EST-9600 Serial Sync to
Ethernet Encrypted Tunnel
Rear of the 48 VDC version
Front of EST-9600
Industrial rated -40 to +70 C
Option for RS530/V.35 port
Ethernet port: 10/100BaseT
Encapsulates HDLC protocols over
ethernet networks
Point-to-point or point-to-multi-point for
serial synchronous polling applications
AES 128-bit encrypted or non-encrypted
UDP transport for non-interference with
HDLC error correction functions
Synchronous serial RS232 port
Option for RS530/V.35 port
Internal or external sync clock
Speeds to 2.048 Mbps
Supports up to 20 drops
Backup host option
Easy to setup and maintain
Web browser, telnet or serial configuration
Statistics, logging and diagnostic tools
Can authenticate with RADIUS server
Stand-alone or rack mounting
120, 220 VAC, 12, 24, 48 and 125 VDC
The EST-9600 is a serial server that allows multidrop
devices to use Ethernet LANs, unencrypted or with 128bit AES encryption. The EST-9600 connects any HDLC
based synchronous protocol serial device through a LAN
and between LANs via routers. The EST-9600 is designed
specifically to support synchronous polling protocols that
are HDLC based. These protocols include SDLC, BDLC,
X.25, Frame Relay, synchronous PPP protocol, etc. These
protocols are often error corrected, and the EST-9600
allows these protocols to work through routed local and
wide area LANs. The EST-9600 uses UDP protocol to
deliver the HDLC traffic, allowing the necessary data
connection over a local LAN and across routed networks.
The EST-9600 functions independently of the device
protocol, allowing HDLC protocols to be carried with no
configuration changes.
An EST-9600 host authenticates with remote drop EST9600s to allow serial synchronous HDLC data connections.
Remote drop EST-9600s can authenticate with both a
primary host and a backup host. This feature makes it
easy to have redundant host sites that will always receive
the same poll responses as the master host site. If the
objective is to have a backup host site or have a second
site that always monitors the RTU responses, the EST9600 makes it simple and easy to accomplish.
The EST-9600 supports RS232 serial interface speeds up
to 230 Kbps, RS530 speeds up to 2.048 Mbps. To deliver
HDLC traffic via ethernet in as close to the nature of
HDLC as possible, the EST-9600 uses TCP/UDP “besteffort”, speedy delivery, rather than the delay and extra
overhead that TCP/IP error-correction and flow control
could cause. Up to 20 drop EST-9600s may be used with
each host EST-9600.
The EST-9600 can be managed through its serial port, via
telnet or with a web browser. Remote configuration is
supported using TCP/IP (telnet) or any web browser.
Security features embedded in the EST-9600 include finegrained configuration and management controls as well as
the ability to turn off remote management functions.
Instead of replacing your existing host computers and
terminals to migrate to ethernet, add the EST-9600 for a
fraction of the cost. OEM manufacturers can design the
EST-9600 into their products or use it as an add-on
method to gain ethernet connectivity.
EST-9600 Serial Sync to Ethernet Encrypted Tunnel
1-RS-232 synchronous serial port:
RJ45 RS232 (per TIA/EIA 561) connector
Speeds to 230 Kbps
RS530 or V.35 balanced port option
Balanced port speeds to 2.048 Mbps)
One ethernet port:
One asynchronous 9600 baud RS232 port for setup
HDLC compatibility
Accepts/Sends any HDLC frames up to 1500 bytes
Data Encoded via NRZ or NRZI
Standard CRC-CCITT as used in HDLC or Sync PPP
Internal or External clocks
Including but not limited to: HDLC, Sync PPP, Frame
Protocol Features
Authentication: internal name/password database, or
up to two external, customer-supplied RADIUS
Encryption: 128 bit AES or no encryption
Once connection is established, tunnels use UDP to
deliver packet
Web browser, telnet, or serial, configuration and
Default IP address:
Front - Power, Clocking Status, HDLC port activity
Rear – LAN connection, LAN activity
Point-to-Point or Multipoint
DIP switch:
Serial Setup enable/disable
Software control of access for HTML and telnet setup
Power: 6VDC external supply, 1330 ma standard
12, 24, 48, 125 VDC and 240 VAC options are available
Supplied with 120 VAC external power supply
5 ¼”x 5 ½”x 1 ¾”
One pound
Operational Temperature: -40° to +70° C
Storage Temperature: -50° to +75° C
Humidity: <95% Non-condensing
Data Comm for Business, Inc.
2949 CR 1000 E
Dewey, IL 61840
Voice 8004DCBNET
Email [email protected]
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