9 Volt Battery Replacement #598 for Lionel Trains

9 Volt Battery Replacement #598 for Lionel Trains
9 volt Battery Replacement for
Lionel Trains
Item #598
The 9vBRLT replaces the battery in most engines. This unit is
intended for use with current Lionel type systems, which have no
charging circuit, and all others utilizing their system requiring a 9
volt battery.
Installation: disconnect and remove the original battery. Install the
9vBRLT by connecting the battery connector to the existing battery
cable. Connect the single RED wire to the Center Roller pickup wire
(this is usually a RED wire). Locate and secure the 9vBRLT in a
proper place making sure you do not skin open the casing.
Initial charge of the 9vBRLT occurs in the first 30 seconds. During
this time, you can still operate your locomotive but don't lower the
track voltage until full charge is achieved. Otherwise the sounds will
cut out. After full charge is achieved, all low voltage operations are
achieved without the loss of sounds for several seconds (time is
determined by how well charged the 9vBRLT is).
Precautions: DO NOT short circuit the terminals or leave them
contact other metal surfaces! Make sure that no exposed metal
touches any other metal object. Also make sure that the battery
connections exposed metal does not come in contact with any
metal object. Damage to the 9vBRLT or items it is connected to
may occur from improper use, installation, application, or
unintended product application or wiring. This is not covered under
any warranty expressed or implied. Dallee Electronics, Inc.
assumes no responsibility for consequential damages resulting
from improper application or wiring thereof.
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