Kason Condensate Pan Instructions

Kason Condensate Pan Instructions

CRH-660 Instruction Sheet
CRH-660 Installation Instructions & Maintenance Recommendations
Condensate evaporators are incomplete in construction features. They are intended solely
as factory-installed components of other equipment. It is the responsibility of the original
equipment manufacturer to provide safeguards in the location and electrical connections for
all condensate evaporator applications.
The CRH-660 Condensate Evaporator has a capacity of 1479ml.
Assembly & Placement On A Horizontal Surface
1. Attach the enclosed springs onto the evaporator legs by pressing the small end of the
spring on to the leg while twisting.
2. Position the evaporator in a well ventilated area to allow the moisture laden air to be
carried off.
Do not operate the evaporator on any wet surface.
Do not place the evaporator on any wood surface or near any flammable materials.
Do not allow power cord to contact hot outside surface of pan.
6. The evaporator is marked with its voltage rating. Use a separate electrical line connected
to a fuse block or circuit breaker to proper capacity to assure full voltage. Voltage drops will
decrease operating performance and voltage surges may damage unit.
All units must be grounded. Connect green centre conductor to ground.
8. Ensure cord is cut to the appropriate length, do not coil the cord as this could cause
overheating of the wires.
Do not remove the enclosure cover or tamper with any components.
10. Clean the pan regularly for maximum performance. Clean by brushing out loose residue
with a stiff brush.
The installer of this unit must provide the refrigeration equipment operator with any
applicable instructions and warnings for its use, as installed in the equipment.
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