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3200 Series
3200 Series Driver for LabVIEW
Application Note
The 3200 series of controllers are available in 1/16, 1/8, 1/8 horizontal and
1/4 DIN panel sizes. They are designed for precision control of
temperature and other process variables and contain a host of advanced
features including:
Internal timer and setpoint programming
Instant indication of process alarms including heater faults
Clear information of process with scrolling, customised text messages
Storage and selection of commonly used process recipes
Serial and broadcast communications using Modbus
Purpose of this note
The purpose of this application
note is to describe how to
download, install and configure
two examples of LabVIEW
drivers for 3200 series
instruments. These drivers are
intended to allow easy
integration of 3200 series
controllers in LabVIEW systems
and are a free download.
It is not intended to describe
how to configure a LabVIEW
application and it is assumed
that the reader is familiar with
this process.
Designed to integrate seamlessly with PLCs and supervisory control and
monitoring systems
Remote setpoint for multi-zone applications
Typical applications include plastics extrusion, hot runner control, thermal
forming, ovens and chillers, furnaces, stress relieving and many more.
LabVIEW is a widely used graphical programming environment to
develop sophisticated measurement, test, and control systems using
intuitive graphical icons and wires that resemble a flowchart. It enables
sophisticated user interfaces to be developed for a wide range of process
applications and includes advanced analysis and signal processing, data
storage and reporting.
imagine process excellence...
3200 Series Driver for LabVIEW Applications
3200 series, 3500 series and 2400 series drivers are available for LabVIEW 2009 and LabVIEW 8.2 systems. This application
note concentrates on the use of LabVIEW with 3200 series instruments.
To download the drivers, go to http://www.eurotherm.co.uk/labview/ and choose either 3200 Series LabVIEW 2009 Driver
(913 KB) or 3200 Series LabVIEW 8.2.1 Driver (1.07 MB)
Extract these to the LabVIEW instrument library. This may be Program Files\National Instruments\Labview8.2\instr.llb.
Application Example 1
Temperature Monitor
This example charts the process variable from a 3200 series
instrument and monitors the state of one alarm.
Open LabVIEW
To find the example select the Help menu and ‘Example
Finder’. There are two examples:The first is – ‘Eurotherm.32xx Series Process Value
They may be found by entering key words, for example,
eurotherm, 3216, temperature.
To connect to the instrument
Both examples are for serial interface and use Modbus RTU
communications only. For physical wiring refer to the 3200
series User Guide HA028582 or Engineering Manual
Enter the VISA resource name. This is ASRL2::INSTR, where
‘ASRL’ defines the serial port, ‘2’ is the port number and
‘INSTR’ defines the 3200 controller.
Enter the unit modbus address – ‘2’ in this example.
Enter the ‘Baud Rate’, ‘Parity’, ‘Break Length’ – ‘9600’, ‘None’,
‘2.0’ms in this example.
Press Run
When an alarm occurs the beacon changes to red. When
acknowledged it changes back to purple.
To display the code
On the menu bar, select ‘Window’ and ‘Show Block
Eurotherm Part No. HA030908U001 Issue 1 January 11
3200 Series Application Note
Application Example 2
Temperature Controller
This example has the same features as the previous example
but, in addition, it monitors four alarms and illustrates how
to write to three typical functions - Setpoint, Auto/Manual
and Keylock.
Enter the VISA resource name. This is ASRL2::INSTR, where
’ASRL’ defines serial port, ‘2’ is the port number and ‘INSTR’
defines the 3200 controller.
Enter the unit modbus address – ‘2’ in this example
Enter the ‘Baud Rate’, ‘Parity’, ‘Break Length’ – ‘9600’, ‘None’,
‘2.0’ms in this example.
Press Run
There is approximately a 20 second delay for the application
to initialise before real time values are displayed.
1. To put the controller into Auto or Manual operation
select using the ‘Controller Mode’ button.
2. When an alarm occurs the ‘New ALARM !’ beacon
changes to red and is acknowledged as in the previous
3. To find which alarm has occurred, scroll through the
alarm numbers. The ‘Alarm Output’ beacon will show red
when the active alarm number (or numbers) is selected.
4. Context help may be turned on from the Help menu, in
which case hovering over a feature will display a help
pop-up. ‘Keylock’ selects between seven choices – none,
tmr, Stby, man, mod, Edit and All. These are described in
the 32xx Engineering Manual, HA028651.
5. To change the setpoint value either use the slider or
enter the value directly.
To display the code
On the menu bar, select ‘Window’ and ‘Show Block
Context help may be
turned on from the
Help menu, in which
case hovering over a
feature will display a
help pop-up.
Eurotherm Part No. HA030908U001 Issue 1 January 11
3200 Series Application Note
Further information may be downloaded
from www.eurotherm.co.uk
3200 Series Controller
User Guide HA029714EFG (English, French, German)
User Guide HA029714EIS (English, Italian, Spanish)
Brochure HA028000
Specification sheet HA08600
Manual HA028651
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Eurotherm Part No. HA030908U001 Issue 1 January 11
3200 Series Application Note