Sharp R-210D Specifications

PT-LB3 Series
LCD Projectors
Superb Performance
with a 5,000-Hour Lamp Replacement Cycle
Compact, Mobile Projectors
Outstanding Performance and Excellent Mobility
Ideal for a Wide Range of Uses — From Business to Education
The PT-LB3 Series offers superb basic performance, such as a 5,000-hour*1 lamp replacement cycle.
Its Intelligent Power Management function allows resistance to sudden voltage fluctuations.
A network function reduces management tasks with a wired LAN connection, and allows flexible system upgrading.
And an easy setup function enables quick operation for portable use.
This kind of versatility brings efficient visual communication to all kinds of applications.
Enhanced Basic Performance
Installation Flexibility
A 5,000-hour *1 lamp replacement cycle saves
operating costs. Also, the Intelligent Power
Management function allows the projector to
continue operating even when the power
supply voltage is fluctuated.
The PT-LB3 Series has useful features
such as a wired LAN network.It is a
mobile projector, but can also be used on
a desktop or mounted to the ceiling.
Balanced Quality and
Easy Operation
Setup is fast and easy thanks to features
like Speed Start, which brings up
the image quickly *2, and simple, single-leg
adjustment of the projector angle.
3,200 lm
2,600 lm
*1 This value is calculated by continuously turning the lamp on for 2 hours and off for 0.25 hour.
The lamp replacement cycle will decrease if the lamp is turned on/off more frequently, or if it is left on for longer intervals.
*2 Standby mode : Normal
2,200 lm
PT- LB3 Series
Portable Convenience and High Basic Performance,
Including a 5,000-hour*1 Lamp Replacement Cycle
and a Resistance to Sudden Voltage Fluctuations*3
The New Lamp Drive System
Enables a 5,000-hour*1 Lamp Replacement Cycle
Easy Portability with a Compact,
A4-File-Size Body
Panasonic employs a number of advanced
technologies — including a proprietary lamp
drive system — that help maintain lamp
performance . This has resulted in a
5,000-hour *1 lamp replacement cycle. It helps
saving operating cost by providing longer
usage between lamp replacements.
The compact body is the size of an A4 file and weighs only about 2.3
kg, while producing a brightness of 3,200 lm *7. Its handy size and
weight make it easy to carry from room to room, or to a client's office
for an on-site presentation. It gives you sharp, clear images wherever
and whenever you need them.
Intelligent Power Management Function Allows
Resistance to Sudden Voltage Fluctuations*3
Momentary power outages *4 or voltage drops *5
can cause the projector to shut down,
interrupting the projection. The PT-LB3 Series
equipped with the Intelligent Power
Management function controls the power
supply to cope with power fluctuations, to
enable continued projection.
210 mm (8-9/32")
69 mm (2-23/32")
2.3 kg
307 mm (12-3/32")
(5.07 lbs.)
The Daylight View Basic Function
Ensures Clear Images Even in Brightly Lit Rooms
Panasonic's Daylight View Basic technology achieves sharp,
easy-to-see images by clearly reproducing the details in dark image
areas, which were previously
difficult to see in brightly lit
rooms. A built-in sensor
measures the ambient light, and
the Daylight View Basic function
adjusts the halftone colour and
brightness level according to the
surrounding illumination.
Low Standby Power Consumption of
0.4 W Helps the Environment
The ecological design of the PT-LB3 Series greatly reduces its
environmental impact. In Eco Standby mode *9, power consumption is
only 0.4 W *8. As examples of other environmental design features, the
uncoated cabinet uses no halogenated flame retardants, the lens uses
lead-free glass, and an Auto Off Timer switches the projector to
Standby mode when no input signal is received for a preset time.
The PT-LB3 Series also complies with the standards of the RoHS
Directive *10.
Quiet 29 dB*6 Design Helps to Hold Viewers' Attention
The noise level is as low as 29 dB *6. This helps your audience to keep their
attention on the discussion or on the screen images during quiet scenes.
*1 This value is calculated by continuously turning the lamp on for 2 hours and off for 0.25 hour.
The lamp replacement cycle will decrease if the lamp is turned on/off more frequently, or if it is left on for longer intervals.
*3 Fluctuations may occur in the electricity power supply except the power outage.
*4 Continuing 0V power supply during several tens of milliseconds.
*5 Power supply voltage reduction. Excluding momentary power outage.
*6 Lamp mode : Eco
*7 For the PT-LB3EA. The brightness of the PT-LB2VEA is 2,600 lm and that of the PT-LB1VEA is 2,200 lm.
*8 0.4 W at 220-240V AC. 0.3 W at 100-120V AC.
*9 When the standby mode is set to ECO, network functions such as power on over the LAN will not operate.
Also, only certain commands can be received for external control using the serial terminal.
*10 Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances. The specified toxic substances used in the electrical and electronic equipment that is manufactured
and distributed within Europe are controlled (the six substances are lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB),
and polybrominated diphenyl esters (PBDE)), and all Panasonic projectors comply with the standards of the European RoHS Directive.
A Wired LAN Network Function
and Other Functions
Allow Easy System Integration
Easy Remote Monitoring and Control Even
When Mounted on the Ceiling
A Web browser on a computer connected through a wired LAN system
lets you remotely operate projectors and check their status. An e-mail
messaging function can also notify you when a lamp needs
replacement, and indicate the overall projector status. In addition,
Multi Projector Monitoring and Control Software is included for
monitoring and controlling multiple Panasonic projectors from a
single PC. The wired LAN terminal is compatible with PJLink™
(Class1), an open protocol that is used by many manufacturers, to
enable integrated control of systems that contain different brands of
Top-Panel Lamp Replacement and Side Air Filter
Replacement Simplify Maintenance
Even for a Ceiling-Mounted Projector
The lamp can be accessed through the top panel for easy
replacement, and the air filter can be removed and installed
through the side panel. This eliminates the need to detach the
projector from its ceiling bracket and greatly simplifies
maintenance. The air filter uses a Micro Cut Filter, which is an
electrostatic filter that employs an ion effect to attract and trap
dust particles with high efficiency.
Remote operation using a Web browser
Remote control
PT-LB3 Series
Basic concept of the Multi Projector Monitoring
and Control Software
Lecture room
Seminar room
Optional Highly Durable Filter for Use in Dusty Areas
The external ET-KFB2 highly
durable filter mounts to the
PT-LB3 Series projector to
boost dust and particle
collection. This optional filter
is recommended if the
projector is to be installed in
a dusty area.
Various Interfaces Allow Use with a Wide Range of Systems
Various interfaces: Interfaces include two computer
(RGB) inputs, a wired LAN terminal, and a serial
(RS-232C) terminal for external control. The serial
terminal has an Emulate function that lets you continue
using existing control systems when replacing a previous
Panasonic model. It is also possible to output audio
during Standby mode. This is convenient when connecting
an external audio system *11 through the projector.
*11 Requires speakers and an audio amplifier.
Serial input
Computer 1 input
S-Video input
Audio output
Computer 2 input
Video input
Audio 1 input
Audio 2 input
PT- LB3 Series
Usability was Also a High Design Priority,
as Seen in Versatile Functions for Easy Setup.
A Variety of Functions Provide Easy Setup
Effective Theft Prevention with the Startup Logo
•With Speed Start, the image quickly appears*12 after you press the
power button.
You can change the default Panasonic start up
logo to any logo you want. A new logo can be
easily uploaded by connecting a computer to
the PT-LB3 Series through the LAN or serial
connection by using the Logo Transfer
Software *14. An abundance of other security
measures are also included, such as a
security anchor, a user password, a control
panel lock, and text superimposing.
•Single-leg simplifies adjustment
of the projector angle.
•With Real-Time Keystone Correction, the projector automatically
senses if you adjust its angle (in the vertical direction) during
operation and instantly makes whatever keystone correction is
necessary for optimal viewing.
•Auto Signal Search automatically detects what kind of source is
connected and begins projection.*13
Security anchor
Other Features
•On-Screen Help Display: If images cannot be projected when a PC is
connected by a VGA cable, this function displays the output setting
method for the PC. The Help screen guides you through the button
operations according to the maker of the connected PC.
•Index Window: You can split the screen into
two windows, right and left, and display a
frozen (still) image in one and a real-time
action image in the other.
•Input Guidance Function: This function displays on-screen
illustrations to show the selected channel and whether the input
signal is being received or not. It lets you confirm the input conditions
at a glance, even when multiple devices are connected to the input
•Digital Zoom: Expands selected parts of the display up to three
times their original size.*15
A frozen image
•Whiteboard and Blackboard modes are
convenient when projecting in rooms that
don't have a screen.
A real-time action image
•Freeze Function: This function lets you display still images by
freezing a motion image.
•AV mute: Temporarily turns off both the image and the sound.
•Background Colour: When there is no signal from the source device,
a solid background colour (settable to either blue or black) is
displayed on the screen to help prevent connection errors.
•A Compact, Easy-to-Use Wireless Remote Control
Direct Power Off Function Unplug the Power Cord Immediately After Use
The Direct Power Off function keeps the
cooling fan turned on even when you unplug
the power cord right after use. Electric power
stored inside the unit is used to operate the
cooling fan to lower the internal temperature.
This lets you put everything away and carry
the projector quickly to your next presentation
or lecture.
Convenient Carrying Bag
A carrying bag with a handy shoulder strap
comes with the projector. It also protects the
projector from impacts.
•Selectable 17-language on-screen menu
Eco Information
・No halogenated flame retardants are used in the cabinet.
・Non-coated cabinet for easy recycling.
・Daylight View Basic function makes the screen seem
brighter without increasing power consumption.
・Lead-free glass is used for the lens.
・Standby power consumption of only 0.4 W *8 has been
achieved (standby mode: ECO) *9.
・An Auto Off Timer switches the projector to Standby mode
when no input signal is received for a preset time.
The PT-LB3 Series projectors are carefully designed by Panasonic
in Japan to meet demands for high quality and performance.
*12 Standby mode : Normal
*13 Searches for approximately 5 minutes after the power is turned on.
*14 Uploadable still images are limited to 1024 X 768 pixel bitmap files. Also, the application will reduce the number of colours to 191.
*15 Up to two times their original size when using video/S-Video signal input.
100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power supply
300 W
Power consumption
290 W
0.4 W at 220-240 V AC, 0.3 W at 100-120 V AC when standby mode set to eco*1, 15 W when standby mode set to normal, 18 W when standby mode set to normal and audio monitor out.
Dichroic mirror separation/prism synthesis system
Optical system
LCD panel
16 mm (0.63´´) diagonal, 4:3 aspect ratio
Panel size
Transparent LCD panel (x 3, R/G/B)
Display method
Active matrix
Drive method
786,432 pixels (1,024 x 768) x 3 panels
Manual zoom (1:1-1:1.2), manual focus, F 1.64-1.87,
f 18.80-22.56 mm, throw ratio: 1.4-1.7:1
Manual zoom (1:1-1:1.2), manual focus, F 2.00-2.20,
f 19.22-22.68 mm, throw ratio: 1.5-1.7:1
220 W UHM lamp (The lamp replacement cycle is 5,000 hours.*2)
0.84-7.62 m (33-300 inches) (4:3 aspect ratio)
Screen size (diagonal)
Full colour (16,777,216 colours)
3,200 lumens*3
2,600 lumens*3
600:1 (full on/full off)*3
1,024 x 768*4
Horizontal: 15-91 kHz, Vertical: 50-85 Hz
480i(525i): fH 15.75 kHz; f V 60 Hz
576i(625i): fH 15.63 kHz; f V 50 Hz
480p(525p): fH 31.50 kHz; f V 60 Hz
576p(625p): fH 31.25 kHz; f V 50 Hz
720p(750p): fH 45.00 kHz; f V 60 Hz
720p(750p): fH 37.50 kHz; f V 50 Hz
1080i(1125i): fH 33.75 kHz; f V 60 Hz
1080i(1125i): fH 28.13 kHz; f V 50 Hz
1080p(1125p): fH 67.50 kHz; f V 60 Hz
1080p(1125p): fH 56.25 kHz; f V 50 Hz
NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL-M, PAL60: fH 15.75 kHz; f V 60 Hz
PAL, SECAM, PAL-N: fH 15.63 kHz; f V 50 Hz
5:1 (fixed)
Optical axis shift
Vertical: ±30°
Keystone correction range
Front/rear ceiling/desk (menu selection)
1.0 W (monaural)
Built-in speaker
2,200 lumens*3
Centre-to-corner uniformity
D-sub HD 15-pin x 1 (RGB/YPBPR/YCBCR x 1)
D-sub HD 15-pin x 1 (RGB/YPBPR/YCBCR x 1)
RCA pin x 1 (Composite video x 1)
Mini DIN 4-pin x 1 (S-Video x 1)
M3 x 2 (L-R x 2)
M3 x 1 (L-R x 1)
D-sub 9-pin x 1 (RS-232C)
RJ-45 x 1, compatible with PJLink™ (class 1), 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T
Moulded plastic (PC+ABS)
Cabinet material
307 x 69 x 210 mm (12-3/32" x 2-23/32" x 8-9/32")*5
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Approx. 2.3 kg (5.07 lbs.)*6
37 dB(Lamp mode : Normal) , 29 dB(Lamp mode : Eco)
Noise level
Temperature: 0°-40°C (32°-104°F)*7, Humidity: 20%-80% (no condensation)
Operation environment
Power cord, power cord secure lock, wireless remote control unit, batteries (R03 type x2), VGA cable, carrying bag, software CD-ROM
Supplied accessories
*1: When the standby mode is set to eco, network functions such as power on over the LAN will not operate.
Also, only certain commands can be received for external control using the serial terminal.
*2: This value is calculated by continuously turning the lamp on for 2 hours and off for 0.25 hour.
The lamp replacement cycle will decrease if the lamp is turned on/off more frequently, or if it is left on for longer intervals.
*3: Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO 21118 international standards.
*4: Input signals that exceed this resolution will be converted to 1,024 x 768 pixels.
*5: Protruding parts not included.
*6: Average value (excluding lens cap). May differ depending on models.
*7: The operating temperature range is 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F) when used in High-Altitude mode (1,400 to 2,700 m (4,593 to 8,858 feet)). Also, in Lamp Normal mode,
if the ambient temperature exceeds 35°C /95°F (30°C /85°F in High-Altitude mode), the light output may be reduced approximately 30% to protect the projector.
Optional Accessories
unit : mm (inch)
Projection Distance (Screen aspect ratio = 4:3)
Upper edge of projected image
Projected image
Lower edge of projected image
Project size
0.84 m (33´´)
1.02 m (40´´)
1.27 m (50´´)
1.52 m (60´´)
1.78 m (70´´)
2.03 m (80´´)
2.29 m (90´´)
2.54 m (100´´)
3.05 m (120´´)
3.81 m (150´´)
5.08 m (200´´)
6.35 m (250´´)
7.62 m (300´´)
Ceiling mount
Highly durable
filter unit:
Replacement filter
for ET-KFB2:
lamp unit:
[PT-LB3EA] Projection distance (L)
Min (wide)
1.1 m (3.7´)
1.4 m (4.7´)
1.7 m (5.6´)
2.0 m (6.6´)
2.3 m (7.6´)
2.6 m (8.5´)
2.9 m (9.5´)
3.5 m (11.4´)
4.4 m (14.4´)
5.8 m (19.0´)
7.3 m (23.8´)
8.7 m (28.6´)
Max (telephoto)
1.1 m (3.7´)
1.4 m (4.5´)
1.7 m (5.6´)
2.1 m (6.8´)
2.4 m (7.9´)
2.8 m (9.1´)
3.1 m (10.2´)
3.5 m (11.4´)
4.2 m (13.7´)
5.2 m (17.1´)
7.0 m (22.9´)
8.7 m (28.7´)
10.5 m (34.4´)
[LB2VEA/LB1VEA] Projection distance (L)
Min (wide)
1.2 m (3.9´)
1.5 m (4.8´)
1.8 m (5.8´)
2.1 m (6.8´)
2.4 m (7.8´)
2.7 m (8.8´)
3.0 m (9.8´)
3.6 m (11.8´)
4.5 m (14.8´)
6.0 m (19.7´)
7.5 m (24.7´)
9.0 m (29.6´)
Max (telephoto)
1.1 m (3.8´)
1.4 m (4.6´)
1.8 m (5.8´)
2.1 m (6.9´)
2.5 m (8.1´)
2.8 m (9.3´)
3.2 m (10.5´)
3.5 m (11.6´)
4.3 m (14.0´)
5.3 m (17.5´)
7.1 m (23.4´)
8.9 m (29.3´)
10.7 m (35.1´)
Height from the edge
of screen to
centre of lens (H)
0.08 m (0.28´)
0.10 m (0.33´)
0.13 m (0.42´)
0.15 m (0.50´)
0.18 m (0.58´)
0.20 m (0.67´)
0.23 m (0.75´)
0.25 m (0.83´)
0.30 m (1.00´)
0.38 m (1.25´)
0.51 m (1.67´)
0.64 m (2.08´)
0.76 m (2.50´)
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The projection distances and throw ratios given in this brochure are for use only as guidelines. For more detailed information,
please consult the dealer from whom you are purchasing the product.
Also, the throw ratios shown are the values for an 80-inch image size (measured diagonally). The throw ratio varies
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