Unit 1 - Investigation 1

Unit 1 - Investigation 1
Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers
Family Letter
About Mathematics Homework (page 1 of 2)
Dear Families,
Homework is an important link between learning in and out of
school. Homework assignments provide reinforcement of the work
students do in math class. Here are some suggestions for making
the homework experience successful for your child.
• Set a regular time every day for homework, and establish
a quiet place for your child to work (whether at home,
in an afterschool program, or some other place).
• Establish a system for bringing homework to and from school.
Use an assignment book, a homework folder, or other
organizational tools.
• Students will bring home the materials and directions needed
to do homework activities. Certain materials will be used
repeatedly throughout the year. Because these will be sent
home only once, please help your child find a safe place to
store these math materials—maybe in a math folder or
envelope—so that they can be easily located and used when
needed. If your child regularly does homework in more than
one place, we can talk about how to obtain the necessary
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• In our math class, students spend time working on problems
in depth and are asked to share their reasoning and solutions.
It is most important that children accurately and efficiently
solve math problems by using problem-solving methods that
are meaningful to them. At home, encourage your child to
explain his or her strategies and mathematical ideas to you.
Session 1.3
Unit 1
Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers
Family Letter
About Mathematics Homework (page 2 of 2)
• When your child asks you for help in solving a problem, it
may be helpful for you to ask questions such as these:
1. What do you need to figure out in this problem?
2. Does this remind you of other problems?
3. What part of the problem do you already know how
to solve?
4. What is a good place to start?
5. What have you figured out so far?
6. Would drawing a picture or diagram help?
7. How can I help you (without telling you an answer)?
If you would like to share any thoughts with me about how your
child is approaching a homework task, please feel free to send me a
note. If an assignment seems too difficult, too confusing, or perhaps
too easy, please let me know so that I can address the issue. I look
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forward to working together throughout the year.
Unit 1
Session 1.3
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