Throwbot LE
User Manual
Version 2.04
June 2012
Product Identification
This manual applies to the ReconRobotics Recon Scout® Throwbot® LE
and Recon Scout OCU.
Changes or modifications not expressly approved by ReconRobotics could void the user’s
warranty and could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
All materials contained in this document are proprietary and confidential.
Reproduction and duplication, without specific written permission, are strictly prohibited.
Corporate Headquarters:
ReconRobotics, Inc.
7638 Washington Ave S.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA
Phone: 1-866-697-6267 or 952-935-5515
Fax: 952-935-5508
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The devices described within this manual are protected under
US Patent Numbers 6,548,982, 6,806,346, 7,559,385 and other
patents pending.
Table of Contents
F C C G u i d el i n e s a n d L o g b o o k
Throwbot LE Kit Inventory
Throwbot LE Robot & OCU Components
O C U Au d i o / V i d eo - O u t C ap a b i l i t i es
Q u i ck S t a r t G u i d e
I n s tr u c ti o n s f o r U s e :
C h ar g er s
M a i n t e n an c e
F r eq u en t l y A s k ed Q u es t i o n s
T r o u b l es h o o t i n g
S a f e t y I n f o r m a ti o n a n d W ar n i n g s
W a r r a n ty an d S e r v i c e
For applicable FCC guidelines, refer to your FCC
logbook (US customers only).
Throwbot LE Kit Inventory
©2012 ReconRobotics
Please inspect the inventory in this package to ensure that all materials are present.
If any of the materials are missing, please contact for
further assistance.
Your Recon Scout Throwbot LE Robot Kit
One (1) Recon Scout Throwbot LE Robot
One (1) Recon Scout Operator Control Unit (OCU) with lanyard
One (1) Recon Scout AC Dual DC Battery Charger
One (1) Region-Specific AC Power Cable
One (1) Spare Activation Pin
One (1) Black MOLLE Tactical Pack
One (1) User Manual
Double Recon Scout Throwbot LE Kits also
One (1) Additional Recon Scout Throwbot LE Robot
One (1) Additional Activation Pin
Throwbot LE Robot & OCU Components
©2012 ReconRobotics
A Recon Scout Throwbot LE Robot and OCU should include...
Throwbot LE
Two Antennas
Two Antennas
Activation Pin
Power Switch
Two Wheels
Stabilizer Tail
Jacks for: (from left to right)
Headphones, Audio/Video
Out, Charging
*Audio reception is only available with audio-enabled robots (Throwbot XT
Audio), and A/V out signal is only available with A/V cabling package.
If any of these items are missing or damaged, please notify
ReconRobotics immediately. (See Warranty and Service, pg. 13)
OCU Audio/Video Out Capabilities
©2012 ReconRobotics
Audio Output
The Recon Scout Throwbot LE robots are not audio-capable. The OCU
Headphone Jack is for use with the Throwbot XT Audio only. Do not
use headphones with the OCU unless you are controlling an audiocapable Throwbot XT.
Video Output
The Audio/Video Out Jack is capable of transmitting a video signal using
the appropriate cable. The A/V Out cables in the A/V Out Cabling
Package are specially designed to work with the OCU. Though they
may look similar, cables manufactured by a third party will not work
appropriately with the OCU.
Do not use third-party cables with the A/V Out
jack on the OCU.
Quick Start Guide
©2012 ReconRobotics
Operational Specifications
Range: up to 100 feet (30 meters) indoors or non-line-of-sight, 300 feet (91
meters) outdoors within line-of-sight
Battery run time on full charge:
Robot = 60 minutes
OCU = 120 minutes
Robot Speed: 1 foot (0.3 meters) per second
Radio Transmission: Analog
Robot Drop Shock Resistance: 15ft/4.5m vertical
Robot Throw Shock Resistance: 50ft/15.2m horizontal
Matching Frequency Channels
The operating frequency channel is indicated by a sticker on the robot and
OCU. They must match for successful operation. To deploy multiple
robots within the same area of operation, different channels must be used.
Equipment on channels A.2, B.2 and C.2 is not
compatible with equipment programmed to
channels A, B and C.
Basic Deployment Instructions
Charge robot or OCU if needed.
Rotate OCU antennas to an upright position.
Switch OCU on.
Pull pin from robot. Confirm the robot is broadcasting video and
accepting command from the OCU before deploying.
Drop or throw robot into target environment.
Wait two seconds after robot lands to allow gyroscope to stabilize
before operating.
Instructions for Use: Setup
©2012 ReconRobotics
Setting up the OCU
Rotate antennas to an upright position as shown.
Modification of the antenna
system or the usage of
unauthorized antennas may
violate your authorization to
use this product.
Powering the OCU
Flip the power switch at the base of the controller from the
Off to the On position.
The screen should light up indicating the unit is ready to use.
If the Throwbot LE robot is powered on, video from the robot
should appear. Otherwise, the screen will display static.
Powering the Robot
Undo the Velcro retaining strap and pull the activation
pin from the robot to power it on.
Reinserting the pin turns the robot off.
To ensure the pin is retained, reapply the Velcro pin
retention strap.
When not in use, always ensure the OCU is
switched off and the activation pin is inserted
in the robot.
Instructions for Use: Chargers
©2012 ReconRobotics
Recon Scout AC Dual DC Battery Charger
Turn off OCU and insert activation pin into robot to deactivate before charging.
Plug AC electrical cord into the charger.(NOTE: charger must be connected to
a power source before robot or OCU for proper operation)
Plug AC electrical cord into the proper country-specific AC wall socket (120240 VAC).
Plug the appropriate charger cords into the OCU and robot. Ensure connecting
plugs are not bent during insertion or removal.
Remove robot and OCU from charger when charging is complete.
To prevent battery damage, DO NOT use any
chargers other than those supplied by
General Instructions & Recommendations
Place the chargers in a cool, ventilated, fire-safe area.
Charge your robot and OCU once per month, even if they were not used. This
will ensure the batteries are kept topped off to ensure the robot is always ready
for immediate deployment.
The charger plugs are NOT interchangeable.
Inserting the wrong plug into the robot or OCU
could result in permanent damage.
Reading Charge Indicator Lights on Battery Chargers
When plugged into an active power source, the indicator LEDs will display the following charge states:
Green Light
Red Light
No Light
Blinking Light
Fully charged
Not plugged into
Not receiving
power from
Charger is connected
incorrectly. Unplug
everything and start
over (refer to page 8
for instructions).
Instructions for Use: Maintenance
©2012 ReconRobotics
Recon Scout Throwbot LE robots and OCUs are designed to provide mission critical
information in harsh or hazardous environments, but no product is indestructible. In
order to ensure that your ReconRobotics equipment keeps performing as expected,
please follow these steps after each use of the robot and OCU.
Robot Field Maintenance
Wheels: If the nut is loose, tighten the nut with a 5/16 inch nut driver.
Do not over-tighten. The wheel should spin freely.
Stabilizing Tail: If tail is loose, use a 1/16 inch Allen wrench to tighten
the bolts holding on the tail. Do not over-tighten.
The wheels and tail are not interchangeable between
the Throwbot LE & Recon Scout robot models. Use
the correct parts for your model of robot.
Antennas: Visually inspect for scuffing or cracking. If wire is exposed,
antennas will need to be replaced.
The optimal arrangement of the antennas is sticking relatively straight up
into the air with a slight slant toward each other. It may be necessary to
manipulate the antennas into this position by making a sharp kink at the
bottom of the antenna near the shell and straightening out any other kinks
along the length of the antennas.
IR Blister: Lightly dust off the IR Blister to ensure the sensor is clear.
OCU Field Maintenance
Antennas: Ensure that the antennas are not bent or kinked and that they
are able to be easily rotated.
ReconRobotics does not supply any repair parts for the Recon Scout Throwbot LE.
Repairs or modifications not conducted by authorized personnel will result in the
voiding of warranty and/or Annual Support Plans. Refer servicing to qualified
ReconRobotics service personnel. (See Warranty and Service, pg. 13)
Frequently Asked Questions
©2012 ReconRobotics
How long will the robot run on a full charge?
The actual battery run time of a robot will vary depending on the time spent driving and the
terrain the robot is crossing. On a fully charged battery, the robot should run for
approximately 60 minutes.
How long will the OCU run on a full charge?
The battery run time of the OCU is approximately 120 minutes.
How many times can the Recon Scout Throwbot LE robot and the OCU
be recharged?
The robot and OCU use Lithium Polymer batteries which are rated for 300 recharges
before any degradation of capacity.
How long does it take to recharge the OCU and Recon Scout
Throwbot LE robot?
The recharging times for the OCU and robot are approximately one to three hours
depending on the current state of charge.
Can the Recon Scout Throwbot LE robot be operated in wet
The Recon Scout robots and OCU should only be used in a dry environment. The warranty
and Annual Support Plan do not cover any damage resulting from exposure of the system to
water, salt water spray, hazardous or caustic chemicals, etc.
Where can I find the serial numbers on my robot or OCU?
Robot: Underside of shell, near the tail mounting point.
OCU: Bottom of the back side, near the lanyard mounting post.
Format: Eight or nine digits with an alpha character in the fifth digit.
©2012 ReconRobotics
I’ve been using the OCU for an extended period of time. Now the
screen is black when I power on, and I cannot control the robot.
What could be wrong?
For safety purposes, when the battery drops below a certain voltage, the OCU deactivates
itself. You will need to recharge the OCU as described in the “Instructions for Use:
Chargers” section (page 5).
I’ve turned the OCU on and don’t have a solid video stream. What
could be wrong?
“Bad” video can have several possible causes:
The robot may be out of range.
The robot may be low on power or off.
The robot or OCU may be experiencing interference caused by environmental
factors (e.g. other radio devices in the area or proximity to metal).
The charger indicator lights do not light up when the robot or OCU
is connected. How do I fix this?
Refer to page 6 for instructions on how to read the indicator lights on your charger. If
you are still having issues, test for:
Faulty power to the charger. Try powering the charger from another source.
There is a general failure in the charger. If the problem persists after changing the
power supply, contact ReconRobotics.
When I throw the robot, it doesn’t drive straight when it lands.
What could be wrong?
The Throwbot LE robot has electronic circuitry that needs to self-calibrate after a throw.
When the robot lands, let it sit still for a few seconds before driving. It will automatically
recalibrate itself during this time and should resume driving as expected.
I have headphones plugged into my OCU, but all I hear is static. Why?
The OCU will only transmit audio if you are using an active, audio-enabled Throwbot XT
robot on the same operational channel. The Recon Scout Throwbot LE is not capable of
transmitting audio.
©2012 ReconRobotics
The robot or OCU doesn’t seem to be holding a charge. What can
be done?
If you feel that your Recon Scout robot or OCU is not running for its complete battery
life on a full charge, there is a simple self-diagnosis test you can run to check the
Fully charge your robot and OCU (refer to page 6 for instructions). Start test by
pulling pin from robot and turning on the OCU. Record the time that the units
are turned on. Run both units continuously until:
a. Robot stops moving and sending video
b. OCU screen goes blank and stops sending commands.
Record the time. Contact ReconRobotics for service if:
a. Robot runs for under 60 minutes
b. OCU runs for under 120 minutes
How do I request service if I am still experiencing problems with
my ReconRobotics equipment?
You can request service by contacting your ReconRobotics sales representative (refer to
page 13). When you contact, please have the following information available:
Problem description
Customer agency
Contact name
Contact phone or email
Serial number of the product that is experiencing difficulties
Our technical staff will attempt to troubleshoot and resolve the problem. If repair
service is needed, we will set up an RMA (Return Material Authorization) and arrange
for shipment of your equipment to our US repair facility. Standard turnaround time for
repair is under one week after receipt.
If your issue cannot be resolved remotely, ReconRobotics will provide loaner
equipment for Recon Scout kits during the repair process. We pay all shipping costs.
If your issue is not covered under warranty or by an extended service plan, we will
provide a not-to-exceed (NTE) repair cost estimate for your approval before
commencing repair. After repairs are complete, you will be invoiced for the actual cost
of repairs up to this estimate. When sending equipment in for RMA, please
include the entire kit (robot, OCU and chargers) to ensure all necessary
repairs can be completed.
Safety Information & Warnings
©2012 ReconRobotics
Read these warnings before charging or using your Recon Scout
robot or OCU. Failure to read and follow these instructions may
result in fire, personal injury and/or damage to property.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove the shell of the robot, Operator Control Unit (OCU) or the chargers. No user-serviceable parts are inside. Refer servicing to qualified ReconRobotics service personnel.
To reduce the risk of injury or damage, keep these safety precautions in mind
when setting up, using and maintaining your equipment.
Read all safety and operating instructions before operating the robot or OCU.
Retain the safety and operating instructions for future reference.
Follow all operating and usage instructions.
Do not attempt to service the robot or OCU yourself. Repairs or modifications
not conducted by authorized personnel will result in the voiding of warranty
and/or Annual Service Plans.
Keep loose clothing and hair away from the robot.
Considerations for charging:
Always charge the robot with the activation pin inserted.
Always keep the OCU turned off while charging.
Always charge in a cool, ventilated, fire-safe area.
Do not leave system unattended while charging.
Always use a proper country-specific AC socket (120-240 VAC) with the
AC Dual DC Battery Charger. Do not force the plug into a socket.
Ensure the charger plug is inserted at the correct angle when connecting to
the robot or OCU.
Ensure the barrel of the charging connector is not deformed, bent or
otherwise damaged before inserting in robot or OCU.
©2012 ReconRobotics
Lithium Polymer batteries are volatile. Only charge the robot and OCU with
chargers provided by ReconRobotics. Failure to do so may cause fire, which
could result in personal injury and/or property damage.
By purchasing the Recon Scout robot kit, the buyer assumes all risks associated
with lithium polymer batteries. If you do not agree with these conditions,
please return the robot kit to ReconRobotics.
Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the robot or OCU. This may cause
an electric shock, fire or system failure.
Do not insert any foreign objects inside the robot or OCU. This may cause
electric shock, fire or system failure.
Do not immerse the robot, OCU or chargers into water or liquids.
If water or any liquid enters the inside of the robot or OCU,
immediately stop use to avoid electric shock, fire or system failure.
The following describes additional symptoms of a device that needs technical
attention and should not be used:
After a full charge, the OCU display intermittently turns ON and OFF.
The OCU or charger has been dropped and is malfunctioning.
There are exposed wires on a charger cable.
The robot, OCU or charger becomes too hot to touch.
There is an unusual sound emitted from any of the components.
There is smoke emitted from any of the components.
There is a burning smell emitted from any of the components.
If you have questions or concerns regarding the use
or operation of the robot or OCU, discontinue use
and contact ReconRobotics or the vendor from
whom you purchased your equipment.
Warranty and Service
©2012 ReconRobotics
The Manufacturer’s Warranty documentation is enclosed with all new product
shipments and is available online at:
To Request Service or Repairs
Call or e-mail your ReconRobotics representative or reseller to describe the
problem you are experiencing and request a Return Material Authorization (RMA)
tracking number. In addition to your original sales receipt, you will need to provide
the unit's serial number, your return shipping address, email address and a daytime
telephone number.
ReconRobotics, Inc.
7638 Washington Ave S.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA
1-866-697-6267 or 952-935-5515