NO open DALI wire information

NO open DALI wire information
Do not run DALI ballasts/drivers, capable of
Touch DIM/Corridor-Function, with open DALI wires
As long as no DALI controller is connected to DALI ballasts/drivers, short-circuit the DALI wires in the sub
distribution cabinet. (This is also valid for Touch DIM/Corridor-mode function installations).
REASON: To avoid unwanted switching/unsynchronized dimming caused by electrical distortions/coupling
into open DALI wires.
Even low induced voltages can trigger the DALI Touch DIM modes on the DALI input connector of the DALI ballasts/
drivers. This antenna effect is dependent on the length & position of the open DALI line. Having open DALI line
of more than 10 m we recommend to short circuit the DALI line.
If the DALI drivers are already triggered incorrectly into Touch Dim mode:
1. Interrupt the mains to the DALI drivers and connect a DALI Control unit to the DALI input of the DALI drivers
(e.g. OSRAM DALI Repeater or OSRAM DALI MCU).
2. After powering up the DALI drivers again, the DALI drivers will check if a DALI signal is connected to the
DALI input of the driver and will switch back into DALI mode again.
3. Interrupt the mains again, disconnect the DALI control unit
4. short circuit the DALI line,
5. then power on again.
ONLY valid for DALI drivers, with Touch DIM/Corridor-Function.
Info as well valid for DALI-ECG for fluorescent lamps.
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