Brochure "TRF-220/12-25"   ( PDF 97,7Kb )

Brochure "TRF-220/12-25"   ( PDF 97,7Kb )
• Low-voltage step-down transformers are
used in humid premises as bathroom and kitchen
with low-voltage (12 V) safety requirements. TRF
transformers are used to provide safe power voltage
12 V/ 50 Hz for the domestic fans not more than
16 W (25VA) with current load up to 2 A.
• Transformer for flush mounting. The transformer casing is made of plastic and supplied with
a protective terminal box. Electrical connection of
the fan with the safe voltage 12 V is done through
the output terminal block.
• Transformer is designed for indoor installation
in areas not subjected to high humidity and
temperature influence.
• Transformer is designed for ceiling flush
mounting or recess wall mounting. In case of
installation into a junction box provide sufficient
air ventilation to prevent the device overheating.
• Observe the applicable fire safety requirements
while installation and operation. Do not install
transformers above heating equipment.
• For overload protection the transformer is
equipped with a replaceable melting fuse built in
the input terminal board.
Protection rating (except terminal blocks) IP 40.
Technical data
Voltage [V] at 50 Hz
1~ 230
Output voltage [V] / 50 Hz
Max. load power, no more
16 (25 VA)
Maximum load current [A]
Overall dimensions LxBxH [mm]
Transformer 91х58х62
Terminal box 110х40х40
Maximum ambient temperature [оС]
IP 40
Weight [kg]
Transformer wiring diagrams
Q1 – external switch integrated into fixed wiring system;
ХТ1 – input terminal block with built-in fuse in the protecting terminal box;
XF1 – socket integrated into fixed wiring system;
XM1 – standard wall plug;
Т1 – transformer;
ХТ2 – output terminal block for connection of 12 V fan.
В – low voltage fan, 12 V.
VENTS. Domestic ventilation. Catalogue №6 | 09-2015
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