A E Specifications
Section 13740 – Closed Circuit Video Surveillance Systems
A. Bosch Security Systems
850 Greenfield Road
Lancaster, PA 17601
Tel (800) 326-3270
Fax (717) 735-6560
B. This product shall be manufactured by a firm whose quality system is in
compliance with the I.S. /ISO 9001/EN 29001, QUALITY SYSTEM.
A. The product specified shall be a high performance, 1/2-inch digital CCD
Day/Night camera capable of automatically switching from color to
monochrome operation as the available light levels vary. The camera shall
provide a minimum resolution of 540 horizontal TV lines. The camera design
shall be based on a 15-bit DSP image processing technology to provide
enhanced sensitivity and XF-Dynamic technology to extend the dynamic range.
These cameras shall be available in NTSC (60 Hz) and PAL (50 Hz) versions,
as required by the application.
B. The camera specified shall automatically detect the lens type installed as
fixed/manual iris, DC auto-iris, and video-iris, and allow the lens to be
focused during setup using a lens wizard that will ensure perfectly focused
pictures at all times. The camera shall allow the use of CS Mount type
C. The camera specified shall provide remote control and setup via Bosch
Bilinx bi-directional, coaxial communication capability embedded in the
video signal that allows change of camera settings, status checks and
firmware updates to be made from virtually anywhere along the video cable.
The Bilinx communication shall use the standard coaxial video cable to
transmit alarm and status messages. An optional USB adapter and the
software required for remote control and setup using Bilinx communication
shall be available from the camera manufacturer.
D. The camera shall provide a day/night mode to enhance night viewing by
increasing the IR sensitivity. An internal IR filter shall be switched from
color to monochrome mode automatically by either sensing the illumination
level or via the alarm input. The IR filter may also be switched manually
via the alarm input, through the camera menu selection, or via the Bilinx
coaxial control interface. An internal through-the-lens IR detector shall
enhance the monochrome mode stability by preventing the camera from
reverting to color mode when IR illumination is dominant.
E. The camera specified shall provide XF-Dynamic technology that extends the
dynamic light range of the camera by 32X and automatically processes the
digital signal produced by the 15-bit DSP technology to optimally, and,
simultaneously, capture the picture detail in both the highlight and
lowlight areas to maximize the information visible in the picture.
F. The camera specified shall include an on-board video motion detector that
provides up to four (4) fully programmable areas with individual
thresholds. The camera shall have a built-in global scene change detector
that minimizes false alarms caused by sudden changes in the lighting
conditions. Upon motion sense, the camera shall display the alarm on
screen, close an alarm relay at the camera, and transmit an alarm message
via Bosch Bilinx communication.
G. The camera specified shall be initially supplied with three selectable
factory preprogrammed operating modes (profiles) that typically fit most
applications. These three independent operating profiles shall be fully
reprogrammable should the application(s) change. The modes shall be
selectable via the camera menu, Bosch Bilinx communication, or an external
alarm input to the camera.
H. Fine tuning or special settings of the camera setup shall be accomplished
via a simple on-screen display (OSD) menu tree operated via control buttons
on the side of the camera. The camera shall provide a 16-character camera
I. The sensitivity of the camera shall be such that a useable picture of 50
IRE units is produced with a scene illumination of 0.31 lux (0.052 lux when
in monochrome mode) using an F1.2 lens and 89% scene reflectance. Full
video shall be produced with only 1.4 lux.
J. The camera shall provide a SensUp mode that enhances the effective
sensitivity of the camera by increasing the integration time on the CCD up
to 10 times.
K. The camera specified shall provide a default shutter mode that produces a
fast shutter speed when moving objects are to be viewed. To maintain
sensitivity levels, the camera shall revert back to the standard settings
when light levels are insufficient for fast shutter operation.
L. The camera shall provide the following shutter modes: Auto (1/60 (1/50) to
1/500,000 sec.), fixed, flickerless mode, and default mode.
M. The camera shall provide the following modes of White Balance:
1) Automatic Tracking White Balance (ATW) that allows the camera to
constantly adjust for optimal color reproduction.
2) White Balance Hold (ABW) that puts the ATW on hold and saves the current
color settings.
3) Manual mode that allows manual gain adjustment of red, green and blue.
4) White Balance Speed that adjusts the speed of the white balance control
loop for slow, medium, or fast operation.
N. The camera shall provide cable compensation, without external amplifiers,
up to 1000m (3000 feet) when used with the Bilinx coaxial communication.
A. Video output: Composite video 1.0 Vpp, 75 ohms.
B. Rated Voltage and Range:
LTC0620/10 & LTC0620/20: 12-28 VAC, 45-65 Hz; 11-36 VDC
LTC0620/50 & LTC0620/60: 110-240 VAC, 45-65 Hz.
C. Power consumption: 4 watts
D. Signal-to-noise ratio: 50 dB.
E. CCD type: 1/2-inch interline transfer.
A. Video Output: BNC
Camera Mount: 1/4 inch-20 UNC, top and bottom.
Lens mount: CS
Weight: 450 g (0.99 lbs) without lens.
Dimensions (less lens/including connectors):
122 L x 67 W x 59 H mm (4.8 x 2.6 x 2.28 in.)
A. Operating Temperature Range: -4 ºF to +122 ºF (-20 ºC to +50 ºC)
B. Operating humidity: 20% to 93%, non-condensing
2.06 Electromagnetic Compatibility:
A. EMC immunity: EN50130-4 Alarm systems Part 4
B. EMC emission: EN55022 Class B, FCC class B part 15
2.07 Safety:
A. EN60065 (/10 and /50 models)
B. UL6500, cUL CAN/CSA E60065-00 (/20 and /60 models)
A. Low voltage 24VAC or 12VDC camera installations require the use of AWG 16
to AWG 22 stranded wire or AWG 16 to AWG 26 solid conductor wire for power
B. Maximum wire diameters for Alarm input and relay outputs shall be AWG 22-28
for both stranded and solid wire.
C. Lenses weighing more than 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) must be separately supported.
The product specified shall be the Model LTC0620 Series Day/Night Camera
manufactured by Bosch Security Systems.
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