Product Brief
SpinetiX Fusion Software
Smart simplicity
and huge flexibility
SpinetiX Fusion runs inside HMP devices and allows publishing digital
signage in minutes without any further software installation.
The combination of reliable HMP hardware, and Fusion embedded
software makes SpinetiX the only complete all-in-one digital signage
solution designed for SMEs like yours.
Simple to use
The SpinetiX Fusion Software is an incredibly easy to use application.
Designed for small to medium facilities with a fast and efficient
interface which allows anyone to create, manage and publish digital
signage in minutes, no matter what their skill level.
No installation
SpinetiX Fusion runs inside the Hyper Media Players (HMP) and
doesn’t require a paid account or additional software; you don’t even
have to install it on your computer.
Just open your web browser, connect to the HMP device and update
content quickly and easily from anywhere on any computer!
Unique user experience
Fusion uses familiar and intuitive drag & drop actions to create, and
manage your content. Once you’re happy, hit save and publish. In
minutes, you’ve become a digital signage expert, without needing
training. You no longer need to pay others to manage your content.
Do more in less time
Get content onto your screens faster than ever before. Spend less time
installing and maintaining your system, have more time to focus on
your business. Feel confident that you can manage your content easily
Standard Benefits
∙∙Simple: anyone can use it
∙∙Flexible: add videos, playlists, skins, etc.
∙∙No installation: Fusion runs inside HMP
∙∙Cross platform compatible
(PC, Mac, iPad)
∙∙Runs in your browser
∙∙No subscription license fees to pay
∙∙Multi-lingual & user access
∙∙Complete all-in-one solution
How to connect
Fusion benefits
All-in-one solution: device and CMS-like software
Straightforward •No installation of software
•No network configuration (ZeroConfig)
•No mandatory internet connectivity
Easy to use
Familiar and intuitive drag & drop actions
Become an expert in minutes without training
Runs inside HMP, without subscription license fees
Platform independent
Fusion features
Web based GUI
Access control
Dynamic content
Create, manage & publish content through browser
Any language and any type set supported
Create users and give individual access
Videos, pictures, text, streaming, dynamic content
Configurable playlists with any kind of media
Advanced calendar features with priority options
External data such as: RSS, csv, txt, xml, live
streaming, instant messaging
Edit already available or 3rd party templates
Define a Fusion master HMP, others can replicate
Firmware updates with new features included
Create your rich playlist in 3 steps
1. Select the task “Programs”
2. Drag & drop media from the gallery
3. Edit individual media settings
Hit save and you’re done
More resources
Find more templates, slides, media etc. here:
SpinetiX AG
Sonnenbergstrasse 9
CH-6052 Hergiswil
[email protected]
The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.
As a company of innovation, SpinetiX SA reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. For the latest product specifications, visit spinetix.com or contact your SpinetiX sales representative. Copyright © SpinetiX AG. All rights reserved. SpinetiX and HMP
Hyper Media Player are registered trademarks of SpinetiX AG.
(SpinetiX Fusion Product Brief v7.2)
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