Calibration Competence brochure

Calibration Competence brochure
Calibration Competence
Your country
Balances and Scales
Heavy Capacity Weighing
Shipping and Receiving
Product Inspection
Analytical Chemistry
Thermal Analysis
Services Beyond Calibration
Peak Performance
and Peace-of-Mind
Calibration Capabilities
Company Competence
Calibration Overview
Software and Documentation
Offering by Product Categories:
Balances and Scales
Heavy Capacity Weighing
Shipping and Receiving
Product Inspection
Analytical Instruments
Thermal Analysis
Weights Calibration
Beyond Calibration: Good Measuring Practices
In addition to the calibration services described in this brochure,
METTLER TOLEDO Service offers a broad range of services and
support on your measurement equipment, such as:
 Qualified Installations
 Setup and Configuration Support
 Validations and Verifications
 Preventive Maintenance
 Asset Management
 System Upgrades and Instrument Overhauls
 Remote Monitoring and Repair Services
If you need more information on our comprehensive service
offering, please contact your local METTLER TOLEDO
representative or visit us online.
Company Competence
At a Glance
Amazing Solutions
METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer and marketer
of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial
and food retailing applications. The company has strong
worldwide leadership positions. A significant majority
of our instrument sales are in segments in which we
are the global leader. In addition to a broad product
offering, we have one of the largest global sales and
service organizations among precision instrument
factory-trained service
and sales specialists
Amazing solutions
Global presence
We focus on the high valueadded segments of our markets
by manufacturing innovative
instruments that often integrate various
technologies including applicationspecific solutions for customers.
Together with our strong global
presence and our comprehensive
service offering we provide best-inclass solutions for the operations of our
customers around the world, helping
to maintain best possible efficiency
and quality with our measurement
With our own market organizations
operating in most industrialized
countries as well as selected
partners across other regions,
we are ready to serve customers
well around the globe. In total
our products and services are
available in over 100 countries.
Our geographically focused market
organizations are responsible for
all aspects of sales, service and
METTLER TOLEDO has our own Sales & Service Organizations
in 35 countries as well as Distribution & Service Partners
in most other countries across the globe. Our products are
developed and produced in various locations in the United
States, Europe and China.
Learn more about METTLER TOLEDO sales & service:
Calibration Overview
Calibration for Confidence
and Peace-of-Mind
As the world’s leading manufacturer of weighing equipment and measurement devices,
METTLER TOLEDO has the necessary knowledge, experience and capabilities to keep your
instruments’ performance and compliance at peak levels throughout it s entire lifetime.
Given the breadth of our instrument portfolio and the depth of knowledge from over 100 years of
experience in measurement instruments, METTLER TOLEDO Service is your single-stop-source tor all
types of calibration and maintenance services.
Customers benefit from our extensive network of thousands of METTLER TOLEDO Service
technicians and authorized service providers for on-site services around the world.
Regardless of your location, an experienced, factory trained technician is
available to visit you at your work place.
Peak performance, always
Comprehensive documentation
Specialized calibration tools
METTLER TOLEDO Service is the partner you can trust
METTLER TOLEDO has developed
a comprehensive offering of
various calibrations that ensures
your instrument stays accurate,
maintains peak performance and
helps you stay compliant in any
You will always receive detailed
calibration documentation
that provides you with the
necessary measurement data
and test results – structured
and easy-to-understand. These
fully traceable certificates will
satisfy your auditor and provide
the information you need to
be on top of performance
technicians and authorized
service providers are equipped
with specialized and proprietary
tools and calibration software that
are a perfect match to calibrate
your instruments and maintain
their precision and accuracy over
their entire lifetime.
Your highly precise measurement instruments require calibration to
maintain their accuracy and to provide you the peace of mind that
your measurement results are precise and reliable. These calibrations
need to be performed in a consistent manner with clearly defined
Standard Operating Procedures and comprehensive documentation
in order to give you the necessary confidence in your equipment.
Managing these calibrations could become a major problem if you do
not have the right partner that completely understands the instruments
and can provide the necessary services in a professional manner
across your instrument portfolio.
METTLER TOLEDO is the strong partner that you are looking for – so
you don’t have to worry about failing an audit or basing your quality
system on incorrect measurement results.
Calibration Overview
Specialized Service Offerings
for Specialized Equipment
Tiered calibration offerings that cover all your needs
The type of calibration you need depends on a variety of factors: your equipment type, your
industry, laws and regulations in your country, as well as your application and usage of the
From basic applications to highly-regulated environments, METTLER TOLEDO offers calibration
certificates to meet every need.
Basic Certificates
Manufacturer’s Certificates
Regulated/Specialty Certificates
Basic test
Basic calibration
Manufacturer calibration
Standard calibration
ISO 17025 calibration
Custom calibration
Perfect for environments
where there are no specific
ISO 9000 requirement but it is
still important for the quality
of measurement results to be
maintained to ensure you are
meeting basic performance
If your operations are ISO
9000 certified, your minimum
requirement will be to get a
basic calibration that provides
you with simple tests to ensure
your instrument’s accuracy in
a regulated environment with
basic measurement needs.
Designed to compare your
instrument’s performance to
our manufacturing tolerances,
this certificate ensures your
instrument attains expected and
reliable performance throughout
its lifetime, just as our expert
engineers intended.
A comprehensive option,
specially-designed from our
field expertise and customer
feedback. These certificates
cover all of the most common
regulations, including USP,
Euramet, OIML ... and many
For customers seeking extra
confidence in their service
provider, our ISO 17025
accredited laboratories in your
region ensure compliance to
the ISO standard as well as
unique guidelines from local
accreditation bodies.
If your process requires particular
measurement points or an
assessment against your own
tolerences, our custom calibration
certificates can accomodate this
and still ensure the calibration
rigorously follows established
testing procedures. As with all
certificates, you will receive a
very structured overview of the
measurements and results.
Software and Documentation
Unmatched Ease and Consistency
with Our Proprietary Calibration Process
No hassle. No errors. No missing certificates. With the unique MiraCal calibration
and certification system, you can be assured of your compliance.
Our consistent and traceable process delivers readily available documentation and
valuable data let you manage compliance beyond your next audit.
MiraCal is a proprietary software of METTLER TOLEDO that ensures all tests are
performed uniformly by all our technicians as well as METTLER TOLEDO authorized
service providers, eliminating any potential risk of human error. The computer-generated
certificates are easy to manage and archive. Should you misplace one, we can always
provide you with a backup. Have total confidence that your instruments are within
tolerence – and that your auditor knows it, too.
Total consistency
To guarantee the highest
quality and consistency, the
METTLER TOLEDO calibration
and certification procedures are
based on the MiraCal software.
State-of-the-art certification
The computer-generated certificates from the METTLER TOLEDO
calibration software system eliminate human errors in calculations,
as well as in the generation of the certificate. These fully traceable
certificates will satisfy your auditor’s requirements and also give you all
the information you need to be on top of performance management.
The METTLER TOLEDO calibration and
certification software system ensures
100% consistent step-by-step testing
procedures for our METTLER TOLEDO
Service technicians globally. With this
process we generate comprehensive
and fully traceable electronic
certificates. These electronic certificates
are stored and archived in our highly
secure database.
Additionally, we can provide you with a
backup copy of your certificates upon
your request; either in electronic or
traditional paper format.
It guides our technicians stepby-step through the calibration
process, thereby ensuring that all
necessary tests are performed
correctly and uniformly at
all times – independent of
technician or location.
Digital flexibility
All certificates are available in PDF format for electronic archival. This
paperless administration allows for complete and immediate retrieval.
All certificates are safely stored on your computer and always available
on our secure electronic database. Backup guaranteed. And with over
1,000,000 certificates created electronically already, we have saved a
lot of paper too.
The MiraCal system is designed for the
absolute assurance of our high quality
calibration services – and for an
efficient and environmentally friendly
administration of your certificates.
Metrological Test Procedures
Returns the measuring characteristics of a balance obtained by
testing for eccentricity, linearity
and repeatability.
Measurement Uncertainty
Measurement Uncertainty
Quantifies the variation of the
measuring influences that can
reasonably be associated with
the weighing result.
Minimum Weight
Minimum Weight
Returns the smallest sample
weights for any combination of
weighing accuracy and safety
Reference Weights
Traceable Reference Weights
Proves the reliability of the test
weights used for the balance
calibration tests.
Burette Stroke Drive
Mechanical Fitness
Determines the burette stroke
drive to achieve accurate dosing
Burette Volume Uncertainty
Volume Uncertainty Calculation
Calculates the measurement
uncertainty for the dosing volume
based on the standard deviation
of the burette volume.
Calibration is one of the most important maintenance activities, even during the
warranty period. This means that your balance or scale already has to be calibrated
prior to being put into operation, as this is the only safe way to ensure accurate and
reliable weighing results.
METTLER TOLEDO Service can provide you with the necessary calibration service
according to your needs right from the start. For your quality management system to be
consistent, we can calibrate all your weighing instruments regardless of the brand
according to the same standards and operating procedures to ensure you have consistent
measurements for all your instruments.
Our experienced service team knows your industry and will support you in defining the
right calibration procedures and documentation for your operations. METTLER TOLEDO
provides calibration services on all brands of weighing equipment, so you have a single
source for all your calibration needs.
With our unique calibration
management systems, these
testing procedures are enforced
during the calibration, ensuring
total consistency over the entire
lifetime of your instrument.
Basic Test
All our Service technicians are
equipped with certified weights
that are calibrated regularly by
our accredited calibration labs
around the world.
Basic Calibration
Manufacturer Calibration
Standard Calibration
* 
ISO 17025 Calibration
USP Minimum Weight
Based on your needs, various
appendices and options can be
added to show all the necessary
data you or your auditor want
to see. Your choice – electronic
format or print.
Each reference weight is
identified on your calibration
documentation and can be traced
back to international standards.
So you can rest assured on the
accuracy of your instruments.
* 
Minimum Weight
Customized Calibration
USP chapter 41
USP chapter 41
Substitution Principle
Minimum Weight Option
Measurement Uncertainty
With MiraCal, we will
provide you with a detailed,
comprehensive report of all the
measurements performed and
the test results.
Pass/Fail Statement
Our Service technicians have
been factory-trained to follow
our globally consistent testing
procedures specifically designed
to ensure continued accuracy of
your instrument.
Temperature Recording
Components of calibration offering:
Repeatability Test
Calibration against traceable
reference weights
Linearity Test
Detailed documentation
tailored to your needs
Sensitivity Test
Standardized procedures for
consistent measurements
Eccentricity Test
Balances and Scales
Stay Compliant Under Any Circumstances
with Comprehensive Calibration Services
‡ ‡ ‡
* The last linearity test point also represents the sensitivity test
† For select ISO17025 certificates only
‡ Available as an annex for selected certificates
If you want to go beyond the simple calibration and get a comprehensive risk management
system for your balances and scales, we recommend our Good Weighing Practice program.
For more information go to page 30 of this brochure or visit
Heavy Capacity Weighing
Accuracy is Not Accidental
Even for Rugged Applications
The value of a weighing system is proportional to its accuracy. An out of
specification scale can diminish quality, reduce profits and increase liability.
To ensure accuracy, every scale system must be periodically calibrated.
However, as the capacity of a scale increases, calibration becomes
increasingly more difficult, time consuming and costly.
Achieving the accuracy you need for your weighing processes begins with an
evaluation of the impact of weighing accuracy on your business. Meeting
minimum regulatory accuracy tolerances may not be adequate, as a higher level
of accuracy may yield quality, cost or revenue benefits that by far exceed the
cost of a higher-level calibration.
Accuracy ensured with proven
Tiered calibration offering for
all needs and environments
Versatile calibration tools to
cover your needs
Vehicle scale calibrations to
boost performance
Increase your ROI in large
capacity tank scales
Value-added calibration
procedures and certificates
For calibration, one procedure
does not fit all requirements. For
that reason, we have a broad
portfolio of calibration certificate
types which are delivered using
proven and consistent processes
to ensure that results are
traceable and defensible during
an audit. Most importantly, you
achieve the accuracy level
needed to support your business
We offer a variety of calibration
procedures and certificate types
to meet your needs and to
satisfy the appropriate industry
and regulatory requirements.
We offer calibration solutions as
simple as single point checks to
confirm performance to
calibration certificates with
multiple test procedures that
allow for determination of
accuracy by calculating
measurement uncertainty and
minimum weight.
technicians and authorized
service providers are equipped
with the tools needed to ensure
the integrity of your calibration
results. For example, different
scales require calibration using
different weight classifications
and accuracy classes of reference
weights. You can safely entrust
us with these details.
You choose to weigh vehicles
because you care about the
weight of the materials you
purchase, sell and transport.
The benefit you derive from
your investment in large
capacity tank scales depends
on accuracy. If you neglect
periodic calibration, you are
placing false confidence in
your weight measurement
There are many types of industrial
scales each of which can be
utilized in a wide variety of
applications. Calibration is not
just about a paper certificate, it
should add value to your process
and business.
METTLER TOLEDO knows heavy
capacity weighing and our
calibration services go beyond
keeping you just within legal-fortrade tolerances. Our
calibration procedures enable
us to make your scale as
accurate as possible, increasing
your profitability.
Calibration of large capacity
tank scales can be challenging
and expensive. Let us evaluate
the best method of achieving
the accuracy you need.
To maximize the value you
receive from the calibration
services that you purchase,
METTLER TOLEDO will deliver
the right service at the right
frequency, for each scale
Shipping and Receiving
Secure Profitability
Inbound and Out
The weight and dimensions of your outgoing and incoming shipments influence
your profitability. METTLER TOLEDO helps you determine the value of your inbound
and outbound shipments and to accurately determine logistics costs to improve
your profitability. However, this is not a one-time event, a program of periodic
calibration and maintenance at an appropriate frequency is necessary to ensure
on-going results.
Benefit from the largest service
network in the industry
Extra care for your equipment
Specialized tools for efficient
and reliable services
Length calibration for your
dimensioning systems
Single-Stop calibration for your
logistics processes
documentation, reliable results
We know the local regulatory
requirements where you do
business. Our service
technicians maintain required
training and our quality control
systems deliver repeatable
results. We frequently collaborate
with weights and measures
officials or we have been
delegated authority so that you
make one call for ensured
weighing compliance.
For equipment used under
harsh, demanding conditions,
wear and tear of essential
components of your
measurement system may
cause a calibration to fail. We
take extra care of your
equipment and make the
needed adjustments or replace
worn out parts to ensure your
equipment will pass calibration
tests and provide dependable
Calibrating a truck scale can be a
very time consuming and costly
process without highly
specialized equipment. We have
made the investments in the tools
needed to provide superior value
to your calibration budget.
Dimensioning of parcels,
products and pallets can help
you optimize logistics costs
or revenues as well as make
the best use of space. Like all
measurement equipment, a
documented dimensional
calibration is necessary to
ensure regulatory compliance
while maximizing your profits.
highly specialized know-how
and tools to do it right.
Logistics processes often require
weights and dimensions to be
determined in multiple stages of
transport. This determination
can require multiple types of
scales such as bench scales,
floor scales, conveyor scale,
forklift scales and vehicle
scales. Dimensions may also
be captured with each weight
independently. METTLER
TOLEDO can provide calibration
services at each and every
measurement point.
With the MiraCal calibration
Service provides you with
a traceable and detailed
documentation of calibration
Certified weights and tools
provide a fast and efficient
calibration service and assure
that you stay compliant.
MiraCal automates the
calibration procedure and the
determination and application
of appropriate tolerances
to ensure consistent results
and comparability between
Product Inspection
At the Heart of Inspection
is Compliance
Compliance with industry standards, regulations and legislation is a pre-requisite
to protect your customers, your business and your reputation. When it comes to
Product Inspection equipment, the METTLER TOLEDO Service team can provide all
the support you need to ensure you meet your compliance obligations.
Whether you need testing or calibration tools to help meet your compliance needs,
documentary evidence and systems to confirm that performance verification has been
carried out or you just need advice on the intricacies of how the standards work, our
service team is ready to support.
With the largest network of locally based service technicians and engineers in the
industry, we are readily available to assist you with your calibration needs. Why not
give us a call and put us to the test?
Support in meeting your
compliance obligations
Documented performance
verification program
Certified tools for testing and
One choice of solutions to suit all Product Inspection equipment
Whether you have metal detectors, x-ray inspection equipment,
checkweighers or vision systems, the global network of METTLER TOLEDO
Service engineers are available to provide solutions tailored to suit the
specific needs of your facility.
X-ray Inspection
Check Weighing
Vision Inspection
User Training
Equipment Upgrade Program
Compliance Consultancy/Audit
Metal Detection
X-ray Radiation Check
Service Offerings
MID Compliance*
Regular testing or calibration of
Product Inspection equipment
is an essential part of any
effective quality control system.
certified contaminant test pieces
and calibrated test weights to
ensure your inspection equipment
is always meeting demanding
IPac Documentation Package
Timely Performance Verification
testing by a trained engineer
will ensure your business
meets its obligations. METTLER
TOLEDO engineers carry out
the necessary procedures and
provide documentary evidence
to support compliance needs.
In a competitive world, you
need a partner to support and
guide your business through
the ever-increasing demands of
industry standard regulations
and legislation. The Product
Inspection Service team from
METTLER TOLEDO is there to
lead you through the maze and
advise on how you can ensure
Performance Verification
Product Inspection Service Breakdown:
*Measuring Instruments Directive
Accurate, Reproducible Results
Optimized with Pipette Service
Accurate and reproducible pipetting results can only be achieved with regular
service and calibration. As the world’s leading manufacturer and service provider
for pipettes and balances, METTLER TOLEDO is perfectly equipped to maintain
accuracy and reliability of your pipettes.
Our comprehensive network of calibration laboratories around the world are equipped
with state-of-the-art precision micro balances, expert pipette technicians and an
extensive inventory of original manufacturer parts. Our standardized global service
processes ensure the accuracy and reproducible results you have come to expect from
Ensure consistent performance – always get a PM with your calibration
Accredited calibration services
Comprehensive calibration
Professional calibration tools
Sealing System Failure Rate
In a study of over 120,000 serviced pipettes, 95% of failures were attributed to at least one
component of the sealing system. With regular preventive maintenance, pipette failure rates
can be significantly reduced. Therefore, METTLER TOLEDO recommends a PM with every
calibration of your pipette.
Seals can leak after being exposed to damaging piston surfaces or
sample contamination. Average replacement: Once a year
ISO/lEC 17025 is the
internationally recognized
standard for calibration
laboratories. Having ISO/IEC
17025 accreditation assures
compliance with strict standards
that include temperature,
humidity and vibration controlled
METTLER TOLEDO pipette service
can meet or exceed all your
regulatory compliance needs.
METTLER TOLEDO’s versatile
pipette calibration software
supports every step of the
calibration process and ensures
full traceability of calibration
All calibration data is stored in
a secure database, ensuring
compliance with ISO 8655 and
FDA 21 CFR Part 11. You will
receive a certificate for each
calibration with this detailed
As the leading manufacturer of
balances and weighing systems,
most sophisticated equipment to
calibrate your pipettes.
Our labs are equipped to calibrate
all pipette volumes as well as
multichannel pipettes. These
systems allow us to calibrate to
exact requirements, whether it
regards manufacturer, ISO 8655
or custom specifications.
Shaft ends wear over time, especially when high force is applied to
mounting tips. Average replacement: 3 years
56% Seal/O-ring
Piston surfaces can deteriorate over time, leading to premature seal
failure and pipette inaccuracy. Average replacement: 3 to 5 years
7% Shaft
All pipettes entering calibration receive these valuable services:
Sealing System
Parts Replacement
37% Piston
Internal and external inspection and function check
Cleaning of internal and external components
Visual and pressurized leak test
Seals replaced every visit and o-rings, shafts and pistons when needed
All repairs with original manufacturer parts
Gravimetric evaluation based on your regulatory needs (manufacturer’s
specifications, ISO 8655 specifications or custom specifications)
Service label, calibration certificate, and documents retained up to 5-years
Analytical Instruments
Reliable Analytical Results
with Calibration Services
The reliability of any analytical instruments is ensured by regular service.
Periodical maintenance and calibration services offered by METTLER
TOLEDO greatly contribute to retention of instrument accuracy and
measurement safety.
Calibration is essential for getting accurate and reliable titration results.
Using traceable calibration tools ensures that the titrator functions according
to its operational specifications. A calibration certificate provides the required
proof for quality audits.
Regular calibration for reliable
titration results
Specialized tools and proven
Traceable calibration
Calibration of density meters
and refractometers
Calibration of moisture
SmartCal™- test reference
annual calibration with the
following characteristics:
 Documented proof that
your titrator works within
manufacturer specifications
 Supporting compliance
to various regulations and
requirements like ISO 17025,
ISO 9001, ISO 10012 and
 Burette calibration based on
ISO 8655-6
All calibrations and necessary
adjustments are performed
with our proprietary Certicase
calibration kit developed to
support an efficient calibration
on titrators.
Whether we calibrate your titrator
on-site or you get your burettes
calibrated in our accredited
service center, you will always
receive a comprehensive
The accuracy of your density
and refractometers depends
on periodic calibrations using
dedicated liquid standards.
As changes in ambient
temperature have a significant
impact on any precision
weighing device, the calibration
of your moisture analyzer is
delicate. Two parameters need
to be calibrated and adjusted
if necessary: mass and
Our factory trained technicians
use SmartCal – a unique certified
reference substance to efficiently
verify the performance of your
moisture analyzer.
The Certicase contains
calibrated tools such as a
micrometer, resistors and
reference burettes used for
burette calibration.
It provides you and your auditor
with all necessary information
on tests performed, certified
reference materials used and the
related performance results of
your equipment.
You will receive a calibration
certificate providing the
documented proof that the
instrument works according to
required standards and within
Certified tools and proven
testing procedures ensure
consistent measurements and
reliable test results.
that you use SmartCal for
your routine tests to ensure
consistency among your tests.
For more information on SmartCal
contact your local METTLER
TOLEDO representative.
Improving Instrument Performance
Thanks to Calibration Service Options
Regularly scheduled calibration and preventive maintenance services guarantee
accurate results, ensure optimal performance, and minimize unexpected
Preventive maintenance with calibration are services you are provided by METTLER
TOLEDDO trained and certified field service engineers. They use proprietary software
tools with traceable reference standards and follow detailed processes to calibrate the
instrument against factory specifications.
Regular calibration is important to detect, report, and eliminate any discrepancy in
accuracy when compared to reference standards.
Reaction Analysis
Particle System
Synthesis Workstations
Tracable Reference Standards
Our Calibration standards and test equipment have yearly
requirements for replacement. Each reference standard or tool used
for calibration has a unique serial number that is traceable back to
our ISO 9001 Quality system. Factory trained and certified
technicians, traceable standards, and industry standard calibration
procedures ensure accurate and reliable measurements.
Wavelength calibration is
using a NIST traceable 1.5mil
Polystyrene standard with
traceability to 6 NIST 1921b
Particle characterization
calibration service is performed
with a traceable 8.33%
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Additional verification of RTD
accuracy is performed with
precision resistance references
and fiber optic probes.
Additional measurements of
laser power with a calibrated
meter and probe focus
adjustments ensure proper
Temperature calibration is
performed with certified
For the calorimetric calibration
the electrical power output of the
reference heater is calibrated with
certified multimeters.
Thermal Analysis
Results You Can Trust
for All of Your Applications
You expect that your Thermal Analysis instrument is always accurate, you trust the
results are precise and you expect your instrument to deliver reproducible, consistent
results within a given range. However, given the sensitivity and resolution of these
instruments and their sensors, the tough applications they are used in and the heat
differences they have to absorb, this is not just a given.
A periodic calibration determines whether your measurement module is delivering correctly
measured values for a given application – or if it needs adjustment. These calibrations need
to be performed regularly to ensure the precision of your instrument.
Regularly maintained instruments reduce the likelihood of day-to-day measurement errors
and prevent potentially expensive follow-up costs. METTLER TOLEDO offers basic and
extended calibration services that can be adapted to your specific calibration needs.
Trust the calibration experts
FlexCal® - automated
calibration for all configurations
Comprehensive and audit-proof
Calibration Parameters:
Measurement Parameters
DSC (Flash-DSC*)
Cell Characteristics (Tau lag)
Heat flow
The full measurement
performance of your thermal
analysis module can only be
achieved when adjustment and
calibration have been properly
With proven SOPs from the
manufacturer and certified test
samples used by METTLER
TOLEDO Service, you can be
sure that you will get the most
accurate measurement results to
stay compliant.
With the embedded FlexCal®
function, the STARe software
stores a comprehensive set
of calibration data for various
gases and crucibles.
This allows for an automated
switch of the configuration at
any time without intervention,
providing you with highly
valuable extra operational time.
As a result of the instrument
calibration, you will receive a
comprehensive and detailed
overview of the tests performed
and the results achieved by your
Our calibration certificates ensure
that you have all the necessary
documentation you need for your
quality management system and
to satisfy your quality manager or
In case you have questions on the calibration service offering for your Thermal Analysis equipment, we also
offer On-Demand and Live Webinars and Seminars.
For more information on our Thermal Analysis service offering, please visit us online
Weight Calibration
Precise Reference Weights
Yield Precise Results
Calibrated test weights are the base of accurate weighing results. Balances and
scales should always be checked with reference weights you can rely on and trust.
As weights can deteriorate over time due to wear, they need to be periodically
calibrated according to their weight class.
At our 11 accredited mass calibration laboratories around the world, METTLER TOLEDO
cleans and calibrates your weights. Our calibration services include a comprehensive
documentation and reporting of conventional mass correction, uncertainty and
tracebility information in accordance with ISO 17025 requirements.
Regulary calibrated weights
Don’t waste precious time with
test weights that are worn and
no longer accurate. There is
nothing more frustrating than
to find a test weight is out of
tolerance after many months of
use – you even may not know
how long you have been testing
against this inaccurate standard.
Traceable weight calibration
weights calibration you receive
comprehensive documentation
that proves the respective
calibration uncertainty and
ensures your weights conform
with the tolerance requirements
of the applicable accuracy
Leading mass comparators
leading manufacturer of mass
comparators. These instruments
are the essential tools to
calibrate weights with the lowest
uncertainty possible.
Our calibration labs are equipped
with the most modern mass
comparators and are on the
leading edge of weight calibration
All certified weights have to be traceable back
to national standards - and finally back to the
international kilogram prototype stored at the
BIPM in Sèvres near Paris. We compare our
calibrations standards with a national
primary standard every five years.
Calibration Cycle
National Protptype
1 kg
e.g. METAS, Bern, Switzerland
Your test weights need to get calibrated every
one to two years, depending on your usage
and accuracy needs. METTLER TOLEDO can
take care of your calibration needs, so you
can focus on your core competences and
avoid worrying about the reliability of your
test weights.
Primary Standard
1 kg
e.g. METAS, Bern, Switzerland
Your Calibration
Regional, Local or
Company in-house
Calibrated weights
for routine tests
Work area with SOP
or regulation
Type of Weight
International Prototype
1 kg
BIPM, Sèvres, France
CH, F, UK, USA, ...
CH, F, UK, USA, ...
If you require a more comprehensive service for your test weights, METTLER TOLEDO Service can offer
to manage your entire weights calibration and ensure that you never forget to calibrate your test
weights. And in case you have a weight that does not meet the applicable tolerance requirements
anymore, METTLER TOLEDO can exchange it with a certified, fully traceable weight.
For more information on our weight calibrations and weights portfolio, please visit
Good Measuring Practices
Reliability Throughout the Lifecycle
Go Beyond Calibration
Good Measuring Practices by METTLER TOLEDO is a global program supporting you in laboratory
and production environments with quality assurance recommendations for weighing, pipetting
and chemical analysis.
Every Good Measuring Practices guideline consists of five steps that cover the entire lifecycle of your
instruments. All guidelines start with an evaluation of your measurement processes and an
assessment of their associated risks. Based on this information, you are provided with
straightforward recommendations for selecting, installing, calibrating and operating your devices.
By focusing on your processes and their associated requirements and risks, we provide you with
effective measures to maximize operational security and minimize testing efforts and process risk.
GWP® – Good Weighing
GTP® – Good Titration
GPP™ – Good Pipetting
GDRP™ – Good Density and
Refractometry Practice™
GEP™ – Good Electrochemistry
GTAP™ – Good Thermal
Analysis Practice™
Guaranteed better weighing
Reliable results and
dependable titration in practice
Optimize workflows for more
reliable and repeatable results
Minimize risk and improve
Optimized pH results from
the beginning
Error-free thermal analysis
GWP helps ensuring consistent
product quality and avoiding
out-of-spec results or bad
production batches. With GWP
you comply with all regulations
relevant to your industry for
a minimal time and financial
GTP forms the basis of
dependable and risk-free
titration. The appropriate titration
system is selected based
on user requirements, and
professionally commissioned
and installed.
Improve your data quality with
GPP – our comprehensive,
systematic approach to
maximizing pipetting accuracy
and repeatability.
GDRP is based on our expertise
in density and refractive index
measurement. Understanding
the reasons and sources of
measurement errors helps
improving quality while reducing
risks and costs.
GEP assists with professional
tools and documentation to
get reliable results for your
laboratory pH, conductivity, DO,
ion and redox applications.
Analysis of thermal material
properties starts long before
daily routines: GTAP supports
you in selecting the ideal
system for your application and
assists you with professional
installation, qualification and
GWP provides documentation
to verify the accuracy of your
balances and recommends
optimal testing procedures.
GTP helps protecting your
investment far into the future,
supporting you with tailored
training and equipment
qualification. It also proposes
schedules for regular inspection
and preventive maintenance.
GPP is grounded in 40+ years
of expertise working side-byside with researchers in order
to achieve the highest level of
accuracy and precision across all
Professional commissioning,
training, qualification and
seamless documentation
guarantee compliance with your
process requirements from the
very first step.
Use GEP to select the correct
calibration solutions to comply
with regulations, perfectly
maintain your sensors to
optimize product lifespan and
reduce costly measurement
mistakes to a minimum.
GTAP forms the basis for
dependable thermal analysis
measurements and reduces the
likelihood for systematic errors.
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