T203 Series Portable Multi-function Car Jump Starter User Manual

T203 Series Portable Multi-function Car Jump Starter
User Manual
Please read this manual before using this product. Failure to do so can
result in serious injury.
Thanks to choose our T203 series Portable Multi-Function Emergency car
Jump Starter and before using it, please read this manual carefully for
Failure to follow all instructions listed below may
Result in electric shock, fire, and/or serious injury.
★ Strictly prohibit disassembling this device without authorization.
★Strictly prohibit placing this device near high magnetic field, which will
damage it and make it can’t work well.
★Strictly prohibit making the device exposed to the rain or becoming damp,
which will cause interior short circuit and make the battery emit heat, smoke, be
out of shape, damage or even explode.
★This device has large current discharge characteristic, please prevent
children from operating or playing it.
★Please fix this device well when placed in the back of a car to avoid affect
drive safety.
★This device is battery products so you’d better charge it once within 3 month
or change it once in half a year at least to extend the working life of lithium
★Strictly prohibit throwing this device in fire, which will cause blast.
★Please deal with the scrap device according to related rule. Please not store
the built-in battery as house refuse, which will cause blast and pollution.
1.The unit only can be used for jump-start car in emergency , it can’t replace
the car battery.
2.Please connect the alligator clip to car battery correctly: red to red and black
to black.
3. When Voltage of the built in lithium battery is lower than the lowest Voltage to
start-jump a car, the unit can’t work.
4. When the car battery voltage is lower than 3V,the unit will treat the car
battery as bad one and can’t start automatically.
5. When you disconnect the unit and the car battery, please try to prevent the
positive and negative touching otherwise there would be spark casuing
potential safety hazard. If you connect the positive and negative unconsciously,
the unit will power-off automatically.
6. Please choose the right mode for your car .
Product Introduction
Diagram 1
Front and bottom side description
1. /MODE
4.Battery Capacity indicator
7.Micro USB Output
2. USB Output
5.Micro USB Charging input
8.EC 5 Output
3. LED Light
6.DC 12V Charging input
9.Dust Cover
Part2 KEY and Function Description
/MODE: Power Switch /LED light mode select
Power ON: Please press the key
/MODE shortly to power ON the unit.
After starting up the unit, the battery capacity indicator will be light up and if no
device connect to the unit, it will be power-off
LED light mode select: Please press
automatically .
/MODE for a long time (about 3
second) open the LED working light, press the key shortly
then you can
choose 3 mode: White Light /Traffic Fault Warning/SOS .You can shut down
LED light function by press the key for 3 seconds.
Mode Description:
White Light Illumination means white LEDs keep lighting.
Traffic Warning light means Red LED and Blue LED keep flash
SOS means white LEDs keep flash for 3 short time-3 long time -3 short
Part 3
How to Jump Start your car
Warning: Jump-starting a car can cause serious injury if you
are not careful. If you are unsure of what you are doing at any point,
do not attempt to jump-start your car. Call your friendly roadside
towing service for help instead.
When your car engine can’t be started because of car battery lower
voltage or lower temperature, you can use this unit to start your car as the
following steps:
Step 1:Open the DUST Cover
Step 2:Insert
alligator to clamps terminal into EC5 output port
Step3: Hook up the two jumper cable clamps — red for positive and black
for negative
Step4:Start your car.
Note: If your connection is inverse or unreliability, the unit can not work.
Diagram 2 EC5 output clamps connect with car battery
Part 4
How to Use discharging
and charging function
Unit discharging from USB output:
①The unit built in Micro USB output cable, Please use it charging your
MP3, mobile, or others portable device.
②The unit built in Type A USB output port, output max 5V/2.1A current to
charge for standard USB portable devices.
Note: It is the best charging effect to charge your device by your own original
USB cable .
Unit charging:The unit support Micro USB 5V/1A and DC 12V /1A
charging input, please select corresponding cable to charging the unit.
Note: Don’t use Micro USB 5V/1A and DC 12V /1A charging the unit at
same time to avoid damaging the unit.
Part 6
Technical Parameters
Battery Capacity
(33.3Wh) Li-polymer
(37Wh) Li-polymer
(44.4Wh) Li-polymer
Cycle life
>300 times
EC5 output
8-12V /300A(max) Peak Cranking Power
USB output
Micro USB:5V/1A
DC :12V/1A
Micro USB:5V/1A
DC charging
Charging time
DC 12V:~4-5h(12V @ 1A charging current)
Micro USB: ~9-10h(5V @1A charging current)
LED light power
Working temperature
Storage temperature
Net weight
Unit size(LXWXH)