Shallow Mount M50/P1 Fixed Bollards
Method Statement
SEQUENCE:Step 1 –The civil contractor shall prepare the excavation area in line with safety plan
Step 2 –Once all protection has been put in place the excavation can commence. Once
the ground has been surveyed for services with the aid of a Scanner and drawings
provided by others to check for any further services commence breaking the ground to a
depth per drawing. Dependant on ground conditions, this excavation can be performed
using either an hydraulic breaker of Hard Point Breaker
Step 3 – Once depth has been achieved, all spoil to be removed onto adjacent vehicle
and distributed to local approved tipping/land fill site. Once the area is clear, the shallow
mount units shall be lifted into position using appropriate lifting equipment
Step 4 – Bollard & base plate should be slung in the traditional wrap around method.
Sling each bollard into position at agreed locations. Caution shall be taken not to
damage paving and columns when placing bollards. Once installed, each unit shall be
checked for level and adjustments made to ensure the bollard is vertical
Step 5 – Once unit has been positioned correctly, the same method will be adopted to lift
the next adjacent unit into position. Once placed side by side an interlocking pin shall be
inserted and the units are joined together
Step 6– Once all units have been located into their agreed positions, C50, 3/8”aggregate
pre-mixed concrete shall be applied to back fill all excavated areas either pumped or
manually transported from concrete truck to excavation area. Vibration pokers to be
used to ensure a consistent flow of concrete is achieved through the shallow mount
Step 7 – Once all areas complete and concrete has cured the sidewalk can be finished
with appropriate materials defined by the project specification and the area will have a
full clean down.
All vehicular & pedestrian traffic management requirements have been provided by the
All works carried out in accordance with Ameristar installation instructions and the site
safety plan
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