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Refer to XX134





Vicon Flash Upgrade Software

It is possible to upgrade software for the SurveyorVFT® and Surveyor®-Mini Camera Domes through a PC using the Flash Upgrade software. Before the software can be upgraded, it is necessary to setup the hardware. The PC must be connected to the dome by means Vicon’s V422-CONV RS-232/RS-422 interface converter/adapter and a cable assembly. See Figure 1.

Note: The Flash Upgrade Software does not work with the IP models of the SurveyorVFT or Surveyor-Mini.

Installing the Software

The software must be installed on the computer prior to connecting the camera dome to a computer with the following minimum configuration:

• Pentium® 233 MHz with 32 MB RAM

• 2 MB of free hard drive space

• CD-ROM drive

• 1 free serial port (COM 1, COM 2, COM 3 or COM 4)

• Mouse (for navigation)

• Windows® '95, '98 (second edition), ME, NT, 2000 Professional or XP Home or Professional

• RS-232 to RS-422 protocol converter/adapter

Software can be downloaded from Vicon’s website from the Support tab, Technical Support, Software Downloads,



To install:

1. Power on and boot the computer to the Windows® desktop.

2. Place the CD into the drive.

3. If it does not autorun, run the file on the CD named setup.exe.

4. Follow the software prompts to install the software onto the hard drive in the desired directory.

There are two versions of the flash utility. Surveyor Flash Upgrade Version 2.2.0 is the recommended version to use; however, it requires duplex communication (two pairs of wires between the dome and the PC). Also note that only one dome can be updated at a time. SVFT and Surveyor-Mini Utility 4.4 provides a simplex download tool, so more than one dome can be updated at a time. However, there is no response back that the transfer took place.

The 4.4 Utility also provides a number of other tools, absolute position, source titling, and title conversion

It is recommended that the user control the dome with the PC Direct Control Software first to ensure that the wiring and setup is correct and confirm the baud rate of the dome. This is essential, as the flash baud rate MUST be the same as the operational baud rate of the dome.

For best results, run through the setup steps as quickly as possible. The camera dome will time out if too much time elapses between steps. Read all instructions first so that you’re familiar with the program’s operation.

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Vicon and its logo, SurveyorVFT and Surveyor are registered trademarks of Vicon Industries Inc.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.; Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corp.

Vicon part number 8009-8134-13-01 Rev 1212


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24-Hour Technical Support: 800-34-VICON (800-348-4266)

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Figure 1

Connection Diagram (SurveyorVFT shown in example)

RS-232/RS-422 Converter







Pin Out Connections


SurveyorVFT COMM TB3







RS-232/RS-422 Converter








Surveyor-Mini COMM TB3







Communication Set Up

1. Have the RS-232 to RS-422 converter/adapter and cable ready. The converter/adapter is available from

Vicon. Connect the camera dome to the cable/adapter and then to the PC Comm Port. Refer to Figure 1.

Note: It is important that the adapter gets enough power. When using a laptop, be sure it is fully charged and turn off the power save features to assure the power remains high. When using a laptop with an adapter, it is recommended to use the external DC input if available.

2. Setup the Comm Port and Baud Rate. By default, the program is set to use the PC’s Comm Port 1 and is set to communicate to the dome at 4800 baud. It is necessary to know the baud rate of the camera dome; the same rate MUST be selected for the utility. The PC Comm Port must be configured as follows:

• Bits: baud rate as high as possible

• Data Bits: 8

• Parity: None

• Stop Bits: 1

• Flow Control: None

XX134-13-01 Flash Utility Download


When running Flash Utility 2.2.0, duplex mode is required. When running Flash Utility 4.0, no response is necessary, so simplex mode is adequate. The dome MUST be wired to the adapter in duplex mode to use the absolute position and source titling features, as these require getting data from and sending data to the dome.

Flash Upgrade Utility

Note for SurveyorVFT Camera Domes Only: The SurveyorVFT PCB has been updated to meet RoHS requirements. The new versions have blue PCBs; the previous PCBs were green. The new board has a new flash chip. Therefore, the flash code software is different from the old version. The units must be flashed accordingly.

The flash code for the old version is 1.X.X, while the flash code for the new RoHS version is 2.X.X. The flash code version can be found by entering Preset 92; either “App: 1.X.X” or “App: 2.X.X” will display. All new versions of flash code are posted at Vicon’s website:

. In the SVFT-PRS pressurized dome, the pressure sensor has been moved to the Customer Interface Board (CIB) on RoHS version; non-RoHS versions had the pressure sensor as part of the housing.

Flash Upgrade Utility Version 2.2.0

The opening screen of Flash Utility software version 2.0.0 (for duplex mode only) is displayed below. Use the Save button to store all custom settings, like presets, stored in the camera dome. Performing a Flash Upgrade resets all user settings to factory default. Use this option to store the custom settings, so that they can be returned to the camera dome after the Flash Upgrade is performed. After the Flash Utility is complete, press the Restore button to restore all the custom settings that were previously saved.

1. Click on the Flash button to begin the Flash Upgrade utility.

2. Use the Browse button to find the flash upgrade file or enter the path and file name directly into the textbox.

The file must have the .hex extension.

3. Press the Begin button to send the command to the dome to begin the download session.

4. After the dome responds to the command to begin the session, the Next button will appear enabled. Click it to confirm the download.

5. The screen provides a selection of download baud rates. The option buttons range from 4800 to 57600 baud.

Recommended selection is the 57600 option button. If for any reason the file transfer does not complete, check that the file being downloaded is the correct name and size. If it is correct, try again using a slower baud rate.

Note: This is the baud rate just for the download; it is not the baud rate for the Flash Upgrade and the dome operation, which must be the same.

6. Press the Send button. There are two indicators for file transfer progress. One is the gauge that shows a graphic of progress. The other is a message that displays the state of the transfer at that moment. Watch for error messages. In case of error messages, check all cables and connections. When the message “File Sent”

XX134-13-01 Flash Utility Download


appears, the download is completed successfully. Wait a few seconds for the camera dome to apply the update and reset; check the monitor for the version information.

Flash Upgrade Utility Version 4.4

This utility works in both simplex and duplex mode connection. The Flash Utility application does not need a response (simplex mode) from the dome to proceed.

To establish initial communication or to change PC Comm Port and Baud Rate settings, use the Settings menu.

The Settings dropdown list also offers a Dome Type, SVFT (SurveyorVFT) or Surveyor Mini. Select the dome type that is being upgraded. Refer to the screen that follows.

Note: After a dome type is selected, if a file for the other type is selected for download, an error message will display. However, dome mode can be changed without restarting the application.

Dome Type selected display

Select Dome Type

Baud Rate


Select download baud rate

Be sure to select


(never Boot)

Select the file to download. Use the Browse feature to select the file for the SVFT or Surveyor-Mini.

The screen provides a selection of download baud rates. The option buttons range from 4800 to 115200 baud. If for any reason the file transfer does not complete, check that the file being downloaded is the correct name and size. If it is correct, try again using a slower baud rate.

Note: This is the baud rate just for the download; it is not the baud rate for the Flash Upgrade and the dome operation, which must be the same.

For Code Type, Application must be selected; do not select Boot.

For the SVFT Only: Select a delay time to allow the EEPROM memory to clear. This defines the amount of time to wait for the dome to delete “old” information before uploading the new information. This selection is grayed out in Surveyor-Mini mode.

XX134-13-01 Flash Utility Download


Click Send File. The following screens display.

SVFT and Surveyor-Mini Utility Download Screen Camera Dome Video Screen

The status of simplex Flash Download can only be observed on the camera dome video screen, due to the nature of simplex mode. It is possible to observe a successful transfer in the application screen upload progress bar while in reality the transfer failed. The only way to know the transfer is complete is to view the message “Programming

Complete” on the video screen.

Absolute Position

This feature is used to command the dome to a particular position determined by pan, tilt, zoom and iris. It can also be used to retrieve absolute positioning coordinates. These values are read with respect to the camera dome’s zero compass feature. The Absolute Positioning program requires duplex mode. Refer to SurveyorVFT

Programming Manual XX134-4X or the Surveyor-Mini Programming Manual XX203-4X.

Click on Utility and select Absolute Position. The screen below displays. It is recommended to get the current position status first, to be used as reference point, by clicking the Get Status button. If the status feedback is all

0s, communication between PC and camera dome is broken; check the set up. Enter in the desired Pan (0-2880),

Tilt (0-760), Zoom (0-2047) and Iris (0-255) levels. The pan range is 0 to 360 degrees. The tilt range is 0 to 95 degrees. For iris level, use dome’s preset 94 menu reference.

XX134-13-01 Flash Utility Download


XX134-13-01 Flash Utility Download


Source Titling

This enables the user to edit text titles for cameras, alarms, sectors, and presets located in the configuration file of the dome. The Source Title configuration requires duplex mode. Click on Utility and select Source Titling. The screen below displays.



Dropdown List to select

Camera, Alarm, Sector or Preset to be given title

File name


1. Click on Utility menu, select Configuration Upload From Unit (from camera dome to PC), name the file and save (.bin file). If there already is a SurveyorVFT or Surveyor-Mini configuration file, this step can be omitted.

2. Open the .bin file from the File menu.

3. Edit titles by selecting the Source Titling field values; click Save Changes for each altered title. Some of the characters are not supported by the dome, for example, !, @, #, %; they are translated to a space character.

4. When complete, click on Utility menu and select Configuration Download To Unit (from PC to

SVFT/Surveyor-Mini). Click Open and the file is sent to the dome. Refer to the Figure that follows.

XX134-13-01 Flash Utility Download


Title Conversion - SurveyorVFT Camera Dome Only

This feature is used to extract Title (camera, alarm, sector and preset) information from one SurveyorVFT dome and transfer it to another SurveyorVFT dome.

1. Click on Utility and select Title Conversion. The screen below displays. It is required to set both domes to address 1 using Vicon protocol.

2. Select the Conversion Mode; Green and Blue refer to the color of the main board. You can mix a Green CIB

(Customer Interface Board) with a Blue main.

Example – For an existing dome with a Green main (v1.x) and want to transfer the titles to a new dome with a Blue main (v2.x), select "Green Main (1.x) to Blue (2.x)"

XX134-13-01 Flash Utility Download


Upload Source - Upload from SurveyorVFT dome or use Browse to find a stored profile on the PC.

Note - The Source Titling feature can be used to modify titles on an existing profile.

Upload Target - Replace the Source dome with the new Target dome. (The CIB can be left in place if it cannot be easily replaced.) Use the Upload Target feature or Browse.

Note - Uploading from a Target causes the dome to install defaults before uploading the blank profile. This is done to ensure that there is a clean empty profile to use for Importing titles from the Source file.

Import Titles - Now that the Utility has both the Source and blank Target files, click Import Titles to copy title information from the Source file to the Target file.

Download Converted File- This button will be highlighted after the Import Titles has successfully completed.

Leave the Target dome connected and press Download Converted Tile to complete the Title Conversion.


1) Adapter - It is very important that the RS-232 to RS-422 adapter be wired correctly. The RS-232 side MUST be connected to the PC and the RS-422 side goes to the SurveyorVFT or Surveyor-Mini.

2) File – Always make sure the file is the correct name, size and date.

Contact Technical Support if you have any questions.

XX134-13-01 Flash Utility Download


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