Distinguished Professor
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, CB 425
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 80309-0425
303/492-8225; [email protected]
Date and Place of Birth
July 31, 1932 -- Pasadena, California
B.S., Princeton University, 1954 (Electrical Engineering)
M.S., Stanford University, 1955 (Electrical Engineering)
Engineer, Stanford University, 1956 (Electrical Engineering)
Ph.D., Stanford University, 1958 (Electrical Engineering)
Professional Experience
Distinguished Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 1997Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 1965-1997
Director of Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 1971-74, 1996-1998
Acting Chairman, Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 1989-1990
Acting Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 1980-1981
Chairman, Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 1964-1980
Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 1959-1965
Physicist, U.S. National Bureau of Standards
Boulder, Colorado 1959-1962
Research Associate, Colorado Research Corporation
Denver, Colorado 1958-1959
Fulbright Professor, College of Engineering
Baghdad, Iraq 1957-1958
Research Assistant, Stanford University
Stanford, California
Engineer, Denver Research Institute
Denver, Colorado 1954 (summer)
Selected Professional Activities
Associate Editor ASCE Journal of Energy Engineering 2008 -2010
Representative for CU on Solar Tech 2007-2010
President, Bioelectromagnetics Society 2000-2001
U.S, Chair Commission K of URSI 1999- 2002
Member, Educational Advisory Board, National Communications Forum, 1990-1999
Executive Editor, Annual Reviews of Telecommunications, 1993Editor, IEEE Transactions on Education, 1988-1994
Member, IEEE Press Board, 1986-1992
Chair, IEEE Publication Review Board, 1986
Chair, University of Colorado, Telecommunications Executive Committee
Member, WHO Document Review on VDT's, 1985
Chair, IEEE Educational Activities Board - Pre-College Guidance Brochure
Commission A of URSI
Board of Directors, Engineering Information, 1984-1990
Board of Directors, Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS), 1981-1982 and 1996-1998
Board of Trustees for the Engineering Index, Inc., 1979-1984
Vice Chair, Electrical Engineering Department Heads Association, ASEE, 1978-1979; Chair, 1979-1980
Member, Princeton University, Advisory Council, Electrical Engineering Department, 19711983
Member, ANSI Committee on Laser Safety, 1965-1975
Member, ANSI C95 Committee on Microwave Safety Standards, 1976-1992
Member, URSI Steering Committee, 1976
Chair, ECPD (now ABET) Committee on Advanced Level Accreditation, 1976-1978
Member, NCRP Committee #S39, 1975-1980
Member, IEEE Board of Directors, 1974-1975
Member, IEEE Executive Committee, 1974-1975
Chair, IEEE Electron Devices Society, 1975, Vice Chair 1973-4
Chair, IEEE Publications Board, 1974-1975
Vice President of IEEE for Publications, 1974-1975
Technical Program Committee, MTT International Meeting, 1973
Member, IEEE Nominations and Appointment Committee, 1972
Chair, 1971 NSF Workshop on Non-Ionizing Radiation
Chair, 1971 Electron Ion and Laser Beam Technology Symposium
Chair, Device Research Conference, 1971;
Vice Chair, Student Activities Board, IEEE, 1970
Vice Chair, IEEE Editorial Board, 1970
Member, Editorial Board of IEEE Spectrum, 1970-1971
Regional Editor, IEE Electronic Letters, 1969-1975
Member, IEEE Editorial Board, 1968-1970 and 1972
IEEE Electron Device Group, 1968-1973 (AdCom)
Editor, IEEE Student Journal, 1968-1970
Member, ECPD Accreditation Team, 1968
Service on Advisory and Peer Review Panels
Member of Review Panel for the FDA EMF effects on bone growth 2013
Member of advisory panel to the Air Force program on the effects of electric and magnetic fields on
biology 2010
Invited member for Workshop on “Identification of research priorities for Canada on
wireless telecommunication devices and potential biological or adverse health effects” 2008
Member Princeton Advisory Board for the Keller Centre for Innovation in Engineering Education
Chair of National Research Counsel Committee on the Identification of Research Needs relating to
Potential Biological or Adverse Health Effects of Wireless Communication Devices 2007
NIH Study Section Member for Nonionizing Radiation 2004
Chair of National Research Counsel Committee on Pave Paws Radar, 2001-2004
IEEE Prize Paper Selection Committee 1998-2003
NATO Post Doc Review on Toxicology for NSF, January 1993
Chair, Grant Panel on Toxicology of ELF for NIEHS, February 1992, Durham, NC
Study Section on Radiation Biology, NIH, January 1992, Taos, NM.
Member, National Science Foundation Review Panels, 1966-1997
NIOSH Review, 1996,NIEHS Review, 1997
Professional and Honor Societies
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Sigma Xi; President of Boulder Chapter, 1971
American Physical Society
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Eta Kappa Nu
Tau Beta Pi
Bioelectromagnetics Society
American Society for Lasers and Medicine
Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine Society
National Academy of Engineering
Awards, Honors, etc.
Doctor of Science Honoris Causa from the University of Guelph Canada 2010
ITERA’s , First Distinguished Researcher Award, from the International Telecommunications Education and Research
Association 2006
Pinnacles of Inventorship Award from Tech Transfer Univ. of Colo. 2006
Colorado Institute of Technology Catalyst Award 2004
Bernard M. Gordon Prize from National Academy of Engineering for Innovations in Engineering Education 2004
IEEE Education Society 2003 Achievement Award
2002 ECE Distinguished Educator Award from ASEE ECE Section
National Academy of Engineering, 2001
Distinguished Professor, University of Colorado - Boulder, 1997
Fellow, International Engineering Consortium, 1995
Fellow, American Society for Lasers and Medicine, 1986
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1977
Fellow, IEEE, 1970
Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE Electron Device Society 1994-1997
University of Colorado's Centennial Celebration, Engineering Recognition, 1994
International Communications Association, Leon Montgomery Award, 1994
IEEE Education Meritorious Service Award, 1993
American Society for Engineering Education, Centennial Certificate, 1993.
IEEE, EAB Meritorious Service Award, 1989
International Communications Association, Certificate of Merit, 1989
Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award, University of Colorado, 1986
Max S. Peters Service Award, College of Engineering, 1985
IEEE Centennial Award, 1984
Stearns Award, University of Colorado, 1980
Faculty Mentor for two President's Senior Award Winners, 1967 and 1969
Faculty Research Lecturer, 1965
Curtis McGraw Research Award, ASEE, 1965
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