AirCal 1000 Brochure
Air quality instrumentation requires regular calibration and service for optimum performance. Aeroqual’s
AirCal 1000 is a portable calibrator which generates zero and multipoint span test mixtures for the calibration
of air quality monitoring equipment, including the Aeroqual AQM60 environmental station.
The AirCal 1000 system comprises of a gas dilution module and internal zero air generator. It is supplied
with software and a durable carry case for portability.
 Automatic and manual zero checks
 Automatic and manual span checks
 NIST traceable mass flow meter and controller
 Automatic logging of time, flow rates and port
status during operation using PC software
 Integrated Zero Air Generator
 Two span gas inlets
 Lightweight and portable
 Easy replacement of zero air scrubbers
Gas connections *
Power supply module
Communication output
Dimensions and weight
Enclosure material
Instrument carry case
2 x inlet span ports – 1/8” Swagelok compression fitting
Outlet – 1/4” Swagelok compression fitting
* Regulators are not supplied – consult calibration gas supplier
100-240V AC to 12V DC switching adaptor
4-line Alphanumeric
RS232 (DB9 port)
422 x 422 x 148 mm; 12 kg
Aluminium and steel powder coating
Impact and water resistant; 515 x 430 x 200 mm
o Air SourceZer Internal Zero Air Source
Scrubbing media
Ambient gases scrubbed
BLDC 12VDC diaphragm pump (includes manual pump override switch)
2.0-2.5 LPM
Purafil chemisorbant ,activated carbon, heated carulite catalyst
NO2, NO, SO2, CO, H2S, O3, hydrocarbons
Gas Dilution Module
Span gas inputs
Span gas MFC range
Zero air MFM range
Flow accuracy
Maximum delivered flow rate
Span gas operating pressure
Maximum input pressure
Operating Temperature range
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All rights reserved
0-50 sccm
0-3 SLPM
< 1% of full scale
2.0-2.5 LPM
10-15 psi
140 psi
5 C – 45 C
Aeroqual Limited
AirCal1000 092012
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