For the Kuma Wifi booster kit quick start guide click here

For the Kuma Wifi booster kit quick start guide click here
WiFi Booster kit Quick Start Guide
Plug the Edup wireless antenna into the USB socket on the front of the
repeater using the USB lead supplied. Screw the small antenna on to the
rear of the repeater and power up the using the 240v AC or 12v DC lead
supplied. Connect your WiFi on your device to the ‘11N 3G Router AP’
signal. At this point no password is required to connect
Open a browser on your device (smartphone/tablet/computer) and in the
address bar type
When prompted enter User name = admin
Password = admin
The Repeater will then display the Start-up screen
To connect via WiFi
Plug your WiFi antenna into your repeater box using the USB connector on
the front of the box
Select ‘Easy Setup’ and click on the ‘USB Wireless Adapter’ button.
Next Click the Site Survey button in the middle of the screen above and
wait until all the available networks are shown in a list. You can arrange
them by signal strength if you wish, or by name, simply by clicking on the
headings on the screen below.
Select the wireless network you wish to connect to, and then click ‘Select’.
If the wireless network has a password, enter it in the ‘Pass Phrase’ box at
the bottom of the screen and then click ‘Next’
You are now connected to the remote network. If you wish to add a
password to the 11N 3G USB router connection (highly recommended),
you can do so on the screen below. Select “Security Mode” then WPA2PSK (this is the most secure), select the AES button on the WPA section
and enter a password between 8 and 63 characters.
The device will re-boot when you click ‘Done’ and don’t forget if you have
set up a password at the end, you will need it to connect your device to
the repeater when it has started again. After re-boot check the USB LED is
on and off you go!
To Connect via 3G
Plug in your dongle with its SIM card
Select ‘Easy Setup’ and click on the ‘3G dongle’ button.
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