Date: March 21, 2008
No. B-2037
Service Bulletin
Ariens Company
655 W. Ryan St.
Brillion, WI 54110-1072
Product Family: 915105
Subject: Potential Incorrect Ground Wire Location
Dealer Action: Inspect and Repair Before Putting into Service
Serial Number Range
000101 – 000174
Zoom 2150
Ariens has learned that Zoom model 915105 units in the serial number range listed above may have the
battery and solenoid ground wires connected to the screw used to mount the voltage regulator to the
engine. This location does not allow for a good battery ground, which can cause the solenoid ground wire
to overheat and lead to premature failure.
Before putting any of these units into service, inspect the voltage regulator on the front left side of the
engine. If the battery and solenoid ground wires are connected to the mounting hardware, reconnect them
to the seat spring bracket as shown in the figure on page 2. If there are no ground wires connected to the
voltage regulator mounting hardware, the unit is properly grounded and needs no further action.
Dealers who inspect and repair these units should file a warranty claim and will be reimbursed at their standard shop labor rate for 0.25 hours of labor.
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Date: March 21, 2008
No. B-2037
Inspect the voltage regulator mounting
screw. If ground wires are connected
here, move them to the seat spring plate.
This unit requires no action.
If the ground wires were connected
to the voltage regulator, connect
the solenoid and battery ground
wires here instead.
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NOTE: Make sure the ground wires
get good metal to metal contact with
the seat spring plate. You may need
to scrape away some paint to make
a good ground contact.