60 Inches of Unprecedented
Brightness and Stunning
High Definition
PN A601
For compelling digital signage in shopping
centres, transportation hubs, and more, the
PNA601 comes highly recommended.
This 60-inch professional LCD monitor
offers ultra-high brightness of 2,000 cd/m2
for superb visibility—even in brightly lit
indoor settings. The PNA601 also provides
exceptionally detailed displays via full high
definition and delivers everything with the
high energy efficiency of an LED backlight
and local dimming.
Brilliantly Bright and Visible
High Contrast and Superb Energy Efficiency
With its ultra-high brightness of 2,000 cd/m2, the PNA601
performs beautifully as eye-catching digital signage in office
The PNA601 owes much of its outstanding black levels, amazing
contrast, and superb energy efficiency to local dimming of the
complexes, hotels, public spaces, shop windows, and many other
types of brightly lit interiors. And while the PNA601 can give vivid
display to superb-quality images even in sun-washed indoor
settings, high contrast makes those brilliant images clearly visible
LED backlight. Local dimming allows specific groups of LEDs to
be independently dimmed or brightened for greater control of the
darkness and brightness in
Local Dimming
different areas of the monitor,
from afar.
resulting in considerably
reduced power consumption.
Breathtaking Image Quality
The PNA601’s exceptional image quality comes from Sharp’s own
industry-leading LCD technologies. Sharp UV2A* technology,
incorporated into the 60-inch LCD panel, ensures highly efficient
use of light from the backlight and prevents light leakage for the
display of truly bright whites, amazingly vivid colours, and
extremely deep blacks. And Sharp’s full-array LED backlight,
sporting LED elements evenly positioned across the entire panel,
gives PNA601 images remarkably uniform brightness. Even better,
the PNA601 boasts 1,920 (H) x 1,080 (V)-pixel full-HD resolution,
ensuring that none of the detail or visual impact is lost. Thanks to
full-HD resolution, everything from
fine text to intricate graphics is
That’s why the PNA601 can
deliver significantly better
contrast and brightness
than conventional LCD
monitors while using
remarkably less power!
* UV2A stands for “Ultraviolet-induced
Multi-domain Vertical Alignment,” a
photo-alignment technology that ensures
uniform alignment of liquid crystal
molecules in a certain direction.
Power Consumption Comparison*
2,000 cd/m2
Local dimming: OFF
2,000 cd/m2
Local dimming: HIGH
(ref) 500 cd/m2
Local dimming: HIGH
stunningly crisp and clear.
LED backlight brightened
LED backlight dimmed
Down by approx. 50%
* Results of Sharp measurements when displaying broadcast content (sub-clause 11.6) stipulated
under IEC 62087 Ed. 2.0 and with brightness set to maximum. Note that the power consumption
reduction will vary depending on the images displayed.
Note: The images in this brochure are simulated. Depending on the system, additional
software/hardware may be required.
Note: The PNA601 is intended for use in indoor environments. If the monitor is installed in a location exposed to excessive direct sunlight such as a windowfront, consult your installer to determine if additional
measures to reduce ultraviolet and infrared radiation and ambient temperature are required.
Dual Screen Display
Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode allows an AV-sourced image to
be displayed within a PC-sourced one (or vice versa), while
Picture-by-Picture (PbyP) mode puts images from AV and PC
sources side by side for split-screen viewing.
• Picture-in-Picture mode
PC display
• Picture-by-Picture mode
AV display
AV display
PC display
Mirror Display Mode (Daisy Chain)
With Mirror Display mode*, the same image can be
displayed on a daisy chain of PNA601 monitors for the
powerful impact of visual repetition.
* Requires DVI-D cable.
PNZR01 Control Kit (sold separately)
Choice of Installation Mode
The PNA601 offers a choice of landscape or portrait installation,
allowing customers to select the mode that best suits their display
content and application.
The PNZR01 is composed of a
remote control unit and a remote
control sensor box. The sensor box
can function as a supplementary
brightness sensor.
control unit
Remote control
sensor box
Enlarge (Zoom) Display Mode
Multiple monitors can be grouped together to display one enlarged
image, thanks to Enlarge (Zoom) Display mode*, which corrects the
framing of that image to eliminate misalignment between monitors.
* Used with PC and AV signal output on PNA601.
Crossflow Fan* (option)
A rise in surface temperature on the LCD monitor may hinder
proper display. To prevent this from happening, the optional
PNZF01 Crossflow Fan spreads a curtain of air across the monitor
that keeps the temperature from rising.
* Availability depends on region.
Brightness Sensor
The Brightness Sensor function ensures clear visibility by
automatically adjusting backlight brightness to complement
surrounding brightness levels. In dark surroundings, backlight
brightness automatically lowers, providing optimal viewing and
energy savings as well.
24/7 Operation
The PNA601 is rugged enough for continuous 24/7 operation in
demanding professional applications.
Environmentally Friendly Design
In dark surroundings
In bright surroundings
The PNA601 conforms to the ENERGY STAR®
programme, an international system identifying
energy-efficient products, and to the RoHS Directive
restricting the use of hazardous substances.
Specifications (tentative)
Model Name
Landscape / Portrait
LCD Panel
60-inch widescreen (152.5 cm diagonal), UV2A LCD
1,331 (52 13/32)
1,247 (49 3/32)
(5 25/32) 90
(3 17/32)
200 (7 7/8) 200 (7 7/8)
100 (3 30/32)
1,920 x 1,080 pixels
(2 28/32)
1,334* (52 16/32)
Computer Input
0.692 x 0.692 mm
Max. Brightness*1
2,000 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio
1,000,000: 1 (local dimming set to HIGH) 5,000: 1 (without local dimming)
Viewing Angle (H/V)
176°/176° (CR ≥ 10)
Active Screen Area (W x H)
1,329.1 x 747.6 mm (52 10/32" x 29 14/32")
Response Time
6 ms (grey to grey, avg.)
1,374 (54 3/32)
Analogue RGB (0.7 Vp-p) [75 Ω], Digital (conforms to DVI 1.0 standards)
Horizontal/vertical separation (TTL: positive/negative)
Sync-on-green, Composite sync (TTL: positive/negative)
Plug & Play
Units: mm (inch)
* Screen dimensions
* To use the VESA-standard mounting bracket, use M6 screws that are 8 to 10 mm plus the thickness of the bracket.
Input/Output Terminals
Power Management
Output Terminals*3
RS-232C output
PC analogue: Mini D-sub 15-pin x 1*4, HDMI (1080p compatible) x 1*5, 3.5
mm-diameter mini stereo jack x 1, Video*4*6, Component video*4*6, RS-232C:
D-sub 9-pin x 1, Control Kit jack x 1
Via Optional PNZB01 Board
PC digital: DVI-D 24-pin (HDCP compatible) x 1, PC analogue: BNC x 1*7*8*9,
Video: BNC x 1*6, S-Video x 1, Component video: BNC (Y, Cb/Pb, Cr/Pr) x 1*6*7,
Audio: RCA pin (L/R) x 2
Audio: RCA pin (L/R) x 1, RS-232C: D-sub 9-pin x 1
Via Optional PNZB01 Board
PC digital: DVI-D 24-pin x 1, External speaker: 10W + 10W (6 Ω)
Input/Output Terminals*3 Via Optional PNZB01 Board
LAN port (10Base-T/100Base-TX)
VESA (6 points), 200 mm (7 7/8") pitch, M6 screw or
VESA (4 points), 200 mm (7 7/8") pitch, M6 screw
Power Supply
100V – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
Audio input
NTSC (3.58 MHz, 4.43 MHz)*2 / PAL / PAL60 / SECAM
Video Colour System
Input Terminals*3
200 (7 7/8)
Pixel Pitch (H x V)
753* (29 21/32)
Max. Display Colours (approx.) 1.060 million colours
793 (31 7/32)
Max. Resolution
VESA holes*
100 (3 30/32)
input (HDMI)
PC analogue
input RGB
0°C to 40°C
Operating Humidity
20% to 80% RH (no condensation)
Optional port
(option) PNZB01 Interface Expansion Board
PC/AV input
digital RGB
PC/AV output
digital RGB
LAN port
Operating Temperature
PC analogue input RGB (BNC)
Video input (BNC)
Component video input (BNC)
S-Video input
Other Options
Dimensions (W x D x H) (approx.)
1,374 x 147 x 793 mm (54 3/32" x 5 25/32" x 31 7/32")
(Display section only, not including protrusions)
Weight (not including PNZB01) (approx.)
45 kg (99.2 lbs)
PNZR01: Control Kit (remote controller and remote control sensor box*)
* Functions as an external brightness sensor.
PNZF01: Crossflow Fan*
* Availability depends on region.
*1 Brightness will depend on input mode and other picture settings. Brightness level will decrease over time. Due to the nature of the
equipment, it is not possible to precisely maintain a constant level of brightness.
*2 Requires separately sold PNZB01 Interface Expansion Board.
*3 Use a commercially available connection cable for PC and other video connections.
*4 The mini D-sub 15-pin terminal can be used for PC analogue, video, or component video, all of which are selectable from the menu.
When used with a video or component video source, a commercially available conversion cable is required.
*5 For both PC and AV components.
*6 When the PNA601 is equipped with the optional PNZB01 board, either the LCD monitor’s standard-equipped video
and component terminals or the PNZB01’s video and component terminals can be selected for use from the menu.
*7 The analogue and component BNC terminals are switchable. Use the menu to select.
*8 For the proper display of 1,920 x 1,080 images, a separately sold graphics board with appropriate specifications
is required. Consult your Sharp representative for more information.
*9 Does not support Plug & Play.
Sharp Digital Signage Software (option)
Sharp Digital Signage Software is a versatile management
software package that provides total support for the creation,
scheduling, distribution, and display of a wide range of content
for the PNA601.
PNSS02 Network Version
In network systems, PNSS02 software enables programmes to be edited
and stored on a networked PC then distributed via the network to up to
100 clients* according to a set schedule.
Note: Networked clients must use PNSV01 viewer version software
PNSV01 Viewer Version
PNSS01 Stand-Alone Version
In stand-alone systems, PNSS01 software enables programmes to be
edited on a single PC for display on a single LCD monitor according to a
set schedule. Programmes can be transferred to another client* via a USB
thumb drive.
Used on the client* side, PNSV01 viewer software allows programmes
edited with PNSS01 or PNSS02 software to be displayed on the client’s
LCD monitor according to a set schedule.
Network System Configuration
Stand-Alone System Configuration
(network version)
(stand-alone version)
PC (commercially available) for
programme editing and distribution
PNSV01 (viewer version)
LCD monitor
PC (commercially available)
for programme editing
* Each client represents a separate PC and Sharp LCD monitor.
Note: The PNA601 is intended for use in indoor environments. If the monitor is installed
in a location exposed to excessive direct sunlight such as a windowfront, consult your
installer to determine if additional measures to reduce ultraviolet and infrared radiation
and ambient temperature are required.
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Note: The images in this brochure are simulated.
Depending on the system, additional software/hardware may be required.
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