Samsung NC10 mini-laptop

Your Mini Laptop Guide
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Getting started
1.What to do first
2.Setting up Windows™
3.Setting a restore point
4.Connecting to the internet
a.Setting up ø Mobile Broadband
b.Setting up Wi-Fi
5.Adding McAfee™ security
Using your laptop
1.ø Assistant
2.Open Office™
3.Windows updates
4.Backup and restore
Tips before getting started
• Double click the McAfee icon on your desktop to install McAfee before
connecting to the internet.
• You might get messages from McAfee Virus Protection. If you do, click
Check protection status, then Fix to make sure your laptop is fully
• Don’t activate your McAfee account (after McAfee is installed on your laptop)
until you get your username and password from O2.
• We suggest you connect to the internet through Wi-Fi or fixed broadband
for any Windows Update, as this can involve downloading large files.
Getting started
1.What to do first
1.Take off all the packaging and the plastic
film on the outside of the laptop lid and screen.
2.Put in the battery.
3.Plug it in.
4.Turn it on.
The first time you use the battery, charge it for at least
two and a half hours. (You can use the laptop while it’s charging.)
Tip: Your laptop will restart a few times while it installs programmes.
Now and again it might also look like nothing is happening, but it’s
still working.
2.Setting up Windows
This will take about 15 minutes.
Windows will start running as soon as you turn on your laptop. To set up Windows
click Next
1.Choose your location. Choose your preferred language. Choose your keyboard
type. Click Next.
2.Choose your time zone (this will set your clock). Tick the box next to
Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving time. Click Next.
3.Choose Yes, I accept (You need to accept the license to continue). Click Next.
4.Choose Help protect my PC by turning on Automatic Updates now. Click Next.
5.Enter a computer name and description. Click Next.
6.Press Skip as we will be setting up your Internet connectivity later.
7. We suggest you register with Microsoft after you set up your laptop.
Choose No, not at this time. Click Next.
8.Type the name of each person who will use your laptop. Click Next.
9.Click Finish.
10. A
fter a few minutes a Samsung Recovery Solution III window will appear.
Click OK to continue. Your computer will then restart.
3.Setting a restore point
This will take about 20 minutes.
A restore point is a saved “snapshot” of your laptops
data. It’s used as a backup so if anything goes wrong
you can go back to that point.
Samsung Recovery Solution III software will set your
restore point for you.
1.To start, click Next.
Tip: There is an Advanced button, but only choose
this if you are familiar with the software. If you need
more information, there’s a Samsung Recovery Solution III
manual in the box.
2.Once the restore point has been created click OK
to restart your laptop.
3.You might be asked to restart your computer again.
If you are, click Yes.
4.Connecting to the internet
a.Setting up ø Mobile Broadband
1.Open your USB modem box and remove your SIM from the SIM card pack.
2.Carefully insert the SIM into your USB modem.
Tip: Keep your contract or dispatch note as this has your mobile broadband number.
You need this to use Wi-Fi and when you’re talking to the customer service team.
3.To install ø Connection Manager, the software that manages your ø Mobile
Broadband, plug in your USB modem into a USB port on your laptop.
Look for the USB port symbol
The AutoPlay window will appear. It might take a few moments to start.
Tip: If it takes more than a couple of minutes, you can start ø Connection Manager
yourself. Go to Start, My Computer, click ø Connection Manager.
4.Wait for a few moments and follow the instructions on your screen.
5.When you see a final screen of the InstallShield Wizard tick the box to get
'Automatic Software Updates'. Click Finish.
ø Connection Manager will now launch and manage your mobile connections. For
information on using mobile broadband read the Quick Start Guide in your mobile
broadband box.
b.Setting up Wi-Fi
Pressing Function + F9 together turns your Wi-Fi on and off.
It's on when you first get your laptop.
1.Click Show available networks.
2. Double click on the network you want to connect to.
3. Enter your security key if needed, and click Connect.
Tip: Whoever supplied your broadband or router will usually give you your
security key. If you have ø Home Broadband, the security key is on a label
underneath your router.
5.Adding McAfee security
McAfee Internet Security is included in your contract.
To set up McAfee, double click on the McAfee icon on your desktop.
After a couple of days the following screen will appear and you'll be asked to register.
You need to register your username and password to get regular security updates.
How to get your username and password
You can get your username and password in two ways:
1. By email
We’ll email you your username and password a couple of days after you first go
online. We’ll send this to the address you gave us when you set up your ø contract.
2. From the ø Connection Manager
1.Plug in your USB modem and connect online using mobile broadband.
2.Click on the ø Connection Manager icon on the bottom right hand
of your screen.
3.Click on the envelope icon to open your SMS Message Centre.
SMS Message Centre
Your username and password will be in your SMS inbox.
4.Type your username and password. Read and accept the license agreement
and press Continue.
You’ve got McAfee Internet Security for the life of your ø contract.
It protects you and your family when you are online.
McAfee Internet Security includes:
Two-way Firewall
Web Site Safety Ratings
Identity Protection
Parental Controls
Data Backup
Using your laptop
Here's some information on how to get the best out of your laptop.
1.ø Assistant
ø Assistant does three things:
– it spots and fixes problems (by itself, or with your help),
– it checks for updates and messages from ø,
– it helps our customer service team fix any problems over the phone.
ø Assistant works best if you always have it running on your laptop.
ø Assistant will automatically download when you’re online. The first time you use it,
it takes you through some quick set-up steps. Once it’s loaded you’ll see an icon in the
bottom right of your screen.
ø Assistant doesn’t affect anything else on your computer. And it won’t send us any
information about you or any websites you’ve looked at.
2.Open Office
Open Office is on your laptop and ready to use. It
contains word processing, spreadsheet and presentation
applications. For more information visit
Open Office Disclaimer
‘These binaries (installable software) are in development. They may not be fully stable and should be used with caution.
We make no claims about them.’
3.Windows Updates
When you first set up your laptop (and every so often) Microsoft will ask you to
download Windows and software updates. You don’t have to do this, but it’s a good
way to make sure you have the latest version of Windows.
Updates are often large files, so use a Wi-Fi or landline connection. They’re faster than
mobile broadband.
1.When you’re online go to Start, All Programs, Windows update.
4.Back up and restore
You back up your laptop by creating ‘snapshots’ called ‘restore points’
(you created a restore point the first time you set up your laptop).
You can use restore points to remember earlier versions of your laptop. So if anything
goes wrong you can go back to restore points you’ve already created.
You can use Samsung Recovery Solution III to create restore points or to go back
to restore points you’ve already created.
How to open Samsung Recovery Solution III
1.Double click on the Samsung Recovery Solution III icon on your desktop.
From this screen you can either back up your laptop or restore it.
Tip: Samsung Recovery Solution backs up your laptop. But it’s a good idea to make
more backups using DVDs or external hard drives.
Restoring your laptop
There are two ways to restore your laptop:
a.Using your restore point
1.Open Samsung Recovery Solution III (see above).
2.Click Restore.
3.Choose the type of restore you need
(in this example Complete Restore)
4.Click Next.
5.Click OK to restart your laptop and follow the instructions.
b.Using the restore disks in the box
To do this you will need to use an external disk drive.
1.Put the Blue Samsung Disk in. This installs Windows.
2.Put the Pink Samsung Disk in. This installs the
Samsung Drivers and Samsung Support software.
3.Put the ø Restore Disk in. This will re-install Open Office,
ø Assistant and McAfee Internet Security.
ø Restore Disk
We’re better, connected
You can get help over the phone or online.
Go to the FAQ section on our website
If you have any questions about your account charges or setting up ø services,
our contact details are on your monthly bill.
If you have a laptop question, call 08706 003 009.
If you’re a corporate customer contact your internal help desk first.
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