IPX-GRL5 Mounting Bracket Kit
Installation Instructions for the
IPX-GRL5 Mounting Bracket Kit
25500004A REV. A 312
Safety Message to Installers of Warning Light Equipment
People’s lives depend on your proper installation and servicing of Federal Signal products. It is important to
read and follow all instructions shipped with this product and the original product. In addition, listed below
are some other important safety instructions and precautions you should follow:
• To properly install the lighting system, you must have a good understanding of automotive systems,
along with proficiency in the installation and use of safety warning equipment.
• Do not install equipment or route wiring in the deployment path of an airbag.
• If a vehicle seat is temporarily removed, verify with the vehicle manufacturer if the seat needs to be
recalibrated for proper airbag deployment.
• You should frequently inspect the light system to ensure that it is operating properly and that it is
securely attached to the vehicle.
• When drilling into a vehicle structure, be sure that both sides of the surface are clear of anything that
could be damaged.
• Refer to the instructions packed with related products for additional precautions and information.
• File these instructions in a safe place and refer to them when maintaining and/or reinstalling the product.
• This product contains high-intensity LEDs. Do not stare directly into the lights at a close range or
permanent damage to your eyesight may occur.
Failure to follow all safety precautions and instructions may result in property damage, serious injury, or death.
This publication has instructions for using the IPX-GRL5 Grill Mounting Kit to mount the Impaxx® 300,
Impaxx 600, Viper® EXT, MicroPulse™ 3 and MicroPulse 6 lightheads to the grille of the Ford® Interceptor
NOTE: For electrical installation instructions, refer to the Installation and Maintenance Instructions packed
with the lighthead.
Unpacking the Product
After unpacking the product, inspect it for damage that may have occurred in transit. If it has been damaged,
do not attempt to install or operate it. File a claim immediately with the carrier, stating the extent of damage.
Carefully check all envelopes, shipping labels, and tags before removing or destroying them. Ensure that the
parts in the Table 1 on page 2 are included in the package. If you are missing any parts, contact Customer
Support at 1-800-264-3578, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (CT).
Mounting Instructions for Impaxx®, MicroPulse™, and Viper® EXT
Table 1 Mounting kit contents
Qty. Description
Bracket, DS Grille Mount, Interceptor Sedan
Bracket, PS Grille Mount, Interceptor Sedan
Part Number
Mounting the Lights
IMPORTANT: Plan all cable routing before the installation.
AIRBAG DEPLOYMENT—Do not install equipment or route wiring in the deployment
path of an airbag. Failure to observe this warning will reduce the effectiveness of the
airbag or potentially dislodge the equipment, causing serious injury or death.
To mount the lights to the grille:
1. Route the wire from the lighthead through the mounting bracket.
DRILLING PRECAUTIONS—Check the area into which you are drilling to be sure
you do not damage vehicle components. All drilled holes should be deburred and
all sharp edges should be smoothed. All wire routings going through drilled holes
should be protected by a grommet or convolute/split loom tubing.
DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN SCREWS/NUTS—To avoid damage to the lightheads, do not
overtighten the screws/nuts.
2. See Figures 1 through 3. Attach the lightheads to the brackets using the hardware supplied with the
Figure 1 Impaxx attached to bracket
Ford® Interceptor Sedan
Mounting Instructions for Impaxx®, MicroPulse™, and Viper® EXT
3. To access the top of the grille, disassemble the vehicle per the manufacturer’s service manual.
4. See Figure 4 on page 4. Remove the two clip nuts on the grille as shown, then reinstall them to hold the
bracket to the underside of the grille.
5. Repeat step 4 on the other side of the grille.
6. Connect the lights as described in the instructions provided with the lights.
7. Test the lights for proper operation.
8. Reassemble the vehicle per the manufacturer’s service manual.
Figure 2 MicroPulse attached to bracket
Figure 3 Viper attached to bracket
Ford® Interceptor Sedan
Mounting Instructions for Impaxx®, MicroPulse™, and Viper® EXT
Figure 4 Mounting locations of clip nuts and lighthead
7. Connect the Impaxx, MicroPulse, or Viper EXT lights as described in the instructions provided with the
8. Test the lights for proper operation.
Getting Technical Support and Service
Federal Signal Corporation will service your equipment or provide technical assistance with any problems
that cannot be handled locally. Any product returned to Federal Signal for service, inspection, or repair must
be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization number. The RMA number can be obtained from your
local distributor or Federal Signal. Please provide a brief explanation of the service requested or the nature of
the malfunction. Contact your local dealer/distributor for replacement parts availability or contact the Federal
Signal Service Department (7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, Central Time) at:
Service Department
Federal Signal Corporation
2645 Federal Signal Drive
University Park, IL 60484-3167
800-343-9706 (fax)
© 2012 Federal Signal Corporation
Ford is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.
Impaxx, MicroPulse, and Viper are trademarks of Federal Signal Corp.
Ford® Interceptor Sedan
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