Putting the Transparent Factory to work (, 319 Кб) (, 319.11 KB)

Putting the Transparent Factory to work (, 319 Кб) (, 319.11 KB)
Putting the Transparent
Quantum Ethernet modules
Factory to work
Schneider introduces two new Quantum modules to help you step into the
future of automation by entering the Transparent Factory – Schneider’s
innovative use of Internet technologies for the factory floor.
Transparent Factory allows you to enjoy the same ease of accessing and
viewing information as on the Internet by web-enabling your factory
monitoring and control system.
These two new modules, the Quantum FactoryCast Embedded Web
Server, and the Quantum Ethernet I/O Scanner Module, can instantly turn
any Quantum PLC into Ethernet and Internet-friendly controllers, and
make them ready to enter the future of automation – today!
We do more with electricity
Quantum FactoryCast Embedded Web Server
140 NOE 771 10
The Quantum FactoryCast Embedded Web Server comes preconfigured
with FactoryCast 2.0 software, providing 8 Meg of memory for uploading
or downloading user customized HTML pages and factory loaded web tools.
Custom design your own browser views into
live data and controls using off-the-shelf web
design software.
The preloaded tools include a complete JavaBean environment that allows
users to build custom designed templates for viewing live PLC data from
Schneider’s preconfigured JavaBean library. The templates are easy to use
and can be built within any standard web browser environment, such as
Netscape or Explorer, without any Java programming experience. Once
configured, the module becomes a web server to anyone who can connect
to it using Ethernet and a web browser (and the correct security clearance
and password of course!), making your system’s PLC data easy to access
and available from virtually anywhere in the world.
Quantum Ethernet I/O Scanner
140 NOE 771 00
Ethernet Switch
4000 Modbus
per second
The Quantum Ethernet I/O Scanner is used to coordinate large amounts of
I/O or data transfers between a Quantum PLC and up to 64 cyclically
scanned I/O devices, plus up to 32 simultaneous Modbus-TCP/IP server
connections utilizing Ethernet.
When designed with a properly switched Ethernet network, the module
provides extremely fast (3,000+ Modbus TCP transactions per second),
data collection and control of the plant floor network.
Quantum PLC
with Ethernet
I/O Scanner
On startup, the module can use its BootP server capability to automatically
assign all IP addresses to the various I/O devices, such as Momentum.
All configuration tables are set up and managed using just a web browser.
Momentum I/O
Features Common to both Modules
SNMP Interface with MIB ll Support
Allows the use of common IT world
query tools such as “Get”, “Set”,
and “Trap” for obtaining Ethernet
Ethernet Error Log
Re-settable and accessible from
a standard web page within
a module
FLASH File System
All files saved to FLASH memory
10/100 Meg Copper (RJ Style) or
100 Meg Fiber Optic (MT-RJ style)
Adaptable to different physical
communications media
BootP Client or Server
Provides flexibility in assigning
IP addresses
Programming Environment
Concept V2.2
NA Marketing Communications
Quantum Ethernet I/O scanner controls up to
64 Momentum I/O devices via Ethernet.
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