Welcome to the
Smart Home
Control4 makes Everyday Easy.™ We give you simple, practical control of
your music, movies, lights, temperature and security system from anywhere
in your home or anywhere in the world.
Our wired and wireless, easy-to-use products make your home your favorite
place to be by bringing a new level of effortless entertainment, peace of
mind, and comfort and convenience to you and your family. Control4 is the
platform for the digital home.
Automation used to be an expensive, new-home-only, complicated
proposition. Control4 has changed all that.
Affordable – Control4 brings you the benefits of a practical, reliable
home-automation system at a price that fits into your budget. Our scalable
design also means that it’s not an all-or-nothing solution — you can start
with a basic system and upgrade over time with solutions that fit your
needs and budget.
Easy to Install – Control4 products are designed to be easily installed
in both new and existing homes. Wireless or wired technology means
that you don’t need to tear open walls and remodel your entire home to
install a Control4 system. Complete Control4 systems can be installed and
programmed in a matter of hours saving you time and money.
Easy to Use – Control4 makes your life Everyday Easy™ by taking all
of the technology in your home and simplifying it. Everything works
better when it works together. Control4 lets you easily manage lighting,
security, music and entertainment without the need for a confusing
array of remotes or in-depth training.
“The automated life used
to be the exclusive realm
of the rich. Now home
automation is coming to a
subdivision near you.”
“After I had the chance to
put [Control4] through its
paces—including the brutal
wife-and-family test—I
was overwhelmed by the
exhilarating yet strangely
calming feeling that this is
the way things ought to be.”
— Home Theater
“If someday the average
American home includes
complete automation,
Control4 may be the
company most responsible.”
— Robb Report: Home
“Control4 delivers what it
promised: an easy-to-use
system... bringing complete
home-automation control to
people who previously could
not afford it.”
— Digital TV & Sound
“...their [Control4] system
will become the Model T
of home automation...that
takes the industry to a
whole new level.”
— CNN/Money
It’s good to save energy.
Especially your own.
Control4 Makes Everyday Easy™
Make your home the hangout
for family and friends. Control4
Home Theater and Multi-Room
Music systems make your
house the most entertaining
place around.
•Use your Control4 System
Remote to start a movie, dim the
lights and adjust the temperature
for a true movie theater
experience in your own home.
•Access your music and videos from
any room in your home, anytime.
• Make your home-theater system
easy enough for a child to use
with one simple remote to control
all your AV gear.
•No more searching through CD
cases to find the music you want
to hear. Create the perfect mood
by playing your favorite playlist
throughout the entire house for
your whole family to enjoy.
•Classical in the den, Blues in the
kitchen, and Rap in the teen’s
room - all at the same time.
Use your Control4 touch screen
or remote control to play music
from multiple sources, including
your MP3 player, external hard
drive or computer. And with
Rhapsody’s music service*,
subscribers can have access to
over 4.5 million songs in any or
all rooms anytime.
*Rhapsody membership requires a nominal fee.
Rest easy knowing your home
and family are safe and secure
at all times.
• Control4’s 4Sight Internet
Services can send you email
alerts or a text message to let
you know when your kids get
home from school, if the garage
door is left open during the day,
or if a water leak is detected in
the basement.
• Check on your home from
anywhere in the world with
Control4’s 4Sight Internet
Services – adjust temperature,
monitor cameras, turn the lights
on and off, and more.
• While you’re on vacation you can
make it look like you’re home by
having your home automatically
turn on the kitchen lights during
dinner time and the porch lights
at sunset.
Make your home comfortable
and green by conveniently
adjusting your lights and
temperature from anywhere.
• How would it be to wake up to
the perfect temperature with
your lights gradually turning on
while your favorite music plays
over your bedroom speakers.
With Control4, you’ll always get
up on the right side of the bed.
•Put your home to bed with the
touch of a button. The Control4
system can automatically adjust
your temperature to its nighttime
setting, turn off all the lights and
arm your security system.
• Save money on your utilities by
setting your lights to turn off
automatically when a room is
unoccupied for a certain
amount of time.
Effortless Entertainment,
Peace of Mind and
Comfort and Convenience
Start Small, Upgrade Over Time
Controllers are at the core of every Control4 system. They enable you
to control and automate virtually any home function, including your
home theater, music, lighting, temperature, and more. All versions
give you powerful control over your entire home and enable you to
build your system over time.
One-Touch Home Theater
Simplify the control of everyday audio, video, and home theater
components, eliminating the need for multiple remotes.
•System Remote Control – control all of your home theater
components or use the integrated display to browse music and
movies, adjust the temperature, turn off the lights and more.
•On-Screen Navigator – turns your television into an elegant
interface that can be used to access and control your entire home.
Multi-Room Music
Enjoy your digital music collection throughout your entire home.
•Speaker Point – send music wirelessly to any room in your house.
•Amplifiers – distribute amplified music to different zones
throughout your home.
•Multi-Tuner with XM Radio – unleash the latest in radio
technology throughout your home.
Smart Lighting
Control all the lights in your home with the touch of a button or using
a Control4 touch screen, keypad, or System Remote Control.
•Wireless Dimmers and Switches – smart lighting throughout your
entire house.
•Wireless Outlet Dimmers and Switches – power sensing modules
that make household plug-in devices part of your Control4 system.
Advanced Temperature Control
Simple, convenient control over the comfort of your home from
anywhere in your home.
•Wireless Thermostat – convenient control over the temperature in
your home from any Control4 touch screen, keypad or remote.
Safety and Security
Control4 integrates with your existing security system and provides
you with a variety of options to monitor the security of your home.
•4Sight Service – Log in to the my.Control4.com website to monitor
and control your home from any internet connection in the world.
•3rd Party Integration – Control4 integrates with a variety of home
security systems. This means you can use any Control4 interface to
control and monitor your security system.
Why a Smart Home is a Smart Idea
Control4 combines high tech
solutions with ease of use for
positive environmental impact.
By giving you control of your
home, we make it easy to
conserve precious resources
like energy, water, and time.
Now your lights can go on and
off based on time of day. The
Control4 system is even smart
enough to know if there’s
anyone in the room or anyone
in the home and manage
energy consumption for you.
How much can you help
the environment with a
Control4 system?
Use dimmers, timers and
occupancy sensors to reduce
energy waste. In a typical
3-bedroom home, a Control4
family could save is over 850
pounds of CO2 emissions each
year. That’s the equivalent of
not driving a car for a month.
And that’s just the beginning.
Further savings can be
realized by controlling the
amount of wattage used
by light bulbs and installing
dimming devices which
conserves electricity, saves
energy costs, and extends
the life of light bulbs.
the light this much
this much electricity
bulb life
2 times
4 times
20 times
More than
20 times
Source: The Energy Conservation
Enhancement Project at LSU
Perfect for Any Home – New or Old
The idea of having a homecontrol system to manage all of
your home’s electronic gear has
long seemed out of reach. Often
considered too expensive or too
difficult to install after a home was
built, homeowners can now enjoy
the convenience and control of a
home automation system, thanks
to Control4.
Ideal for homes new or old, small
or large, installations can be
completed in a matter of hours or
days, not weeks or months. And
Control4 is a modular solution so
you can start with a basic system
and plans to upgrade in the future,
or install a system with all the bells
and whistles you can dream up.
Control4 is designed to integrate
easily with most standard systems
and protocols making our products
robust, dependable and incredibly
easy to install. Control4 offers all
the benefits of a practical, reliable
home-automation solution at a
fraction of the cost of most systems.
• Leverages standard wiring
already available in light switches
and thermostats.
• Uses standard Ethernet cabling.
• Operates over standard wireless
protocols including 802.11 and
Ideal Solution for Retrofit
• Existing homes are perfect for
Control4 installations – no need
to rip down walls thanks to our
standards-based, wireless/wired
install capabilities.
• Control4 solutions have been
successfully installed in homes
from one to 100 years old!
Integrate in New Construction
• New homes can be built with
basic systems and easily
expanded to fit future needs.
• Home theater, multi-room music,
smart lighting and security
system integration can be spec’d
before construction.
Control4 is the Clear Choice for Retrofit Projects
“People…can now enjoy the convenience and security
of technologies that were previously out of their
price range and until now would have required
extensive rewiring of their house.”
— Advanced Home
Controllers, Multi-Room Music and Speakers
The brain of the smart home, Control4 has the right one for every project.
Home Controller HC-200
An affordable and versatile controller, ideal for providing in-room control
and on-screen navigation for every display in the home.
• Universal mounting bracket
• Extremely small form factor allows placement behind flat panel displays
Home Controller HC-300
With increased performance capabilities, the HC-300 makes whole-home
automation simple.
• 720p HD on-screen TV interface
• Add digital music and photos with USB hard drive
Home Controller HC-500
Combines the power of our Home Controller HC-300 with an integrated
hard drive and additional inputs/outputs.
• 720p HD on-screen TV interface
• Store digital music and photos on the internal 160GB hard drive
Home Controller HC-1000
Optimized to run as a high-performance dedicated primary controller for
large media libraries.
• Half Terabyte internal hard drive
• Solid state boot drive
Multi-Room Music
Control4 offers multi-room music products that make it easy to listen to
your entire music collection from anywhere in your home.
Dock for iPod
Seamlessly integrate your iPod into a Control4 system.
• Navigate, control, and distribute your iPod contents anywhere in your house
• Play all media files on your iPod, including music and videos
Multi Tuner
Experience the power of traditional radio and satellite-radio technology.
• Stream three stations simultaneously throughout your home
• Dual AM/FM tuners, optional XM Satellite Radio
Speaker Point
Digitally streams music throughout the home easily and affordably.
• 2-channel digital amplifier, 50 watts per channel
• WiFi and Ethernet versions
4 Zone Amplifier
State-of-the-art digital amplifier delivers high quality sound to any room.
• 4 stereo zones at 60W per channel at 8Ω
• 4 signal-sensing inputs, support analog stereo inputs, two can be digital coax
• Auto-power save mode, uses less than 2W of power when amp is not in use
Multi Channel Amplifier
State-of-the-art 8 zone digital amplifier/matrix switch delivers high-quality
sound to any room in the home.
• Full equalization per channel
• 16-channel digital amplifier, 100 watts per channel
• 8 signal-sensing stereo analog audio inputs
Audio Matrix Switch
Brings your audio sources together for distribution throughout your home.
• Automatic detection of audio signals
• 16 input sources to 16 output zones
A perfect compliment to Control4’s multi-room music products, Control4
in-ceiling and in-wall speakers offer a great solution for surround sound
and multi-room music.
5.25”, 6” and 8” In-ceiling
These speakers make it possible to have spectacular sound in any room
in your home.
• Polymer cones and advanced computer optimized crossovers
• Simple rotating clamp mounting
6” and 8” In-wall
These speakers make an excellent choice for the front-channel speakers
in a high-performance home theater system.
• Polymer cones and advanced computer optimized crossovers
• Simple rotating clamp mounting
6” and 8” In-ceiling Stereo
These speakers are the perfect high quality, multi-purpose solutions for
whole-house music where space is a major consideration.
• Polymer cones and advanced computer optimized crossovers
• Simple rotating clamp mounting
Lighting, Keypads and Temperature Control
Control4 has a variety of interfaces that you can use to control your
entire home. These can be used to play music, watch a movie, adjust the
temperature, dim the lights, and more.
Control4 switches and other lighting products make it possible to control
lighting from a local switch or a remote switch anywhere—without
additional wiring.
System Remote Controls
Included with every controller* these simple devices let you control
everything in your home with the built-in display (SR-250 only) or through
the on-screen TV interface.
• Wireless (RF) with bi-directional feedback
• Piezo speaker for “lost remote” paging capabilities
• Bright OLED display (SR-250 only) and backlit buttons
• Wake-on-motion sensor
Wireless Dimmer and Switch
Elegant and convenient lighting control from any touch screen, keypad or remote.
•Replace existing switches, no new wires required
•Custom screw-less faceplate
•Customizable LED lights
•Integrated air gap switch (Dimmer only)
LCD Keypad
Complete system control in an elegant, compact design.
• Ten-button configuration
• Wireless (ZigBee) and Ethernet versions
• In-wall and desktop versions
Available in white, black, and almond
Mini Touch Screen – Packs all the features of a full-sized touch panel
into an elegant, compact four-inch touch screen.
• Rich color graphics
• WiFi and Ethernet versions
• In-wall and desktop versions
Available in white, black, and almond
Wireless Outlet Dimmer and Outlet Switch
Connect to any household plug-in device, immediately making it part of
the Control4 system.
• Dual outlets
• Small form factor
• Secure mounting
• Energy efficient
• Built-in dimmer capabilities (Outlet Dimmer only)
• Built-in power current sensing (Outlet Switch only)
Control4 keypads offer smart, affordable solutions to give you a variety of
personalized one-touch scenarios.
Available in white, black, and almond
7” Touch Screen
Control an entire home automation system with this elegant 7” touch
• WiFi and Ethernet communication
• 4 customizable hard buttons
10.5” Touch Screen
Control an entire home automation system with this elegant 10.5” touch screen.
•Ethernet communication (In-wall only)
•WiFi communication (Portable only)
• Custom wood frames available (In-wall only)
Wireless 2, 3 and 6 Button Keypads
• Scalable, low cost solution
• Unlimited programming options
• Customizable LED colors
• Customizable keycaps (3 and 6 button only)
• Use as a 3-way switch in a Control4 lighting scene
Available in white, black, and almond
Advanced temperature control is a simple and affordable addition to a
Control4 system.
Wireless Thermostat
Easily adds advanced temperature control to any home.
•Bi-directional communication with all Control4 interfaces
• Stand-alone functionality
In-wall available in white, black, and almond
*Remote not included with the Home Controller HC-1000
Sample System – Home Theater and Music
Sample System – Home Theater, Music, Lighting, Temperature
Home Theater
Home Theater
Wireless Thermostat
Wireless Outlet Dimmer
On Screen
On Screen
CD Player
CD Player
Home Controller HC-500
DVD Player
Home Controller HC-300
USB Hard Drive
Network Router
Sony DVP-CX995V 400-Disc Changer
System Remote Control
System Remote Control
Network Router
ZigBee™ Wireless Connection
ZigBee™ Wireless Connection
WiFi Connection
WiFi Connection
Wired Connection
Wired Connection
Family Room
Multi Channel Amplifier
Family Room
Wireless Dimmers
7” Portable Touch Screen
Wireless LCD Keypad
Wireless LCD Keypad
10.5” Wireless Touch Screen
System Remote Control
System Remote Control
Speaker Point™
WiFi Speaker Point™
Control4 8”
In-ceiling Speakers
Control4 8”
In-wall Speakers
Control4 8”
In-wall Speakers
Control4 8”
In-ceiling Speakers
Control4 8”
In-ceiling Speakers
Control4 8”
In-ceiling Speakers
With Control4, you
can simplify your
life by bringing all
of the technology in
your home together
into one complete,
elegant solution.
• Start small, upgrade
as you go
Easy to Install
• Perfect for both new
and existing homes
Easy to Use
• Practical for
everyday life
www.control4.com | 888.400.4070
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Control4 Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Other names or brands may be claimed as the property of others.
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