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Simple and smart
power factor correction
Low voltage capacitor banks
VarSet I 2
Do you need an easy solution to
immediately boost your facility’s
energy efficiency and productivity?
Are products that blend superior quality,
performance and flexibility with
excellent value difficult to find?
Do you require the expertise,
support and reach of a global leader with
the responsiveness of a local supplier?
1 I VarSet
Energy efficiency, as simple as VarSet
Engineered to meet your needs
Whether you run a single site operation,
or a globe-spanning enterprise, a fast and
easy way to enhance competitiveness is to
ensure that your power factor is corrected
and your electrical network delivering
optimum power.
Choosing advanced VarSet low voltage (LV)
capacitor banks is a simple and reliable
way to do that. Count on VarSet equipments
to bring true energy efficiency to your
electrical infrastructure.
High quality power = higher productivity
Power factor correction helps lower operating and capital costs and can provide
a very quick return on investment:
>Reduce capital expenses up to 30%.
Optimise electrical system capacity, avoid
oversizing and limit redundant capacity.
>Reduce reactive energy billing
penalties and lower operating
expenses up to 10%.
Boost power factor to lower utility bills
and reduce losses in transformers
and conductors.
>Reduce energy losses by up to 30%.
Optimise power consumption, reduce total
process energy consumption and reduce
CO2 emissions.
>Improve power system and
equipment reliability up to 18%.
Up to
better energy
efficiency and
lower electricity
cost on your first
day with VarSet
Increase power quality to improve
business performance and reduce
unplanned outages, as well as enhance
the reliability and service life of electrical
devices, while reducing harmonics
stress and potential damage to your
electrical network.
VarSet I 3
Maximizing energy efficiency just gets easier
and more economical with VarSet
without power factor correction
Active power
Active power
Reactive power
Reactive power
with power factor correction
Active power
Active power
Reactive power
Give your power infrastructure a boost
Compensating for reactive power and harmonic distortion with VarSet capacitor banks is
one of the easiest ways to quickly maintain your facility’s power factor at an ideal level for
maximum power system efficiency and cost reduction.
Superior design creates exceptional performance
Designed and manufactured by Schneider Electric, using advanced manufacturing methods
and premium materials, VarSet capacitor banks are optimised to provide superior, end-to-end
operation and value through every stage of its lifecycle.
Protection, durability and safety you can trust
With decades of power factor correction
expertise behind it, VarSet is a complete
range of high-quality, wall-mounted and
floor‑standing capacitor banks for fixed,
automatic and dynamic compensation.
Choose VarSet to make your business
more profitable, your power infrastructure
4 I VarSet
more reliable and your electrical
environment more safe, VarSet
capacitor banks are suitable
for new construction or retrofit
applications in virtually any
commercial, industrial and
utility enterprise.
Up to
energy loss
Comprehensive products for multiple applications
Large choice of wall-mounted enclosures
from 9 to 300kvar and floor-standing units
from 50 to 1150 kvar
Automatic compensation for variable and unstable loads up to 1150 kvar
xtensive range of electrical steps
complement to match your loads
and processes
uitable capacitors for any harmonic level
and type of loads
chneider Electric built-in components,
such as Spacial enclosures range and
innovative Linergy busbars range,
contribute in performance and safety
Fixed compensation for stable loads up to 200 kvar
Quality, reliability and safety
Pre-engineered power factor correction
solutions ensure your installation delivers
more for less on time and on budget
Designed for easy installation
High quality of Schneider Electric
components provide high performance
and robustness
- VarSet equipment are fully type tested
- Assembly plants are ISO 9001 certified
Up to
lower operating
VarSet I 5
Engineered for outstanding performance
and long-term value
The entire VarSet range offers a unique
combination of abilities to give you
more convenience, reliability and costeffectiveness across a broad range
of applications. Forward-thinking
design and meticulous manufacturing
quality means you can count on VarSet
capacitor banks to deliver dependable,
long-term service
> Easy installation
- compact enclosure up to 300 kvar
- top or bottom cable connections
- easily accessible gland plates for
power cables
- mounting brackets for easy wall mounting
> Ease-of-use and maintenance
- automatic programming and
commissioning with Varlogic controller
- simple replacement or retrofit of
VarplusCan capacitors
> Straightforward EMS integration
- Modbus communication protocol
(Varlogic NRC12 option) for integration
with building management and energy
monitoring systems
Reliability and durability
> Long life performance
- multi-capacitor architecture
- s tep switching with special
design contactors
- over heating protection and alarm
for detuned reactors
- earthing studs welded to the frame
and door
6 I VarSet
> Protection
- step protection with circuit
breaker from 125 to 1150 kvar
- thermal monitoring device
- main incomer circuit breaker
protection (optional)
- direct and accidental
contact protection
- main switch rotary
handle (optional)
> Robust envelop
- IP31 protection for indoor application
- IP54 protection for dusty, industrial
environments (optional)
- IK10 protection against
mechanical shocks
- high quality welding and coating
> Tested and certified
- fully type tested according to
IEC 61439-1 & 2, IEC 61921
quality certified
VarSet I 7
Don’t trade convenience
for capability
VarSet capacitor banks are engineered to provide the features and capabilities
you need. Choose from a full range of standard, pre-configured capacitor banks
that combine high-performance with easy ordering and reliable delivery, or build a
custom VarSet solution by mixing available options to fulfil your unique requirements.
Standard VarSet LV capacitor banks
For organizations that want to get up and
running quickly, VarSet capacitor banks
are available in a range of pre-configured
apparatus you can plug right into your
network to help improve the energy
efficiency of your facility almost immediately.
Incorporating features and capabilities that
are optimised for specific applications,
standard units are available in both automatic
and fixed compensation types for high or
low harmonic environments. Choosing any
standard VarSet capacitor bank facilitates
easy ordering with short, reliable delivery
Custom VarSet LV capacitor banks
For larger sites, industrials and utilities with
diverse power factor correction needs, VarSet
equipment can be ordered with a wide range
of optional capabilities and features tailored to
your specific site requirements. Customizable
8 I VarSet
VarSet capacitor banks are available in both
automatic and fixed compensation types
for high or low harmonic environments.
For your future performance
choose the leader
Quality, know-how and support you can count on
We supply quality products, integrated solutions and comprehensive services around the
world. Our proven expertise, strong local presence and reputation for quality ensure all your
projects produce exceptional value. From custom engineering, end-to-end support and valueadded tools, we’ve got you covered.
New projects
- Engineered solution, location, design,
compensation and filtering
Existing installations
- Harmonics diagnosis
- Power monitoring
- Revamping
and recycling management
and services contracts
- Specialists close to your business
-Preventive maintenance / turn key
- Preventive maintenance / operation
to quality
- Dismantling
- Recovery
- Recycling
VarSet I 9
Easy selection tools matches VarSet
capabilities to your application needs
Discover how just a few short steps guide you
to your ideal VarSet solution
Our Unique selection system is user-friendly
software that quickly, easily and accurately
helps you to select the VarSet capacitor bank
configuration best able to solve your power
quality challenges. In just few easy steps you
can match available VarSet solutions to your
installation’s requirements, compare and fine
tune your choices, select the appropriate
equipment and then acquire the technical
data you need to facilitate installation and
commissioning. Use this flexible, all-in-one
tool to save time and effort so you can take
advantage of VarSet’s cost-saving abilities
as soon as possible.
“We installed 70 capacitor banks with detuned reactors
and reduced energy consumption by 10%, optimised our
electricity bill by 18% and realized payback in just 1 year.”
Madrid Barrajas airport, Spain
10 I VarSet
VarSet technical data
General data
Reference standards
IEC/EN 61439-1 & 2, IEC 61921
Modbus communication unit (Varlogic NRC12 and communication module in option)
for integration with building management systems
- 5°C to +40°C
Up to 95%
Electrical data
Compensation types
Automatic for variable / unstable loads up to 1150kvar
Fixed for stable loads up to 200kvar
Capacitor types
HDuty capacitors for networks with low harmonic distortion
HDuty capacitors + detuned reactors for networks with high harmonic distortion
Compatible networks
50Hz - 230V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 690V
60Hz - 240V, 400V, 480V, 600V
Short circuit withstand Isc
15kA to 65kA
Main incomer circuit breaker
Mechanical data
Wall mounted enclosure from 9kvar to 300kvar
Floor standing cubicle from 50kvar to 1150kvar
Cable connection
Top or bottom
Degree of protection
IP31, IP54 for harsh and dusty environments (optional)
Protection against mechanical shocks
Protection against direct contacts
IPxxB (door open)
Environmentally responsible: RoHS compliant, produced in 14001 certified plants, product
environmental profile available.
Comprehensive power factor correction and harmonic filtering solutions
- VarSet LV capacitors banks
- Harmonic active filters, AccuSine SWP and AccuSine PCS
- Harmonic passive and hybrid filters
VarSet I 11
They trust Schneider Electric
with VarSet solution:
> Michelin Automotive France
> Poma Otis Switzerland
> Madrid Barrajas airport
> Portucel papermill
> Accor, Carrefour...
Make the most of your energySM
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As standards, specifications and designs change from time to time, please ask for confirmation
of the information given in this publication.
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