H series User Manual add-on instruction

H series User Manual add-on instruction
For the H series products using a non-IE browser to view, i.e ,Firefox、Safari, etc , the program
will call QuickTime plug-ins to be installed the first time you access tthe cam,. Due to the
QuickTime upgrades, there will be some changes from the user manual。
1. Windows Operating System
Under Windows operating system, if QuickTime plug in if not installed, the system will remind
the user to install the program. After a successful installation, the user can start the QuickTime
To configure properly QuickTinme, please click on the edit menu, select “QuickTime Preferences”,
click ”Advanced” Tab ,on streaming area , transport setup, choose “Custom…”,on the “streaming
Transport ”dialogue box ,choose transport protocol as “HTTP”, Port ID “80”,then click OK.
The transport setup should be setup to auto. Please refer to below figure 1. After completing the
settings, you will be able to see video with Firefox, Chrome or Safari。
Figure 1
2. MAC operating system
When using the MAC OS, user will only need go to the Utilities folder under the Applications
folder, and start command line program (Terminal program). Since QuickTime is the default
program for Video/Audio play, the user will have to type into the Terminal Program the following
qtdefaults write TransportSettings HTTP 80
Then you can open safari to view the video..