Vision Fitness
Classic Console TF40
A) LARGE LED DISPLAY WINDOW - displays workout time
B) ALPHANUMERIC DISPLAY WINDOW – displays incline, distance,
speed, calories, pace, workout profile and heart rate.
C) START – press to begin exercising, start your workout or resume
exercising after a pause.
D) STOP – press to pause your workout. Press STOP to end workout.
E) PROGRAM KEYS – press to select your workout
KEYS - used to adjust incline in small increments
(0.5% increments)
KEYS – used to adjust speed in small increments
(0.1 km/h / 0.1mph increments)
H) INCLINE TOGGLES - used to adjust incline in small increments (0.5%
I) SPEED TOGGLES - used to adjust speed in small increments (0.1
km/h / 0.1mph increments)
J) QUICK ADJUST KEYPAD – used to reach desired speed or incline
more quickly
K) SET INCLINE KEY – used to change incline to level entered into
L) SET SPEED KEY – used to change speed to level entered into
M) ENTER / CHANGE DISPLAY KEY - press to confirm programming
selections during workout setup. Press to change display feedback
during workout.
N) BACK – press to go back to the previous step during setup.
P) READING RACK – holds reading material.
Q) MEDIA PLAYER HOLDER – holds your media player of tablet
R) SAFETY KEY POSITION – enables treadmill when safety key is
S) ENERGY SAVER LIGHT – indicates if the machine is in energy saver
mode. Press any key to wake up the machine.
Quickly access any speed or
incline level by typing the
number and pressing SPEED or
INCLINE. Examples;
 The change the speed to
6.5km/ph or mph press
 To change the incline to
10% press 1-0-0INCLINE. (note: if there
is no decimal point you
still must enter 0)
TIME – shown as minutes: seconds.
View the time remaining or the time
elapsed in your workout.
INCLINE – shown as percentage.
Indicates the incline of your walking
or running surface.
SPEED – shown as km/h or mph
Indicates how fast your walking or
running surface is moving.
CALORIES – total calories burned or
calories remaining to burn during
your workout.
PACE – Indicates how many minutes
it takes to complete a kilometre or
mile while running or walking at
your current speed.
For example: if at your current speed
it will take you 10 minutes to
complete a kilometre or mile,
the treadmill will display ’10.0’ as
your pace.
HEART RATE – shown as BPM (beats per minute). Used to monitor your heart rate but only displayed when
contact is made with both pulse grips.
Check to make sure there are no objects placed on the belt that will hinder the movement of the treadmill.
Make sure the machine is switched on.
Stand on the side rails of the treadmill
Attach the safety key clip to any part of your clothing making sure it is secure and will not become detached
during operation.
5. Insert the safety key into the safety keyhole on the console.
6. You have two options to start your workout :
Simply press the START key to begin working out. Time distance and calories will all count up from zero … or
1) Select USER GUEST using
and press ENTER to confirm
2) Set age & weight using
or the keypad and press ENTER to confirm
3) Select a program using the PROGRAM KEYS and press ENTER to confirm
4) Complete the program setup using
and press ENTER to confirm
5) When setup is complete, press START to begin your workout.
When your workout is complete the display will flash “WORKOUT COMPLETE” and beep. Your workout information will
stay on the display console for 30 seconds and then reset.
Hold STOP key for 3 seconds.
MANUAL – a workout that allows you to manually adjust the machine at any time.
INTERVALS – an incline based workout that
automatically adjusts the incline of the
machine at regular intervals.
The first step in knowing the right intensity for your training is to find out your maximum heart rate
max HR = 220 – your age
The age based method provides an average statistical prediction of your max HR and is a good method for the
majority of people, especially those new to heart rate training.
The most precise and accurate way of determining your individual max HR is to have it clinically tested by a
cardiologist or exercise physiologist through the use of a maximal stress test.
If you are over the age of 40, overweight, have been sedentary for several years or have a history of heart disease in
your family clinical testing is recommended.
This chart gives examples of heart rate range
for a 30 year old exercising at 5 different
heart rate zones. For example a 30 year olds
max HR is 220 – 30 = 190 BPM and
90% max HR is 190 x 0.9 = 171 BPM.
Automatically adjusts incline to maintain your target heart rate, perfect for simulating the intensity of your favourite
sport or everyday activity. Time based goal
1. Select TARGET HEART RATE and press ENTER
2. Select TIME using
and press ENTER
3. The HEART RATE window will flash showing the default target heart rate of 80 beats per minute. Select your
target heart rate (with help from the chart above) using
and press START to begin the program.
Notes ;
 Target heart rate is selected in multiple of 5 beats
 The long LED dot matrix window displays your heart rate during exercise. When incline or speed change,
they will be displayed briefly before changing back to heart rate.
 There is a 4 minute warm up built into this program.
 After 4 minutes the speed will automatically adjust to bring your heart rate within 5 beats of the target
number you selected at the beginning of the program.
 If there is no heart rate detected, the unit will not change speed levels up or down. (contact must be made
with both pulse grips)
 If your heart rate is 25 beats over the target zone the program will shut down.
WEIGHT LOSS – promotes weight loss by increasing and decreasing the speed and incline, while keeping you in
your fat burning zone. Speed and incline changes, segments repeated every 30 seconds.
FITNESS TEST PROGRAM – a workout based on the Gerkin protocol. This test has various stages increasing
treadmill speed and incline until your maximum heart rate is reached. Your score is based on gender, age and time
needed to complete the test.
WARM UP – 3 minutes long at 1.6 – 4.8 km/h or 1.0 – 3.0 mph and 0% incline
STAGE 1 – 1 minute long at 7.2 km/h or 4.5 mph and 0% incline
STAGE 2 – 1 minute long at 7.2 km/h or 4.5 mph and 2% incline
STAGE 3 – 1 minute long at 8.0 km/h or 5.0 mph and 2% incline
STAGES 4 to 15 – after every odd minute the incline will increase by 2%. After every even minute the speed
will increase by 0.5 mph (0.8km/h). Once the users heart rate exceeds the target heart rate (85% of
maximum as determined by the equation [220-age] x [0.85] = target heart rate, the evaluation ends and the
final evaluation stage is recorded.
COOL DOWN – the test is completed when the users heart rate exceeds the target or the user completes all
15 stages, whichever occurs first. The treadmill will then enter cool down for 3 minutes.
Note: changing the speed or incline during the test will end the test and enter cool down. Press stop to end the
test at any time and see results.