Catalogue Sheet: RXL3 Series

Catalogue Sheet: RXL3 Series
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Model No.:
Made in Canada
Typical specifications
RXL3 Series
Die-Cast Edge-Lit Exit Sign
• Die-Cast aluminum construction
• Modular design for universal mounting
• Trim plate choices: angular or circular
for universal mounting and flat
(recessed ceiling)
• Component-free back-box housing and
canopy can be installed in advance,
like a regular junction box.
• LED strip module can be rotated in the
unit for either wall or ceiling mount
• Also available with white LEDs for
custom-design, and special wording
signs (ask our sales representatives)
• U-shaped clear acrylic panel with
laser-etched contour for legend letters
• Long-life LED light source; red LEDs of
ALINGAP technology
• Bi-colour LED pilot light allows visual
diagnostic without need to open the
unit (self-test and diagnostic option)
• Two-wire universal AC input: 120 to
347VAC 50/60Hz
• Sealed, maintenance-free
Nickel-Cadmium battery
• Meets or exceeds CSA 22.2 No.141-10
Supply and install the Ready-Lite® RXL3 Series of Die-Cast Edge-Lit Exit Signs.
The unit specified for universal mounting shall come standard with a trim plate, trim ring, back box and canopy
all made of die-cast aluminum with _____ finish. The trim plate shall have a _____ profile and allow for
wall- or ceiling-mount installation. The trim ring shall allow for recessed installation in walls or ceilings with
cavity. The canopy shall allow for wall, end, or ceiling mount. The back box shall be provided with conduit
knock-outs at the top, back and end.
The unit specified for recessed ceiling shall come standard with a flat trim plate of Die-Cast aluminum with
_____ finish, and a back box of 20-gauge galvanized steel. The back box shall be provided with conduit
knock-outs at the top, back and end. All models shall be provided with a hardware kit including two 27”
adjustable bar hangers for back box recessed installation.
The unit shall have the trim plate snap and lock in the housing with torsion spring retainers, thereby eliminating
any visible screws or hardware. The legend shall be printed on a clear acrylic panel. The panel shall have
a U-shape and the legend shall have precision etched 6” high and 3/4” stroke red letters with laser-edged
contour and with a white, clear or mirror background. The light source shall be long-life light-emitting diodes
(LED) and shall provide even illumination in normal and emergency operation. Red LED technology shall be
ALINGAP. The unit shall operate with two-wire universal AC input voltage from 120 to 347VAC and two-wire
universal DC input from 6 to 24VDC, each input at less than 1.4W.
The Edge-Lit sign in a Self-powered configuration shall use a sealed Nickel-Cadmium battery and shall stay
illuminated during emergency operation for at least 90 minutes upon AC failure.
The Self-powered unit with self-test and silent diagnostic functions shall be managed by a micro-controller:
it shall execute automatic tests for one minute every 30 days, 30 minutes every 60 days and 90 minutes
annually. A diagnostic circuit shall continuously monitor the performance of the battery, charger module
and LED lamps. When a fault is detected the pilot light shall change colour from green to red and flash with
a specific code. The red light is steady-on in case of battery disconnect; it will flash with one blink for battery
failure, two blinks for charger failure and four blinks for LED lamp failure. A label with the diagnostic legend
shall be visible next to the pilot light.
The Edge-Lit sign shall be certified CSA C22.2 No.141 and CSA-C860.
The Exit Sign shall be Ready-Lite® Model:
Power consumption
AC Specs
DC Specs
120 to 347VAC
less than 1.4W
AC/DC - remote
120 to 347VAC
less than 1.4W
6 to 24VDC
less than 1.4W
120 to 347VAC
less than 2.3W
nickel-cadmium battery
minimum 90 minutes
self-powered diagnostic
less than 2.3W
nickel-cadmium battery
minimum 90 minutes
Prepared By:
Model No.:
Dimensions are approximate and subject to change.
Die-Cast Edge-Lit
4” [10.0 cm]
2-1/2” [6.4 cm]
8-5/8” [21.9 cm]
7-1/2” [19.0 cm]
12-3/8” [31.5 cm]
13” [32.9 cm]
4-5/8” [11.6 cm]
12-1/8” [30.9 cm]
16-3/4” [42.7 cm]
16” [40.8 cm]
6-1/4” [15.7 cm]
4” [10.0 cm]
10-5/8” [27.1 cm]
12-1/4” [31.3 cm]
4-5/8” [11.6 cm]
2-1/2” [6.4 cm]
1-1/8” [2.9 cm]
2-7/8” [7.4 cm]
2-7/8” [7.4 cm]
3-1/4” [8.3 cm]
RXL3 Series
Die-Cast Edge-Lit Exit Sign
Die-Cast Recessed Edge-Lit
3-7/8” [9.9 cm]
3-1/4” [8.3 cm]
3-7/8” [19.9 cm]
7-1/2” [19 cm]
7-5/8” [19.4 cm]
15” [38.1 cm]
13” [32.9 cm]
ordering information
1= single
2= double
BK= black
BA= brushed
BR= bronze
CH= chrome
PB= polished brass
WH= factory white
Trim Option
A= angular, universal
C= circular, universal
F= flat trim, ceiling
mount, fully recessed
R= red
G= green
C= c lear single face
M= mirror
W= white
N= no chevrons
L= chevron left
R= chevron right
A= one chevron,
double face
D= double chevron
AC= AC only, 120 to 347VAC
DC= 120 to 347VAC, 6 to 24VDC
SP= self-powered, 120 to 347VAC
SD= self-powered diagnostic
(non-audible), 120/347VAC*
SD2= s elf-powered diagnostic
(non-audible), 120/277VAC*
NEX= NEXUS® system interface**
NEXRF= wireless NEXUS® system
*Self-powered (90 mins. time base)
**Not all options available with NEXUS®
System. Please consult your sales
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