Technical S pecification - R as cal Vantage S cooter

Technical S pecification - R as cal Vantage S cooter
Tec hnic al S pec ific ation - R as c al Vantage S c ooter
Wheelchair type C lass
C lass A, B or C
C lass B
Department of Transport C lass
C lass 1 2 or 3
C lass 2
Overall dimensions fully assembled
length x width x height mm (in)
1200 (47.24) x 585 (23.03) x 955 (37.59)
Dimensions seat and tiller folded
length x width x height mm (in)
1200 (47.24) x 585 (23.03) x 755 (29.72)
Maximum carrying capacity @ 7˚ incline
kg (lbs)
149.7 (330)
Mass (weight) including 33 Ah batteries
kg (lbs)
77.4 (170.6)
Mass (weight) including 50 Ah batteries
kg (lbs)
85.8 (189.15)
Mass (weight) of chassis (heaviest part) w/33 Ah batteries kg (lbs)
64.2 (141.5)
Mass (weight) of chassis (heaviest part) w/50 Ah batteries kg (lbs)
71.6 (158.3)
S tandard battery voltage and capacity
volts and ampere hours
12V / 33Ah x 2
Upgraded battery voltage and capacity.
volts and ampere hours
12v / 50Ah x 2
Type of seat
S wivel seat with folding backrest and adjustable arms
Mass (weight) of swivel seat
kg (lbs)
12.6 (27.7)
Wheel/tyre dimensions
front mm (in)
71 x 63.5 - 101 (2.8 x 2.5 - 4)
Wheel/tyre dimensions
rear mm (in)
76.2 x 76.2 - 101 (3 x 3 - 4)
Type of tyres
Maximum speed
km/h (m.p.h.)
6.44 (4)
Minimum braking distance from maximum speed m (ft)
1.3 (4.26)
*R ange with standard battery option
km (miles)
Up to 30 (19)
*R ange with upgraded battery option
km (miles)
Up to 42 (26)
The turn-around width
m (ft)
1.4 (4.59)
The maximum safe slope
degrees of slope
7˚ S ee carrying capacity!
Do not exceed the scooter may topple
The maximum climbing ability facing upwards
degrees of slope
7˚ S ee carrying capacity!
Ground clearance
mm (in)
65 (2.6)
Maximum obstacle climbing ability
mm (in)
76 (3)
Maximum safe descendable kerb height
mm (in)
76 (3)
Force to operate Accelerator control
Newtons (lbs)
2 (0.45)
Force to operate Freewheel lever
Newtons (lbs)
45 (10.1)
Force to operate E mergency brake lever
Newtons (lbs)
60 (13.5)
Ambient operating temperature range
˚C (˚F)
2 (35.6) to 40 (104)
This scooter meets the relevant requirements of IS O 7176:14 2008 *R ange on full charge and flat ground. Due to a policy of continual improvement, Electric
Mobility reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.
R ascal Vantage S cooter Owner's Manual and S ervice R ecord
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