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What is a memory card?
A memory card is a small, removable device that stores data in items such as digital still cameras, MP3
players, pocket PCs, PDAs, camera phones, etc.
Different Kinds of Memory Cards
There are several types of memory cards. Before purchasing one for an electronic device, be sure to
find out what type of card the device uses. Because they are different sizes and shapes, they are not
interchangeable. Memory cards can store from 8MB to several GBs of data. The cost depends on the
amount of storage.
What is a memory card reader?
A memory card reader is a portable device that allows data to be transferred from a memory card to a
computer. Memory card readers cost $20-$40. Many card readers are capable of reading several types
of cards. Check your electronic devices to see what kind of cards they use before purchasing a
memory card reader. Some memory card readers require electrical power; some are USB powered.
Some computers have built-in memory card readers.
External Memory Card Reader
Computer With Built-In Card Reader Slots
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How do I start to use a memory card reader?
If you have Windows 2000 or higher, just plug in the memory card reader to any UBS port.
How do I transfer my data from the memory to my computer?
Power off the electronic device. Then remove the memory card and carefully insert it into the card
Open My Computer. The card reader will appear as a removable drive. If your computer has built-in
card readers, you will see several extra drives, one for each type of card reader.
Click on it to open it, and you will see your stored data. Drag the files from the memory card to a
folder on your computer. (This will not remove the files from the memory card.)
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