Optiflex FAQs

Optiflex FAQs
Optiflex Q&A
• How do I get Optiflex?
(Homeowner) Consult a security professional for installation.
(Security Professional) Contact your local ADI distributor at 1-800-2336261.
• How do you view Optiflex video remotely from a computer?
An AlarmNet Data Security Services account is required to view video via
Optiflex Video Services.
• How do I find an AlarmNet Data Services Provider?
(Security Dealer) Go to http://services.alarmnet.com/dealers/Search.aspx
for a listing of AlarmNet Central Stations.
• How do I become an AlarmNet Data Services Provider?
(Central Station) If you are an existing AlarmNet Central Station please
contact AlarmNet administration at 800-222-6525 press 1 then press 3 for
Contracts and Administration Support.
If you are not currently an AlarmNet Central Station go to
http://services.alarmnet.com/dealers/Search.aspx and click the link to sign
• What cameras are compatible with Optiflex?
Opticams work in conjunction with Optiflex, providing power and signal via
CAT-5. All NTSC color and b/w cameras are also compatible via an
Opticoax adapter.
• Are a control panel and a symphony keypad necessary?
A control panel and symphony keypad are optional configurations. Optiflex
can be used standalone to deliver local and remote video access.
• What Symphony software revision is required to support Optiflex?
1.175 or higher.
• How do you view Optiflex video locally from a video monitor, TV screen
or computer?
Use the NTSC output to view video from a local monitor or TV. To view
from a local PC you need Optiflex Direct software, which is available free of
charge, at: http://symphony.alarmnet.com/video/OptiflexDirect.aspx.
• What makes Optiflex Video Services better than other Internet video
solutions? Optiflex offers secure, easy to set-up, remote video that does
not require compromising firewalls. This saves time and money while
maintaining a high level of security.
• How does the video storage system work?
19 captures of 10 frames each may be stored in the system based on
triggered events. These captures may be viewed locally and remotely via a
PC with additional software, and saved to a PC.
• How do you trigger a video capture?
A video capture may be initiated through the ECP relay command using a
compatible Vista panel, or via any panel using a voltage (12vdc) trigger.
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