CE Series Output Connectors Installation

CE Series Output Connectors Installation
Optional Output Connectors for CE Series Amplifiers
Adapter Installation Guide
• 2 - #8 x 1¼ in. screws
• CE optional output connector adapter
• warning label
#1 Phillips screwdriver
1. Turn down level controls.
2. Turn off amp.
3. Unplug power cord.
4. Align screw holes (2) of output connector case with
holes in back panel above the standard Neutrik®
Speakon® jacks (see illustration).
5. Insert the two supplied screws into the holes and
Plug in Neutrik® NL4FC connector to Channel #1
output; turn clockwise to lock in place.
7. Attach warning label as indicated in illustration.
8. Connect wires to new output panel.
9. Plug in power cord.
10. Turn on amp.
11. Turn up the level controls to desired volume.
Follow the installation instructions provided above to install
your CE Optional Output Connector Adapter. Once installed,
your CE amplifier will offer barrier block or 5-way binding
post output connectors (depending on the kit ordered).
If, at any time, you prefer to access the standard Neutrik ®
Speakon® output connectors provided on the back panel, it
is not necessary to remove the adapter box from the
amplifier back panel. Instead, simply remove the mating
Neutrik® NL4FC connector by depressing the locking button
and turning the entire connector 90 degrees counterclockwise while pulling gently to remove it from the socket.
Note that when using the alternate output connectors, the
Channel 1 Neutrik connector located on the amplifier back
panel will be inaccessible, and so not available for concurrent use.
CE Series Amplifier Barrier Strip Output
Connectors Adapter
CE Series Amplifier 5-Way Binding Post
Output Connectors Adapter
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