamps are one of its most recognisable characteristics on approach. The Volvo FE
– all things considered, a mark of distinction.
Part of our premium range.
Feel proud to drive a Volvo.
Optional roof hatch.
The Volvo FE is part of Volvo’s premium
truck range – from the mighty Volvo
FH16 to the Volvo FMX, a rugged beast
of a construction vehicle. No matter your
assignment, we have the truck to match.
The prestigious iron mark on the Volvo
FE is now placed high on the front of the
vehicle, closer to you, the driver.
A roof hatch is available – either in glass or
metal – which is controlled either manually
or electrically.
Front grille.
A comprehensive solution.
Air Deflectors.
The front grille features a honeycomb
mesh pattern that allows for more efficient
air-flow, facilitating improved cooling of the
engine and the after-treatment process.
With maximum adaptability and excellent
driveability, the Volvo FE represents a
perfect choice when looking to optimise
productivity in your business. We make
sure you receive the exact vehicle you need.
Whether your business is construction,
distribution or refuse handling, the Volvo
FE is here to do the job.
Air deflectors assist in decreasing resistance and additional wind deflector panels
reduce fuel consumption even more.
Developed with
your safety in mind.
At Volvo we pride ourselves in taking your safety seriously. This is part of our heritage and is built into our core
values. It is naturally a key reason behind the constant technological improvements we are making to our vehicles.
The Volvo FE features excellent visibility and improved in-cab safety, as well as an innovative protection system.
This not only increases your own safety, but also the safety of those around you on the road.
Electronic Stability Control.
The Volvo FL comes with ESC, Electronic
Stability Control, as standard. This feature
improves safety and direction stability in
difficult driving conditions and helps avoid
rollover situations.
Adaptive Cruise Control, collision
warning and emergency brake.
Follow the traffic rhythm without effort.
The radar-based Adaptive Cruise Control
(ACC) keeps a safe distance to the vehicle
in front by controlling the accelerator and all
available brakes. If there’s a risk of collision,
warning lights are projected on the windscreen – and if an impact is imminent, the
automatic emergency brake quickly comes
to your assistance.
Lane Keeping Support.
Drifting off lane is a common cause of
serious accidents. Too common, we think.
Lane Keeping Support tracks the road
markings with a camera, and alerts you
if you should unintentionally cross them.
When driving in an urban environment it
is vital that you are able to get the total
picture of your surroundings at all times.
With electrically controlled, optionally
heated exterior mirrors, you will be in
complete control of what you see. A
manual option is also available.
Tinted, solar managed glass is available as option. This reduces the heating
up of the cabin due to sun.
The windscreen is large and has a low
bottom edge. This means an excellent
forward view also right in front of the
truck. With the low entry cab the front
view is even better.
Extra windows in the doors and side
panels are also available. These are
particularly useful when driving in
confined spaces, while a rear-view
window lets you keep an eye on your
precious cargo.
The Volvo FE’s innovative bumper
concept incorporates steel corners that
provide excellent impact resistance. It
is also easy to change a single part if
it becomes damaged, leading to lower
repair costs.
Developed with
your safety in mind.
At Volvo we pride ourselves in taking your safety seriously. This is part of our heritage and is built into our core
values. It is naturally a key reason behind the constant technological improvements we are making to our vehicles.
The Volvo FE features excellent visibility and improved in-cab safety, as well as an innovative protection system.
This not only increases your own safety, but also the safety of those around you on the road.
Integrated seatbelts.
The seatbelts have been integrated in the
comfort and standard seats and have an
excellent impact resistance. The seatbelts
are also available in red, thus making it
easy for passers-by to confirm their use.
Side Underrun Protection System.
The Volvo designed Side Underrun
Protection (SUP) prevents smaller vehicles
from becoming wedged under the truck in
the event of a collision. It can be factory
fitted and offers secure protection. Since
it’s both foldable and easily removed, it has
no negative effects on serviceability.
Reinforced seats
and seat anchoring.
The seats are of course safely anchored
to the floor, and the anchoring has been
specially reinforced in order to provide
maximum safety. In fact, the entire Volvo
FE cab has been reinforced to protect you
in the event of an accident. It goes without
saying that the cab has passed all Volvo’s
collision, barrier and crash tests.
Extra equipment.
You can always specify any extra safety
equipment you want in your cab. Warning
vests, fire extinguishers and first aid kits
are all available.
Front and Rear Underrun
Protection Systems.
Other road users are protected by the
Front Underrun Protection (FUP), as well
as by the Rear Underrun Protection
(RUP) and the Side Underrun Protection
(SUP). They prevent smaller vehicles
from becoming wedged under the truck in
the event of a collision. The underrun protections can be specified from factory.
Reinforced cab.
The entire cab has been reinforced in order
to provide a strong safety space should an
accident happen. The doors, the rear wall,
the roof and the floor, every part of the
cab has been reinforced. This makes the
cab safer when it comes to cargo shifting,
collision or even fire. And of course the
cab has passed all Volvo’s collision and
crash tests which are significantly harder
than the law requires.
Building a
brighter future.
When your business is construction, you need to maintain a flexible vehicle fleet. The Volvo FE serves this purpose
perfectly. It works equally well as a tipper as it does as a concrete mixer. When fitted with a small hooklifter, it
functions admirably as a crane. Robust yet agile, the Volvo FE is the perfect all-rounder, highly suited to removing
obstacles, transporting materials or helping to construct new urban developments. With excellent manouevrability,
it’s at home in any situation.
Stay clean.
Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions.
New seats.
Protects the vehicle’s original upholstery.
And make cleaning easier. The seat
covers (option) are pecially designed for
Volvo in two colours, providing a perfect
fit and design. Complies with Volvo’s
stringent requirements for resistance to
fire and wear.
When you order your new Volvo FE, the
bodybuilder logs into Volvo Bodybuilder
Instructions and can see the exact specifications of your truck. Work commences on
building your truck, using drawings created
on the system. This intuitive technology
has the positive effect of hugely reducing
lead times.
The Volvo FE is fitted with all-new ergonomic seats which provide maximum
comfort when spending long days behind
the wheel. The seats can be tilted and
adjusted to suit your needs and the woven
textile upholstery is dirt resistant – ideal
when driving in a dusty environment.
Sleeper cab.
Volvo’s automated gearchanging is equipped with software technology which ensures
that the Volvo FE maintains the optimum
gear regardless of driving conditions. The
system’s base software can be easily
adapted for specific requirements through
two additional packages – Distribution &
Construction or Fuel Economy.
The instrument cluster and dashboard of
the Volvo FE has been intuitively planned
to offer the driver the best possible ergonomics when managing them. The dashboard’s gauges are placed to give a perfect
overview of operations with a single glance.
The controls you need most are the most
accessible – simple.
The Volvo FE has three separate cab
options – the day cab, the comfort cab,
and the sleeper cab. The sleeper is the
most spacious model, perfect for longer
assignments when there’s need of resting
during the working day. Read more about
the roomy cab interiors on pages 18.
Choose the best gear
for your surroundings.
Deciding the correct transmission can be difficult. You must take various circumstances into account – the load
capacity of your vehicle, your current surroundings, the transport assignment you are undertaking. At Volvo Trucks,
we deliver solutions that make it possible for you to find the best alternative everytime.
Driving I-Shift is a real pleasure. Without
the clutch pedal, you can safely sit back
and concentrate on the other two. I-Shift
uses its built-in intelligence to quickly and
automatically choose the right gear at all
For applications where the assignments
demand frequent starts and stops without
interruption in power delivery, there is an
automatic transmission. It offers maximum
comfort for the driver.
When opting for a manual shift transmission
you have the option of six or nine speeds.
The six-speed transmission is suited for
inner-city driving while the nine-speed is
adapted for applications with high demands
on startability and performance.
Power take-offs.
Disc Brakes.
Power take-off is a feature of all transmissions, offering the possibility to provide
power to specific attachments or machinery.
The Volvo FE features a variety of power
The Volvo FE features pneumatic brakes
with lightweight discs at both front and
rear in order to aid smooth braking.
The functional push-type clutches on the
Volvo FE vary from size 395 mm to 430 mm
and feature one single plate.
The Electronically controlled Brake System
incorporates an anti-locking system and
delivers fast braking response and reduced
brake wear.
Let I-Shift take the strain.
Forget the clutch pedal and let I-Shift choose the correct gear, allowing you to sit back and
focus on the traffic. I-Shift is Volvo’s automated gearchanging which features an electronic
control unit. This receives information about vehicle speed, acceleration, weight, road gradient
and torque demand and, using precision technology, carries out accurate gear changes
accordingly. The I-Shift system communicates with the engine, which adjusts revs and
engine brake effect for fast, comfortable automated shifts. For a complete overview, see
page 33.
The complete
transport solution.
Buying a company vehicle is an important long-term investment. It should be a careful, considered choice, based
on many different factors. Once you have made this decision, you should be free to concentrate on your business.
When you purchase a Volvo FE, we let you do precisely that.
Being part of the Volvo family means being able to take advantage of our comprehensive range of solutions.
Whatever your requirements, you can be sure there is a package that suits you perfectly.
Every drop counts.
Fuel Advice.
Dynafleet is a fleet management system
that helps you with vehicle, driver and
transport handling. The system gives you
the necessary information, making it possible for you to have full control of your
vehicles’ location and status as well as
provide you with advice on what areas
could be improved. The fuel efficiency of
individual drivers, driver hours, locations
and arrival times – all are easily monitored.
The Dynafleet system is also available as
a convenient smartphone and tablet app.
Volvo Trucks’ philosophy when it comes to
sustainable fuel savings is a part of Volvo’s
holistic approach to optimal energy usage
and minimised environmental impact. With
relatively small measures, fuel consumption can be significantly lowered, sparing
both the environment and the customer’s
wallet. The campaign encompasses driver
training and technical innovations as well
as accessories and services such as
choice of equipment, vehicle maintenance,
traffic planning systems and analysis. Small
details, such as a correct wheel alignment
and appropriate choice of tyres can lead to
significant fuel savings.
Read more about Every drop counts on
In order to reduce the fuel consumption
and provide you with effective tools to
minimise your fuel costs, Volvo offers the
Fuel Advice service that consists of personal fuel coaching, an easy-to-use toolbox
and support. Thanks to Fuel Advice your
saving potential could be as much as 5%,
making a real positive impact on both your
overall fuel economy and your environmental footprint.
Tailored Service
Contract Solutions.
The Volvo Service Contract goes a long
way towards securing the necessary uptime
for a profitable enterprise. Maintenance
and repairs, pro-active planning, monitoring
of critical parts and service of your vehicle
only when absolutely required. A tailored
service contract solution works together to
safeguard your business productivity and
offer you peace of mind. Choose between
the Gold, Silver and Blue service contracts.
Volvo Premium Lease.
Volvo insurance.
Driver development.
The Volvo Premium Lease offers a troublefree ownership, which allows you to concentrate fully on your core business. With
a fixed, predictable monthly cost for financing, service and repair, as well as insurance,
you’ll experience minimal risk and disruption to your business. Furthermore you’ll
enjoy the advantage of accurate budgeting,
improved cash flow and reduced capital
outlay. With a Premium Lease, the truck
is not shown as an asset on your balance
sheet which preserves your credit for other
engagements. A Volvo Premium Lease will
help your business run even more smoothly
and without effort.
Volvo insurance offers a thoroughly flexible
and comprehensive solution for outstanding insurance coverage. The solutions can,
of course, be tailored to suit your individual
business needs. The three basic types of
insurance are:
Third part liability: covers you against
damages to third parties caused by you.
Casco insurance: covers damages on
your own equipment, non-related to third
party, like fire, theft and vandalism.
Gap insurance: covers the gap between
outstanding finance amounts and vehicle
value in case of total loss. Gap is available
for finance contracts with Volvo Financial
The insurance is provided by your Volvo
dealer, making your truck even easier to
own, saving time, effort – and money.
By taking part of the Volvo driver development, you hone skills and increase both
awareness and knowledge of using your
Volvo FE. Efficient driving will lead to
reduced risks of accidents, increased
overall safety, lower fuel consumption
and increased productivity. By enrolling in
driver development you can fulfil the certificate of professional competence (CPC)
demands. And you’ll always be able to get
the most out of your investment, achieving
big savings through small changes.
Tailoring your Volvo FE.
This is just a hint of all the choices you have when tailoring your Volvo FE to your needs. The full specifications
and all possible options are available at www.volvotrucks.com or at your Volvo dealer.
Tractor axle configurations
Rigid axle configurations
* Configurations available with low entry cab.
= Drive axle.
= Dead axle (tag, pusher or front axle).
Day cab
Comfort cab
Sleeper cab
Low entry cab*
Max power
Max torque
D8K250 (184 kW)
250 hp at 2100 r/min
950 Nm at 900–1700 r/min
D8K280 (206 kW)
280 hp at 2100 r/min
1050 Nm at 950–1700 Nm
D8K320 (235 kW) also biodiesel
320 hp at 2100 r/min
1200 Nm at 1050–1600 r/min
D8K350 (258 kW)
350 hp at 2100 r/min
1400 Nm at 1200–1600 r/min
Max power
Max torque
G9K320 (235 kW)
320 hp at 2200 r/min
1356 Nm at 1300–1400 r/min
12-speed splitter and range gearbox with automated gearchanging system. I-Shift can be fitted with a power take-off and oil cooler.
Top gear
Engine torque (Nm)
GCW approval (tonnes)
The manual gearboxes are operated with servo assistance. The short gear lever, which is integrated into the instrument panel, is vibration-free and
gear lever movement is short and crisp. The gearboxes can be specified with a power take-off.
Top gear
Engine torque (Nm)
GCW approval (tonnes)
The automatic transmission presents excellent starting properties and smooth gear changes that cover the entire speed range. The gearbox is
operated via push buttons in the instrument panel. It can be specified with power take-off.
Top gear
Engine torque (Nm)
GCW approval (tonnes)
Here’s a small selection of specifications – but there are more to choose from.
Ask your Volvo dealer or visit www.volvotrucks.com to learn more.
Make it
your truck.
The Volvo FE is one of the most well equipped trucks in the world. But to tailor it for your particular
transport assignments and for your personal needs, there’s also a wide range of accessories to choose
from. It’s all about making the truck more efficient for the work you do. And don’t forget that they are all
developed and tested by Volvo Trucks for Volvo trucks to make sure they all bring what you expect from
a Volvo product. Hey, we’ve even crash tested the coffee maker!
Here’s a small selection of accessories – but there are tonnes more to choose from. Ask your Volvo
dealer or visit www.volvotrucks.com to learn more about accessories.
Seat covers
Battery reconditioner
Engine Idle
Fire extinguisher
Some of the equipment shown or mentioned may only be available as options or accessories and may vary from one country to another in accordance with local legislation. Your Volvo
dealer will be happy to provide you with more detailed information. Colours may vary somewhat owing to the limitations of the printing process. We reserve the right to alter product
specifications without prior notification.
For more information and complete specifications, visit www.volvotrucks.com.
Portable warning and
working light with batteries
Audio package
Battery charger
Red seat belt
Rubber mat
Plastic wheel cover
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