Interactive Customer Challenge Brief

Interactive Customer Challenge Brief
Are Your Rack PDUs
Keeping You From
Optimizing Power
Are You Ensuring a Highly Available,
Grid-To-Chip Power Chain?
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As your data processing needs increase, you’re experiencing rising power densities and rack temperatures. This increases
stress on your Rack PDUs, ultimately threatening the availability of your IT equipment and applications.
There are so many rack PDU suppliers, and most simply
focus on selling PDUs as part of a rack installation. All
of them make claims about features and specifications
that seem so similar, but none really address the high
availability and manageability features you need to
keep rack equipment running. And most rack PDUs
are designed in such a way that if the monitoring
components fail, the PDU will fail to distribute power.
You Need
Rack PDUs that ensure power availability – PDUs with
robust designs that accommodate higher power
densities and be resistant to higher temperatures,
so they do not compromise providing basic power
distribution. You need rack PDUs that are easily
upgradable and serviceable to minimize downtime and
carry manufacturer-provided support to ensure your
own SLAs.
What if: you used Emerson Network Power
rack PDUs?
Your rack PDUs would survive higher temperatures
and give you greater management and control of
power usage.
You would have rack PDUs with separation of intelligence
functionality from actual power distribution, providing
you the peace of mind that basic power distribution is
not compromised.
You would save money on capital equipment, be able to
leverage power metering and manageability for realtime visibility and control into power usage that improve
IT equipment uptime.
You would be able to easily and cost-effectively upgrade
and service your PDUs as dictated by new equipment or
capacity changes.
You would collect environmental information at the
rack level to take actions against hot spots
and other potential threats to equipment and
application availability.
55°C-60°C ratings
Your racks and equipment need a rack PDU that can
address the challenges of rising power densities, heat,
and serviceability.
MPH2™ and MPX™ rack PDUs provide the robustness
and intelligence required for high availability.
Can You Manage Energy and
Capacity the Way You Want To?
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Your objective is to improve operational efficiency in the data center, including reducing energy costs. You know that
approximately 50 percent of energy usage in the data center is from IT equipment, and that without greater precision
in metering power usage of that equipment, you’ll find it difficult to optimize efficiency and capacity management. In
addition, you want power infrastructure equipment that consumes less power.
Most rack PDUs available today are not designed to
reduce their own power consumption, nor do they
provide the level of metering and reporting needed for
you to stringently manage energy usage and capacity.
And that makes containing costs more difficult.
You Need
Intelligent rack PDUs that are highly efficient and that
provide precise metering and control of energy usage
by IT equipment. They need to give you the data to
right-size your power infrastructure and eliminate
unnecessary capital expense.
What if: you used Emerson Network Power
rack PDUs?
You could measure, manage and report on the energy
usage of your data center equipment in real-time. And you
would gain the industry’s most precise levels of metering
and management control so you could optimize that
energy usage and more easily support equipment and
capacity changes.
You would have power consumption data for each piece
of IT equipment to provide justification for purchase
of newer technology and which might be appropriate
candidates for virtualization
You would also be able to use the industry’s most
energy efficient PDUs – 66% more efficient than major
competitive units. And that adds as you deploy to every
rack in your data center.
You would schedule turning IT equipment off and on
remotely when not in use to reduce energy consumption.
With all this data in hand, you could right-size your
power infrastructure to eliminate unnecessary capital
expense, and perform charge-backs based on actual
amounts of energy consumed while proactively managing
consumption for efficiency to meet your internal SLAs.
You need precise metering and reporting – and an efficient rack
PDU – in order to improve operational efficiency.
MPX™ and MPH2™ rack PDUs allow real-time, highly
precise metering and management – and the lowest energy
consumption in the industry for rack PDUs.
Does Your Power Chain Strengthen
Business Resiliency and Agility?
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Like most companies, your data center is complex and always changing to support new business initiatives. You want to
optimize IT systems for manageability so your staff doesn’t waste time initializing equipment or setting up proprietary
systems every time they add new equipment. Supporting multiple management platforms is not only expensive but
also creates more room for errors.
Most rack PDU vendors provide a standalone product
that doesn’t integrate well into the entire management
infrastructure within the rack. There is no integration with
other commonly used rack based equipment. You have to
depend on either new or in some cases, even proprietary
interfaces to manage your network architecture. They
may not even have support for the authentication protocol
of your choice putting enterprise security at risk. Vendor
support, if available at all, is usually lacking in some way,
and you may feel like you’re on your own.
You need:
A simplified approach to change management that should
translate to real cost savings and operational advantages.
You need a PDU that provides intelligent power metering
and distribution – complete with the simplified energy
management, modular design and cost savings that
ensure your data center – and your business – can operate
at peak velocity and resiliency.
What If: You used Emerson Network Power
rack PDUs?
You’d be able to rapidly install and easily integrate them
into your existing network and security architectures.
Your IT staff would be happier, because your new
PDUs would support for all major industry-standard
management, authentication and encryption standards
and protocols.
And you would have a complete remote access and
control solution. Because they fully integrate into our
industry-leading KVM, serial console and infrastructure
management systems – technologies you are likely
using today.
And regardless of your scale of deployment, you
could integrate rack level power and environmental
monitoring information from the PDUs with higher level
datacenter management software provided by Emerson
or third parties.
And because Emerson Network Power has the industry’s
largest service organization, proven technical support
and advice would always be just a phone call away.
And that would be very good for your business.
Serial Console
Monitoring systems
Rack PDU with RPC2 Communications Module
Sensors /
RPC2-BDM local display
Many rack PDUs do not integrate with your network, security
or infrastructure management systems – adding unnecessary
complexity and cost, and restricting resiliency and agility.
Rack PDUs
MPX™ and MPH2™ intelligent rack PDUs easily integrate
with existing network and security architectures, as well
as higher level management software – allowing you to
operate at peak velocity.
Reducing Deployment Time and Expenses
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You see it happen all the time: you’re building out your data center and racks and PDUs come in separate
shipments. You’d like to get your rack PDUs pre-installed in your racks and have someone assure you that you’ve
got the right configurations.
Few PDU vendors let you order PDUs pre-installed in racks.
That increases your costs due to on-site assembly and can
lead to deployment delays.
You need:
Rack PDUs that can be integrated with any rack and
pre-installed in racks. You also need a vendor partner
that can evaluate your PDU needs to optimize your entire
power chain for availability and capacity requirements
before even ordering those racks and PDUs.
Most rack PDUs and racks deliver separately – you are on
your own to confirm proper configurations and to get the
rack PDU installed in the rack.
What If: You used Emerson Network Power
rack PDUs?
You could order them pre-installed in Emerson Network
Power racks. Or you could put them in most existing
racks. That would save you time and money on system
integration and installation.
And our knowledgeable Emerson Network Power data
center experts could guide you in optimizing your entire
power chain and ensuring you ordered exactly the right
PDUs before you spent money installing them.
Emerson Network Power offers expert advice on configuration,
and can even deliver the rack PDUs installed in our racks.
Emerson Network Power’s more than 50 years of experience in data center
infrastructure design, deployment and application ensures your next rack PDU purchase
will keep you up and running regardless of changes to your data center environment.
Go to our PDU quick form to request more information.
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