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Vax Careline:
0870 6061248
Vax Model Number: V-082
Instruction Manual
Please read carefully before using
the steam cleaner. Always fully extend
the mains cable before use.
Vax V-082 D7 JN
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Page 2
Parts Overview
1. Diagram
1 Steam gun with hose and connector
2 Water tank empty indicator
3 Steam ready indicator
4 On/off switch and indicator
5 Water filler cap
6 Tool holder
7 Cable wind
2 extension tubes
Detail nozzle
Brushes for detail nozzle
Carpet/floor nozzle
Triangular nozzle
Mirror/window tool
Large cleaning cloth
Vax V-082 D7 JN
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Page 3
Safety Information
2. Safety Information
22. Only use the steam cleaner in containers/pools
that are not filled with water or other liquids.
23. Do not operate the steam cleaner without water in
When using the steam cleaner, basic safety precautions
the tank. Always top up with water in good time.
should always be observed, including the following:
24. Empty the water tank when the steam cleaner is not
in use.
1. Do not leave the steam cleaner unattended when
plugged in. Unplug it from socket when not in use. 25. Never fill the tank with anything other than water.
Never put additives (such as perfume, stain remover
or products containing alcohol) in the water as they
3. Not to be used as a toy. Close supervision is
may damage the steam cleaner or make it
necessary when used near children.
dangerous to use.
4. Use only as described in this manual.
26. Always remove the mains plug from the socket and
2. To prevent electric shock do not use outdoors.
5. Do not use with a damaged cord or plug. If the
allow this steam cleaner to cool down completely
supply cord and/or plug is damaged, they must be
before topping up with water.
replaced by the manufacturer, a Vax Service Agent 27. Do not overfill the tank. Do not exceed the
or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid
maximum prescribed filling level. Please use the
funnel included.
6. Do not pull or carry by the cord, use the cord as a 28. Ensure that the water tank’s closure cap has been
handle, allow the cord to come into contact with
screwed down fully before use.
hot or sharp surfaces or close a door on the cord.
29. Only carry the steam cleaner by the carry handle.
7. Do not unplug by pulling on the cord.
30. Do not touch any hot areas on the steam cleaner. It
8. Do not handle the plug or steam cleaner with wet
is normal for the steam cleaner to heat up during
9. Do not put any objects into openings or operate 31. Do not use the steam cleaner to treat any items of
with openings blocked.
clothing that are still being worn on the body.
10. Do not use without the filler cap in place.
11. Turn off all controls before unplugging.
12. Keep the steam cleaner on the floor.
13. Do not use an extension cord.
32. The force and heat of the steam may have an
adverse effect on some materials. Always check
whether a surface is suitable for treatment with the
steam cleaner by carrying out a test beforehand on
a concealed area.
14. Do not attempt to remove blockages with sharp
33. Always include these operating instructions if
objects as they may cause damage.
passing the steam cleaner on to a third party.
15. Store indoors, put away after use to prevent
34. Never aim the steam cleaner at people, animals or
tripping accidents.
plants (risk of scalding). Do not aim the steam
16. Using improper voltage may result in damage to the
cleaner at electrical systems or wires.
steam cleaner and possible injury to the user. The
35. Do not operate the steam cleaner without
correct voltage is listed on the rating label.
supervision. Please always switch the steam
17. This steam cleaner is intended for household use
cleaner off and remove the mains plug from the
socket if leaving the work area.
18. A hazard may occur if the steam cleaner runs over 36. The steam cleaner is fitted with a thermostat and a
the power supply cord.
thermal cut-out as protection against overheating.
19. The steam cleaner must be kept level during 37. Accessories become hot during use - allow them
to cool down before handling.
20. Never immerse the steam cleaner in water or other
21. Keep the steam cleaner away from rain and
moisture. The steam cleaner is not suitable for
outdoor use.
Vax V-082 D7 JN
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How to Operate
3. How to Operate
Filling the Tank
IMPORTANT: Never unscrew the tank cap during use.
The tank is under pressure.
IMPORTANT: Do not operate a damaged appliance or
damaged accessories.
IMPORTANT: This steam cleaner is not intended for
commercial use.
NOTE: Carpets should be dry vacuumed thoroughly
before using the steam cleaner.
NOTE: If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, a Vax service agent or
similarly qualified persons in order to avoid hazard.
1. The steam cleaner has a built-in water tank
holding 1.1 litres. Switch the steam cleaner off and
remove the mains plug from the socket. The
steam cleaner must always be disconnected from
the mains when filling or topping up with water.
Unscrew the filler cap by pressing the cap down
and simultaneously turning it anti-clockwise
NOTE: It is advisable to use distilled water to prevent
limescale deposits if your water is very hard (over
2.5mmol/l or 21˚dH). Otherwise boil the water first to
extend the life of the steam cleaner.
IMPORTANT: Do not exceed the maximum quantity
of 1.1 litres when filling the tank.
3. Screw the filler cap firmly back on by turning it
clockwise while pressing down.
Connection to Mains Supply
1. Plug the steam cleaner mains plug into an
electrical outlet and switch the steam cleaner on
by pressing the on/off switch. The light on the
switch will come on (Fig.3/3).
2. Use the funnel supplied when filling with water
IMPORTANT: Only fill with pure water without
additives of any kind, e.g. perfume, cleaning agents,
alcohol, as they could damage the steam cleaner
and make it dangerous to use.
Vax V-082 D7 JN
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Page 5
How to Operate
2. When the “steam ready” indicator comes on, the
steam cleaner is ready to use (Fig.3/4). The
operating temperature is reached after
approximately 8 minutes.
Using the Steam Cleaner
IMPORTANT: Never aim the steam outlet of the
steam gun at people, animals, plants or electrical
systems (e.g. oven or socket). There is a risk of
scalding or electric shock.
NOTE: Residual steam continues to escape for a few
seconds after switching off the steam function.
1. To use the steam, press the button on the steam
gun (Fig.3/5). Hot steam now escapes if the steam
button is operated. Hold the handle over an old
cloth to absorb any initial spray water. Operate the
steam button until the steam is emitted evenly.
Cleaning can now begin. To stop steam delivery
release the button on the steam gun.
NOTE: Always test the steam cleaner first on an
inconspicuous area of the surfaces or fabrics to be
cleaned to check their tolerance to hot steam.
• Steam may result in bleaching of painted/
varnished wood.
• Steam may discolour shiny plastics.
• Acrylic, velvet and linen react very sensitively to
the hot steam.
• Do not use the steam cleaner on Dralon fibres
without first having carried out a suitability test on
a concealed area.
2. For understandable reasons, the manufacturer
cannot be held responsible for damage to objects,
materials, people, animals or plants that occurs
due to unsuitable use of hot steam or due to
improper use of the steam cleaner.
NOTE: The steam cleaner is fitted with an
overheating cut-out. The steam cleaner switches off
automatically on reaching a temperature of 180˚C to
prevent overheating. Disconnect from the mains
immediately by removing the plug. The steam cleaner
may be operated again after completely cooling
3. Do not aim the steam outlet at one point for too
long. Loosen the dirt by moving the steam jet
backwards and forwards.
4. Do not tip or tilt the steam cleaner by more than
45˚ during use and ensure that the steam cleaner
always stands on a firm base. One full tank is
enough for a maximum of 45 minutes use. Do not
leave the steam cleaner unsupervised while
switched on.
IMPORTANT: The housing and accessories become
hot during operation. Allow the steam cleaner to cool
down before changing the accessories. Never open
the tank cap while the steam cleaner is switched on
as the tank is under pressure.
Vax V-082 D7 JN
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Page 6
How to Operate/Accessories
Topping Up with Water
4. Accessories
WARNING: Hot steam may escape on opening.
There is a risk of burns from the cap thread and the Extension Tubes
Assemble the extension tubes if the steam cleaner is to
be used to clean floors or difficult to reach areas. To do
this, push the open end of a tube on to the steam gun.
1. When the water tank empty indicator comes on
Push it on to the steam gun until the release button of
the steam generator must be filled (Fig.3/6).
the steam gun clicks into place (Fig.4/1). Add one or
two extension tubes as required. Press in the
appropriate release button and pull the tubes apart
with a downward movement to take the extension tube
off again.
2. Discharge the remainder of the steam by pressing
the button on the steam gun (Fig.3/7).
Carpet/Floor Nozzle
1. Attach the carpet/floor nozzle to the end of the
extension tube. Ensure that the nozzle clicks into
place on assembly. The floor nozzle may be used
with or without the cleaning cloth. However, Vax
recommend using the cloth to protect coverings in
the case of sensitive surfaces such as wood or
linoleum. Place the floor nozzle on the cleaning
cloth and secure the overhanging material under
the cleaning cloth clips on the left and right. Press
on the inner sides of the holder, then open the clips
3. Turn the steam cleaner off using the on/off switch
and the cleaning cloth can be secured in place
and unplug from the mains socket. Never open
the cap until the steam has completely finished.
Wait until the steam cleaner has completely
cooled down and avoid flowback of water when
4. Place a cloth over the water filler cap and open the
cap slowly to allow residual steam to escape. Fill
the steam generator with water using the
measuring jug and funnel then carefully close the
filler cap. The steam cleaner can then be plugged
in again and be switched on. The steam cleaner is
ready for use as soon as the steam ready indicator
comes on.
Vax V-082 D7 JN
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Page 7
2. To take the floor nozzle off again, press in the Mirror/Window Tool
appropriate release button and pull the nozzle off IMPORTANT: Glass may crack if subjected to
with a downward movement.
thermal shock. Pre-heat areas of glass prior to steam
cleaning by spraying steam in a wide arc from a
distance of 25-30cm. Slowly reduce the distance to
Triangular Nozzle
10-15cm to heat the glass up further.
1. Attach the triangular nozzle to the end of the
extension tube. Ensure that the nozzle clicks into
place on assembly. The triangular nozzle can be Attach the mirror/window tool to the detail nozzle.
used on armchairs, sofas, cushions, mattresses, The mirror/window tool can be used directly on the
steam gun or the extension tubes (Fig.4/5).
car interiors, blinds and garden furniture.
2. The nozzle can be used with or without the cleaning
cloth. Place the triangular nozzle on the cleaning
cloth and secure the cloth by pressing on the inner
sides of the clips to open and place cloth under
clips (Fig.4/3).
5. Cleaning
IMPORTANT: Always ensure before cleaning or
maintaining the steam cleaner that it is switched off
and unplugged from the mains. Only clean the steam
Detail Nozzle
cleaner by wiping over the housing with a slightly
1. Attach the detail nozzle directly on to the steam moistened cloth. Do not use any cleaning agents,
gun or the extension tubes (Fig.4/4).
abrasives or alcohol since they may damage the
housing. Vax recommend that the tank be rinsed out
after 5 filling operations at the latest if water hardness
is above 1.8 mmol/l (10˚dH). Information regarding
local water hardness may be obtained from the water
or utility company. Vax recommend filling the water
tank with water and giving it a good shake to clean it.
This will loosen any limescale that has been deposited
on the bottom of the steam cleaner. Pour out the water
and allow the tank to dry out completely before closing
it. The water tank should be treated with limescale
remover approx. every 6 months to prolong the steam
cleaner’s life. Place one (or at most two) limescale
removal sticks in 1 litre of warm water (50˚C) and fill the
water tank with it. Allow the solution to work for
approx. 30 minutes then pour away the water with the
dissolved solids. Repeat this process if necessary then
rinse out the tank with water.
2. The detail nozzle can be used on its own for a shot
of direct steam or brushes can be added to agitate
stubborn stains. The detail nozzle and brushes are
ideal for joints between tiles, ovens, unaccessible
points, shower cubicles and sanitary fittings. The
brush nozzles are removed by simply pulling them
off with a downward movement.
Vax V-082 D7 JN
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Page 8
6. Storage
1. Switch the steam cleaner off. Press the steam
button on the steam gun to release the remaining
2. Remove the mains plug from the socket and allow
the steam cleaner to cool down. Empty the water
tank so that no deposits can settle (Fig.6/1).
3. The steam cleaner must have cooled down
completely before being put away. Store the steam
cleaner so that it is out of the reach of children. The
power cable can be wrapped around the cable wind
and the tools can be placed in the tool holder
Vax V-082 D7 JN
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Page 9
Troubleshooting/UK Service & Help/Technical Specification
7. Troubleshooting
PROBLEM: Operating pilot lamp fails to light.
Cause: The steam cleaner is not plugged into a socket or is not switched on.
Solution: Insert the mains plug into a socket or switch the steam cleaner on.
Cause: The socket is faulty.
Solution: Check the socket by unplugging the steam cleaner and plugging in a different appliance.
Cause: The power cable is damaged.
Solution: Have the cable replaced by a Vax Service Agent.
PROBLEM: No steam is emitted when the steam button is pressed.
Cause: The water tank is empty.
Solution: Top up with water.
PROBLEM: The steam cleaner takes a very long time to heat up.
Cause: The water tank is furred up.
Solution: De-scale the water tank.
8. UK Service & Help
Vax Care 0870 6061248
Monday-Friday. 9.00am to 5.00pm.
An answerphone is available out of these hours.
Any queries or concerns about using the Vax, call the
Vax Careline. Calls are charged at the UK national
rate. Please make a note of the serial number and
model number of the carpet cleaner before calling.
There are over 400 approved Vax Service Agents in the
UK. For the nearest Service Agent, please call the Vax
9. Technical Specification
Power supply:
Motor power:
Steam pressure:
Volume of water tank:
Steam availability:
Heating time:
Steam flow rate:
V-082 Steam Cleaner
220-240V ~50Hz
3.8 bar (max)
1.1 litres (max)
45 minutes/tank (max)
Approx. 8 minutes
80g/min (max)
Appliance without
accessories 5.0kg
Subject to technical change without notice.
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Manufacturer/EEC importer: Vax Limited, hereby on our own responsibility, declare that the product
V-082 Steam Cleaner is manufactured in compliance with the following:
Safety: 73/23/EEC Low Voltage Directive, as modified by 93/68/EEC
EMC: 89/336/EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, as modified by 93/68/EEC
Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where
facilities exist. Check with your Local Authority or retailer for recycling advice.
Vax Ltd., Kingswood Road, Hampton Lovett, Droitwich, Worcestershire, WR9 OQH, UK.
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