Preparing Tool for Operation
Preparing Tool for Operation — Battery/Charger Problems
Battery Cell doesn’t appear to accept charge — green Charger light
does not come on — red Charger
light comes on when Battery Cell is
inserted in Charger.
Battery is inserted into Charger and
no red LED.
Inoperative indicator lights on Charger.
Try Battery Cell in tool after charge
cycle. If tool LED is green, Charger
lights are not working properly.
Replace Charger or monitor charging time to ensure Battery Cell has
adequate time for recharging. If tool
LED is red or is off, check Charger
output voltage.
Battery Cell damaged or cycle life
Replace Battery Cell.
Check power to Charger.
Rotate Battery Cell in Charger holding
red button down until red light comes
Battery Charger lights flash red/green. Battery Cell left in completely discharged state for extensive time.
Place Battery Cell in Charger for 3
hours, then try in tool. If tool LED still
indicates red, replace Battery Cell.
Battery Cell won’t fit in Charger open- Battery Cell case or label is damaged.
ing freely.
Remove raised burrs or replace label.
Do not use Battery Cell if plastic case
is cracked or severely damaged.
Blue Charger light won’t come on
when Charger is plugged in; red light
won’t come on when discharged Battery Cell is inserted.
Defective indicator light(s) and/ or
Check Charger output voltage. Make
sure Charger is plugged into an energized 110V outlet.
Blue Charger light comes on when
Charger is plugged in; red light won’t
come on when discharged Battery
Cell in inserted.
Battery Cell not completely inserted
into Charger.
Check terminal end of battery for
burrs on tube or scuffed label. Service
as required. Replace severely damaged Battery Cell.
Terminals in Charger not making
contact with Battery Cell.
Unplug Charger and check if terminals
are O.K. If not, replace Charger.
Damaged Charger.
Discontinue use immediately and
unplug from power source. Replace
Charger and tag. Dispose of Charger
to prevent accidental use.
Charger gets hotter than normal,
makes excessively loud noise, or
smokes during charging cycle. Charger cord or wall plug gets hotter than
Rev. 09/07
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