Bacharach HGM300 Operating instrustions

Bacharach HGM300 Operating instrustions
HGM300 Optical Bench
Replacement Kit 3015-3847
Instruction 3015-3848
Rev. 0 – October 2005
These instructions describe how to replace the IR Optical Bench in the HGM300 Refrigerant Gas Monitor.
It is assumed that the user is familiar with the operation of the HGM300 / RDM800 Refrigerant Gas
Monitoring System. If necessary, refer to Instruction 3015-4148 for detailed operation and maintenance
Items Required:
Replacement IR Optical Bench Kit 3015-3847:
o IR Bench Assembly 3015-3412
o Wire Ties (Qty. 2) 3015-2835
o Instruction Sheet 3015-3848
Medium Phillips Head Screwdriver
Small Flat Blade Screwdriver
Wire Cutter (for removing wire ties)
Removing the IR Optical Bench
1. Find the HGM300 Refrigerant Gas Monitor and switch OFF its AC
circuit breaker. Observe that the monitor’s green MONITOR ON
indicator light on the front panel should be OFF.
2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the monitor’s two door latches,
and then open the door.
3. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the internal
components of the HGM300 shown in Figure 2.
Upper Gas Sample Tube
Upper Electrical Connector (Red)
Figure 1. HGM300
Refrigerant Gas Monitor
Upper Wire Tie
Main Board
Lower Wire Tie
AC Power Switch
Lower Electrical Connector
Lower Gas Sample Tube
Figure 2. HGM300 Components
4. IMPORTANT! For added safety, turn OFF the HGM300 by pushing
the internal AC Power Switch to its DOWN position! This step is in
addition to setting the monitor’s AC circuit breaker to OFF.
Recheck the front panel MONITOR ON indicator light to ensure
that it is OFF. With AC power removed, it is now safe to work
inside the enclosure.
5. Refer to Figure 2 and perform the following:
a. Pull the upper and lower electrical connectors from their sockets
on the Main board. Please note that the upper ribbon cable is the
shorter of the two cables and has a red connector.
Figure 3. AC Power
ON/OFF Switch
b. Pull the upper and lower gas sample tubes from their fittings on
the IR Optical Bench.
c. Using wire cutters, cut the upper and lower wire ties that hold
the IR Optical Bench in place, and then remove the bench.
d. Please provide the serial number of the HGM300 and return the
old IR Optical Bench to:
Bacharach Inc.
621 Hunt Valley Circle
New Kensington, PA 15068
Attn: Repair Department
Installing the New IR Optical Bench
6. Perform the following:
RED Connector
a. Position the new IR Optical Bench inside the HGM300 enclosure
so that the end with the shorter ribbon cable and red connector
is located at the top, and the gas fittings are facing forward.
b. Using the wire ties supplied in the kit, secure the bench to the
tie-down fixtures on the back panel of the enclosure.
c. Plug the ribbon cables from the new bench into their associated
sockets on the Main board. Note location of red connector
d. Connect the gas sample tubes to their associated fittings on the
new bench.
7. Check to ensure that the new IR Optical Bench is properly secured,
and that all tubing and electrical connectors are tight.
8. Turn ON the HGM300’s AC circuit breaker, and push the monitor’s
internal AC Power Switch to its UP (or ON) position.
WARNING! Shock hazard. The monitor is now powered ON.
9. Before proceeding, allow the HGM300 to warm-up until its green
MONITOR ON indicator light stops flashing.
Figure 4. IR Optical
Bench Installation
Instruction 3015-3848
Adjusting the IR Optical Bench Detector Voltage
10. Check, and possibly adjust, the IR Optical Bench detector voltage
by first going to the RDM800 and pushing the button on the System
Screen that corresponds to the HGM300 monitor being serviced.
This action will display that monitor’s SETUP Screen.
Figure 5. Push button of
monitor being serviced to
display its SETUP Screen
11. From the SETUP Screen, press the DIAG button to display the
DIAGNOSTIC Screen of the monitor being serviced.
Figure 6. Push DIAG button to
display DIAGNOSTIC Screen
12. Look at the second line labeled DET. This is the IR Optical Bench
detector voltage. The voltage should be between 4.2 and 4.3 VDC.
If the voltage is out of range, then go to Step 13.
If the voltage is within range, then skip to Step 14.
Figure 7. Detector voltage should
be between 4.2 and 4.3 VDC
Instruction 3015-3848
13. Go back to the HGM300 and find GAIN ADJ potentiometer R34 on
the Main board. Using a small flat-blade screwdriver, turn R34
clockwise to increase or counterclockwise to decrease the detector
voltage to between 4.2 and 4.3 VDC. MAKE VERY SMALL
14. Secure the HGM300’s enclosure door and place the monitor back
into service.
Figure 8. Detector GAIN
ADJ Potentiometer R34
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Instruction 3015-3848
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