11. Insert the shoe of the camshaft drive gear torque holding tool, J 35652, through a
lightening hole of the camshaft drive gear. See Figure 1-322.
Figure 1-322
Installation of Camshaft Drive Gear Torque Holding Tool
12. Using the 3/4 in. square hole in the center of the crankshaft pulley, bar the engine over
slightly so that the bolt holes in the holding tool align with the access cover bolt holes in
the gear case cover.
13. Install the camshaft drive gear torque holding tool, J 35652, to the gear case, engaging
one of the lightening holes in the camshaft drive gear. Use two of the access cover bolts
to secure the tool to the gear case cover.
14. Using a long 3/4 in. drive breaker bar and a 27 mm impact socket, remove the camshaft
drive gear mounting bolt. Discard the bolt.
15. Remove camshaft drive gear torque holding tool J 35652 from the gear case cover.
16. Insert a clean shop towel into the gear case opening to prevent removed bolts from falling
into the gear case.
Do not allow bolts or the shop towel to fall into the gear case.
Failure to remove loose bolts or the shop towel from the gear
case may result in severe gear train damage at engine startup.
17. Remove the three (current) or two (former) camshaft thrust plate mounting bolts carefully
to avoid dropping them into the gear case. Refer to section 1.23.2 .
All information subject to change without notice.
6SE483 0010 Copyright © 2001 DETROIT DIESEL CORPORATION
From Bulletin 22-60-01
18. Reverse camshaft gear pilot tool J 35906 by turning it 180 degrees and install it to the
camshaft drive gear access opening using three of the access cover bolt holes. The J tool
number should face away from the engine and the hub end of the tool should be inside the
access hole. Tighten the three tool retaining bolts.
19. Engage the puller bolt in the threads of the camshaft drive gear hub until the bolt is
tight. Turn the bolt clockwise, pulling the thrust plate towards the front of the engine
approximately 6-7 mm (1/4 in.) until the camshaft hub contacts the J tool and the
perimeter seal is clearly accessible. The gap between the end of the camshaft and the
thrust plate should be wide enough to permit the perimeter seal to pass through.
20. Remove the number 1 camshaft bearing cap using socket tool J 36003 part of J 36003–A .
See Figure 1-323.
Figure 1-323
Removal of Camshaft Cap Stud
21. Using a flat-bladed screwdriver on the side of one of the camshaft lobes, lever the camshaft
back and away from the thrust plate.
22. Using a hook-end pick, J 39227, reach into the thrust plate bore in the gear case, hook the
perimeter seal, and pull it off of the thrust plate. Pass the seal between the thrust plate and
camshaft and discard. Pull the diamond seal from the thrust plate groove and discard.
All information subject to change without notice.
From Bulletin 22-60-01
6SE483 0010 Copyright © 2001 DETROIT DIESEL CORPORATION
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