Speaker Survival Kit Checklist
¨¨ Remote + fresh batteries: The Kensington Wireless Presenter works well for me
¨¨ Your laptop
¨¨ Your laptop’s power cord
¨¨ If using a Mac, pack adapter to plug into the projector (an HDMI adapter is a good idea)
¨¨ Extension cord (25–50 ft)
¨¨ Power strip
¨¨ Portable speakers
¨¨ BONUS: Portable projector (Prices have come down significantly
to make this possible—this works well in small group presentations)
¨¨ Extra clothes: shirt, pants, scarf, etc.
Note: choose solid colors and comfortable shoes.
¨¨ Cough drops or throat lozenges
¨¨ Bottled water
¨¨ Granola bars or trail mix
¨¨ Chapstick
¨¨ Advil / headache relief medicine
¨¨ Deodorant
¨¨ Lotion
¨¨ Bandaids
¨¨ Hairbrush
¨¨ Feminine hygiene products
¨¨ Makeup and makeup remover
Samantha Nienow
Founder of Red Zest Design
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