ATCA-7475 Quick Start Guide (May 2014)

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Quick Start Guide

P/N:6806800S28B (May 2014)


What’s in the box?

Make sure you receive all items of your shipment:

• One ATCA-7475 blade

• Printed Quick Start Guide

• Printed Safety Notes Summary

• Any optional items ordered

When installing or servicing the module or accessories, strictly observe the safety precautions in the Safety Notes. Otherwise, personal injury or property damage may occur.


Observe ESD-safe measures

• Use either a properly grounded ESD wrist strap or make sure that you are working in an ESD-safe environment.

• Connect to the ESD connector at the front or the rear of the system.


Prepare the installation site

• For information on the environmental and power requirements, see the

ATCA-7475 Installation and Use manual.

• Operating temperatures refer to the temperature of the air circulating around the blade and not to the actual component temperature.


Install the DIMM


• Some blade variants come with the

DIMM already installed.

• For thermal safety concerns, no 4rank DIMMs and stacked DIMMS are allowed.

1. If necessary, remove the blade from the system.

2. Open the locks of the memory module socket.

3. Press the memory module carefully into the socket. As soon as the memory module is fully inserted, the locks automatically close.

4. If necessary, repeat steps 2–3 to install additional memory modules.


Install the Accelerator module

1. Remove the blade from the system.

2. Insert the Accelerator module in the socket so that the module's standoffs fit in the blade's mounting holes.

3. Fasten the Accelerator module to the blade using the three M2.5x 8mm screws.

4. Reinstall the blade into the system.


Install the MO-297 SSD module

1. Remove the blade from the system.

2. Plug the MO297 SSD module into the MO297 connector. When inserting the MO297 module to the onboard connector, hold the onboard connector with two fingers to prevent damage to the connector.

3. Fasten the MO297 SSD module to the blade using the screws supplied with the ACC kit.

The two screws M1.6x4mm with Nylon Patch come with the module.

4. Reinstall the blade into the system.

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ATCA-7475-Quick Start Guide

Install the Blade

The following procedure assumes that the system is powered. If it is unpowered, you can disregard the blue LED and skip its respective step.

1. Ensure that the top and bottom ejector handles are in the outward position by squeezing the lever and the latch together.

2. Insert the blade into the shelf by placing the top and bottom edges of the blade in the card guides of the shelf. Ensure that the guiding module of the shelf and blade are aligned properly.

3. Apply equal and steady pressure to the blade to carefully slide the blade into the shelf until you feel resistance. Continue to gently push the blade until the blade connectors engage.

4. Squeeze the lever and the latch together and hook the lower and the upper handle into the shelf rail recesses.

5. Fully insert the blade and lock it to the shelf by squeezing the lever and the latch together and turning the handles towards the face plate.

If your shelf is powered, as soon as the blade is connected to the backplane power pins, the blue LED is illuminated.

When the blade is completely installed, the blue LED starts to blink. This indicates that the blade announces its presence to the shelf management controller.

Note: If an RTM is connected to the front blade, make sure that the handles of both the

RTM and the front blade are closed in order to power up the blade’s payload.


Install the Blade (cont.)

6. Wait until the blue LED is switched off, then tighten the face plate screws which secure the blade to the shelf.

The switched off blue LED indicates that the blade’s payload has been powered up and that the blade is active.

7. If necessary, connect cables to the face plate.

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