Section 5

Section 5
Download the Program
Download the Program
Download the
Program to the
Now that your PC and PLC are properly linked, the program can now be
downloaded, or written, to the PLC. Return to the example program (Example1)
which was previously edited. If the program is no longer open, displaying on your
computer screen, it can be opened by pointing the mouse arrow to the name of the
program, Example1, and double–clicking on it.
Now, refering to the example below, click on PLC on the menu toolbar. A drop down
window will appear. Find and click on Connect.
The Select Link window will appear, like the example below. Select the link which
we made earlier, then click on Select.
DirectSOFT32 Programming Software Quick–start Manual, 5th Edition, 8/02
Download the Program
DirectSOFT32 automatically compares the program stored on disk with the
program stored in the PLC. The following dialog box will appear. There are four
buttons on the bottom of the window. Since we are dealing with a new program,
select the Use Disk button. The Use PLC button is used whenever you have edited
a change to a program and you are going online to load the changed program. The
other two buttons are self–explained.
After clicking on the Use Disk button, the programming window will look a bit
different, it has acquired another toolbar. This toolbar can be referred to as the online
toolbar. Also, there are indicators under the online toolbar indicating that the PLC is
okay, the PC is online with the PLC and the PC is in Program Mode. At this point the
program has not been written to the PLC .
Whether you are writing to a new PLC or to a PLC that is being re–programmed, it is
good practice to clear the PLC memory before writing the new program to it. To do
this, click on PLC on the menu toolbar, then click on Clear PLC Memory in the
drop–down menu.
DirectSOFT32 Programming Software Quick–start Manual, 5th Edition, 8/02
Download the Program
The Clear PLC Memory dialog window will appear. There are several options
listed in the window that will show unchecked boxes for each option. For our
download example, click the ALL box to place a check (3) in it. All of the options
will “gray out” and the boxes will have check marks in them. Click OK to begin
the clear memory process.
The following indicator will appear showing the beginning and end of the memory
clearing process. When the window vanishes, the clear memory process will be
complete. Notice that the program in the Ladder View is no longer there. Since
your program is already saved to disk, you will need to read your program from
disk to restore it to view. The program can now be written to the PLC.
Notice the two left–most buttons on the online toolbar. These buttons are
symbols of a PLC. They are highlighted to indicate that the PLC is ready to have
a program written to it or to have a program read from it. We will write the
program to the PLC. Click the mouse on the WriteP button. An indicator similar
to the one above will appear. The red bar will flash to indicate the program is in
the download process. It will be in view for the amount of time corresponding to
the length of the program.
Click on this button
to write the program
to the PLC.
Click on this button
to change the PLC
DirectSOFT32 Programming Software Quick–start Manual, 5th Edition, 8/02
Download the Program
The program has now been written to the PLC. All that needs to be done now is
to put the PLC in the RUN mode. Click on the Mode button on the online toolbar.
This will bring the PLC Modes dialog window into view. Click on Run then OK
and the PLC will be in the RUN Mode.
Now that the example program is in the RUN Mode, you will want to monitor the
program online while the PLC is running.
RUN Mode
DirectSOFT32 Programming Software Quick–start Manual, 5th Edition, 8/02
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